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Token Strike Of Paramedics Paralyzed The Government Hospital Services

Due to an Island Wide token strike launched by the Professionals Supplementary to Medicine(PSM) attached to Government Hospitals today demanding to fulfill five of their service demands,had  paralyzed the issuing of medicines through the out door patient departments,Laboratory Tests,Radiography Tests and Physio Therapy and Occupational Therapies in the Hospitals.

Only emergency services are maintaining  during the 24 hour strike which scheduled to end 8 a.m tomorrow morning according to the PSM Professionals.

However the Major Hospitals including  the National Hospital in Colombo issued special tokens to the Patients who came to get the medicine from OPD pharmacies of hospitals which enable them to purchase drugs free of charge through the State Owned Pharmacies.Same Hospitals have send patients who need emergency Lab Tests,Radiography Tests to the Private Hospitals for these tests according to the officials.

The Professionals Supplementary To Medicine(PSM) compromising Government Pha…