Monday, December 16, 2013

Five Southern Provincial Councilors Launched A Fasting Campaign Against Benthara-Alpitiya Sri Lanka Freedom Party Organizer

Five Southern Provincial Councilors belongs to the ruling party have launched an indefinite fasting campaign in front of Elpitiya Bus Stand (Southern Province)today(16)by demanding the removal of Popular Film Actress turned provincial councilor Geetha Kumarasinghe from the post of Sri Lanka Freedom Party Organizer in Benthara-Alpitiya .

The five provincial Councillors including southern provincial councilor Major Ajith Prasanna have demanding the removal of Mrs.Kumarasingha over the dispute between Major Prasanna and her occurred during a development committee meeting recently.the fasting politicians have pledged that they will continue their fasting
until meet their demand.

Three Corona Positives Reported Today (01)Whilst Four Positives Were recovered And Discharged

Three Corona Virus positives had been identified from Sri Lanka  within today (01) until now increasing the total number of positives id...