Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Shuri Castle: Fire engulfs 500-year-old world heritage site in Japan

"අවංක මිත්‍රත්වයකට අනවබෝධයක් නිවැරදි කර ගැනීම කල් දැමිය නොහැකිය "

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Facebook chief rules out banning political adverts


State Minister Wasantha Senanayake Has Challanged The UNP Leadership To Remove Him From His Ministerial Portfolio

Image result for wasantha senanayakeState Minister Of Foreign Affairs Wasantha Senanayake who is under threat of suspending  his Party membership of   governing United National Party (UNP)  according to Party Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, has challenged the Party Leadership  yesterday (30) that If can remove him from his Ministerial Portfolio .

State Minister Senanayake  has stated during a press briefing held yesterday (30) at Slave Island ,Colombo that he will never resign from the Ministerial Portfolio he holds at present  .

UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has stressed last Tuesday (29) that State Minister Wasantha Senanayake will be removed from the party and his State Ministerial Portfolio too will be removed as soon as possible over violating discipline of the Party and attending a rally of Presidential Candidate of Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna Gotabaya Rajapakshe .

Minister Wasantha Senanayke had also joined the illegal Government formed by former President Mahinda Rajapakshe during  October Last year under the blessings of President Maithripala Sirisena .Since then he became famous for changing parties for his own benefit according to Political circles .

A Person Was Arrested With 360 Mili Grammes Of Heroin Yesterday (30)

Image result for arrestedPolice Officers attached to Organized Crimes Prevention Unit of the Tangalle Police Division had yesterday )30) arrested a 47 year old Person  with 360 mili grammes of Heroin in possession at Hambanthota Fisheries Harbor whilst involving in Narcotic smuggling . 

The suspect who is a resident of Mayurapura ,Hambanthota was arrested in previous occasion too it has been revealed .

He is due to be produced before  court .

Twitter To Ban All Political Advertising

Hospital Services Paralysed Due To A Sudden Strike Of PSM's

Hospital services including issuing drugs in OPD Pharmacies ,,Laboratory tests,Radiography Tests including Scan and X ray and Dengue control activities in the field had paralyzed this morning (30)due to an Island Wide one day token strike launched by Proffessions Supplementary to Medicine (PSM) and para medical officers demanding solutions for three of their service demands.

The strike which started at 8 a.m this morning is scheduled to be ended  tomorrow(31) morning at 8 a.m.

PSM's and  Para Medical officers have launched this strike demanding solutions for three service demands including  granting  seperate wage catagory for Graduate PSM's amd. Nurses .

Although Health Minister has promised to provide solutions  for these demands  earlier ,up to now  nothing has happened  according to PSM's and Paramedical officers .


A Wild Elephant Was Collided With A Police Jeep -Angry Elephant Attacked The Jeep

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A Police Jeep carrying   three police officers attached to Kahatagasdigiliya Police was severely damaged  after it colliding with a Wild Elephant at Namalwewa area in Mihinthale whilst on the way to duty work  of a public  rally of the Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa in Madawachchiya in wee hours of this morning (30)

The Wild Elephant had suddenly crossed the road and collided with the Jeep and the angry Elephant had attacked the Jeep it has been revealed .

No one was hurt due to the incident .Two female Police Officers and a Male Police Officer were travelling in the Jeep at the time of the incident .

Residents of the area have later chased away the Elephant to the Jungle .

Chile cancels climate and Apec summits amid mass protests


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Southern Province Governor Ordered To Close All Schools In Hambanthota And Mulatiyana Tomorrow(31)As Well

Southern Province Governor Hemal
Gunasekare has today (30)ordered the Provincial Authorities to close down all schools in Hambanthota District and Mulatiyana Education Zone in Matara District tomorrow (31)as well due to the landslide and flood threats  occureed as a result of heavy showers .

Southern Province Governor has made this order after completing an inspection tour in dissaster hit areas of Hambanthota and Mulatuyana today (30).

All schools in Hambanthota District and Mulatiyana  Education zone had been closed today (30)according to the order of Southern Province governor .

Many roads in Hambanthota District and Mulatiyana are still under water as heavy showers prevailing in .

Nilwala River Is Overflowing

Transport activities   of  many villages in Matara District have been   paralysed  as the   Akuressa -Pitabaddara road is being submerged from panadugama area due to the overflowing of Nilwala River .

Transport   activities  in many villages from Akuresssa to areas including  rotumba ,pasgoda and panakaduwa areas  had disrupted as a result  it has been reported .

The river is overflowing and passed  it's spill level of 5.8 meters and the water level has  reached 6.04 meters by  this morning aa a result of heavy showers prevailing there  since last week.

A 38 Year Old Person Had Sentenced To Death Over Keeping 9.06 Grammes Of Heroin In Possession

Colombo High Court Judge Gihan
Kulatunge had today (30)sentenced a 38 year old person to death over keeping 9.06 Grammes of Heroin in possession and smuggling them.

The accused who had found guilty over the charges was arrested by the Colombo Crimes Division on 17 th of May 2017 at Rajagiriya with 9.06 Grammes of Heroin in possession .

The accussed is a resident of Bandaranayakapura area in Rajagiriya and Attorney General had filed indictments against him in court .

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...