Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two People Suffered Allergic Re Actions After Administering the Vaccines

Besides founding two Contaminated Injection Vials from the Rathnapura General Hospital withing two days two Injection Allergies were reported from the Rathnapura and Homagama Hospitals during last few days Health Sources revealed,One of the Incidents was reported from the Rathnapura Hospital where the Foreign Donated Injection was given to a Patient admitted to the Hospital and  he suffered from a Shock Syndrome.He is currently getting treatment  for the Condition.In the second incident a Young Child was admitted to the Homagama BAse Hospital for developing Allergic Condition for a Triple Vaccine.

The Ministry Of Health forward the Inquiry into this Incident also to the CID.A seperate Inquiry is conducted by the Special Investigations Unit of the Health Ministry and another Three Member Special Committeee headed by Professor Rohini Fernandopulle was appointed by the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis to Investigate In to  the Allergic Condition sufferered by the Patient In Rathnapura Hospital after receiving an Injection.

Second Vial Of A Glass Contaminated Injection Found From Rathnapura Hospital

Another Injection Vial contained a Piece of Glass has been Found from the Rathnapura General Hospital where a Previous Injection Vial contaminated with same kind of Glass Piece was found Ministry Of Health announced today.Considering  The finding of the second Contaminated Injection Vial from the same Hospital Ministry Of Health Decided to hand over the Investigations in this matter to the Criminal Investigations Department(CID).This decision was taken due to the Suspicion arise whether there is a Sabotage Act behind finding of these Contaminated Injection Vials.

The Secondly found Vial which is Widely used Injection "Hydrocortisone" used for treating Emergency Allergic Conditions and Asthma was found contaminated with a Glass Piece on yesterday and the Hospital Authorities Immediately sent the Vial to the National Drug Quality Assurance Lab in Colombo for testing it.The using of the Vials belongs to the Batch of the Contaminated Vial  is already temporarily Suspended till the Inquiry finishes.

Two days ago another Injection Vial "Cerofoxine" which is widely used Anti Biotic Injection for Surgical Means was found contained a Piece Of Glass.This Injection Vial is already subjected for a Lab Test .Although the Result of the test is due to release today it was not issued as scheduled Health Ministry Sources said.