Saturday, March 28, 2020

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Atalugama Village In Bandaragama -Kalutara Had Locked Down Due To A Corona Virus Positive Who Had Visited Many Houses In.The Village -His Sister And Father Too Tested Positive For Virus

Security forces had locked down
"Atalugama " village in Bandaragama ,Kalutara yesterday (27)as a villager who had arrived from middle east recently had tested positive for Corona virus .

The villager had visited several houses in the village during last few days and met people and closely contacted 26 persons in.the village without knowing he had infected with the virus  according to authorities.

As a result health authorities had ordered the families of 26 persons whom had close contacts with the Infected person  to be quarantined at their houses for 14 days .

The village too has locked down and no one in the village can go out and outsiders cannot enter the village under the lockdown .

Meamwhile the sister and father of the Corona virus infected person in Atalugama had tested positive today  (2 for corona virus it has been revealed. They were today admitted to the Hospital with Corona Virus Symptoms. 

Meanwhile another person who had tested positive for Corona virus after arriving from India had visited several places in Colombo and met several. People as well as attended many meetings it had been revealed. 

Due to this situation Director General Of Health Services has today requested the persons arrived from.chennai ,India after 14 th of March to undergo self quarantine in their homes. 

A Sri Lankan Male In England Has Died Due To Corona Virus Infection

A 55 year old Sri Lankan has died in

London ,England due to Corona virus infection this evening (28) according to Ministry Of Foreign Relations .

Accordingly the deceased Sri Lankan who is a resident of Feltham area in London and from Maharagama, Sri Lanka has died this evening whilst receiling Treatment at a Hospital in London it has been revealed.

He is the second Sri Lankan to be died in abroad due to Corona Virus infection .The first Sri Lankan died in abroad due to corona infection was the one who died in Switzerland last Wednesday (25).

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The First Corona Virus Death In Sri Lsnka Has Been Reported This Evening (28) At IDH Hospital

The first Corona Virus Death had been
reported from Sri Lanka this evening  (28) as a 60 year old person who had arrived from overseas has died whilst receiving treatment at  the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Infactious Diseases Hospital (IDH),Angoda .

The deceased who was a resident of Marawila in Chilaw had suffered from Diabetes ,High blood preassure and kidney failure  and died due to the complications of the diseases  according to the Health circles .

This death had been reported  18 days after the first Sri lankan Corona virus infected person has Been reported from Sri Lanka on 10th of March.

The deceased has  undergone a kidney Transplant surgery few years back it has been revealed. 

Another seven persons are currently receiving treatment at Intensive Care Unit of the Infectious Diseases Hospital according to the Epidemeology Unit. 

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Four New Corona Virus Positives Had Been Reported From Sri Lanka Today -The Total Number Of Positives Had Been Increased To 110

Coronavirus kerala News: 5 new positive coronavirus cases reported ...
Four  new Corona Virus positives had been reported today (28)  by 4.45  p.m increasing the total number of Corona virus positives reported from Sri Lanka to 110 according to the Epidemiology Unit .

No  new corona virus positives had reported from Sri Lanka during yesterday (27) up to 2 p.m this evening .

Meanwhile 08 corona virus positives are being treated at present in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the National Infectious Diseases Hospital at Angoda  in critical condition Hospital sources have revealed .The condition of all  these patients is not severe it has been reported .

Another 02 Corona Virus positives had been discharged from Infectious Diseases Hospital ,Angoda this morning (28) after being fully recovered it has been reported .With these 02 the total number of Corona patients who got fully cured and discharged from the Hospital has been increased to 09 .

Meanwhile 199 corona virus suspected cases are being treated at 21 government hospitals at present the Epidemiology Unit has stated .

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