Monday, October 18, 2010

Health Minister Stressed The Need For Combating Illegal Drug Trade

"Local Drug Market and most of the Government Hospitals are filled with low quality and illegal Drugs and time is come for Sri Lanka and other Developing Countries to combat this illegal Drug trade" Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena has said.Minister also said that this illegal Drug Trade is harmful and posed great threat to the public.

 Health Minister made these remarks at the Seminar On Illegal Drug Trade held in Colombo yesterday.

"80 Percent Of Rice Varities In Local Market Are Not Suitsble For Human Consumption" New Study Revealed

According to a latest health survey 80 percent of the Rice varities available in the  local market are not suitable for human consumption as they are without the nutrients.The Non Communicable Diseases Unit of the Ministry of Health stated that the nutirent part of these Rice varities are removed when paddy seeds turned in to Rice by using laser tecnique.

During this process of Paddy seeds turning to Rice the nutrient part is completley removed and it has learnt that when 22 killos of Paddy process to Rice two and half killos of the nutrient part which contains the vital Vitamins,Minerals and Fibre removed and that part is used as food for cattle and pigs.

Due to eating non nutritious Rice varities people are at risk of getting diseases Hig Blood Preassure and Diabetese doctors warned.

According to the Health Experts most of the people who settled in Mahaweli River based villages are consuming the rice varity "Samba" and they are suffering from diseases like High Blood Preassure and Diabetese due to the starch and suger contain in the Rice Varity.

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