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Governing UPFA Secured Land Slide Victory At Local Elections

Governing United Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA) won the Uva Provincial Council and Jafna Urban Council Elections conducted yeterday(08).UPFA also secured Two Seats out of the Twelve Seats allocated at the Vavuniya Municipal Council.These Elections conducted under Peaceful Atmosphere according to the Officials.

At the First ever Local Elections held in Jafna and Vavuniya in Northern Sri Lanka from more than Two Decades Governing UPFA able to received the Majority of Votes in the Jafna Urban Council Election by securing 10,602 Votes with 13 Seats.Ilankai Thamil Arusakachchi(ITAK) secured 8008 Votes with 8 Seats and Independant Group One Secured 1175 Votes with 1 Seat and Tamil United Liberation Front(TULF" got 1007 Votes with 1 Seat.

At the Vavuniya Municipal Council Elections Ilankai Thamil Arusakachchi secured 4279 Votes with 5 Seats,Democratic Peoples Liberation Front(DPLF) GOT 4136 votes and won 3 Seats and UPFA secured 3045 Votes with 2 Seats and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress(SLMC)…