Saturday, August 18, 2018

Glyphosate Should Be Banned By All Countries As Per The American Court Verdict-Health Minister

Glyphosate should be banned by all the countries as an American Court had given a verdict that the substance had caused Cancer and Kidney diseases Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated.

"Sri Lanka too should ban Glyphosate fully as per the verdict .Sri Lanka had recently lifted the Glyphosate Ban on Tea and Rubber and it's a bad decision taken by the good governance government .In case if the Tea importers found cancer agent in Sri Lankan Tea it will affect the Sri Lankan economy as well" Minister has stressed during a meeting held at the Health Ministry .

The American Court verdict on Glyphosate had delivered after hearing of  a  case filed by an American farmer stating a weed killer he used caused a cancer."The verdict was given at a time when Sri Lankan government has lifted the Glyphosate Ban on Tea and Rubber .Now Sri Lanka too should ban Glyphosate as per the American Court verdict "Health Minister has further said.

Singapore-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement Has Been Implemented Since 01st Of May

The Controversial Singapore-Sri Lanka
free Trade  Agreement hás been  already implemen ted  with effect from 01st of May this year according to the Minister Of Development Stratagis and International Trade Malik samarawikrama  .

The Agreement opposed by some trade unions here  has been implemented  as per the instructions of Attorney General the Minister has stated.



Ministry Of Buddhasasana To Inquire On A Radio Drama Series Insulting Buddhism

Ministry of Buddhasana has decided to
conduct an inquiry over a complaint made by Venerable Omalpe Sobitha Thero that a Radia  Drama series produced  by the National Unity and Reconciliation headed by Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike is insulting Buddhism .

The Radio Drama series titled "Kane Paharak"is being clearly insulted Buddhism Sobitha Thero Had stated through his complaint ..

Train Services Distrupted In.Hatton -Kotagala Railway Line Due To A Soil Mound Collapse

Train services of the Up country
Railway  line had been disrupted since this noon (18) due to a Collapsing of a Soil  mound on to the Railways track near the 109 th Kilo Meter post at Sangimale Tunnel on Hatton -Kotagala Railway line.

The Soil Mound however had been removed by the Railway Workers .But due to the Heavy showers prevailing in Central Hill areas there is a risk of falling more Soil Mounds to the Railway line the Authorities have warned  A heavy mist too prevailing in the area at present according to reports. 

Sixteen Fishermen Went To Sea Went Missing -Fourteen Were Rescued

Around Sixteen fishermen went to
sea for fishing from Chilaw sea coast this morning (18) had went missing for hours and later five of the boats with fourteen fishermen had been rescued later in the day and brought to ashore it has been reported.

Sri Lanka Navy along with  residents of the area have launched a search operation to find the two fishermen remained missing  .

Although the wind speed in.the sea is around 50-60 kilo meters per hour authorities had not  informed the fishermen to refrain from fishing it has been revealed.


A Bangladeshi National Was Arrested While Staying In Sri Lanka Without A Valid Visa

A Bangladeshi National Was Arrested
by the Police while staying in Sri Lanka without a valid visa and employed in a local Garage at Thulhiriya area in Warakapola yesterday (17 ).

The suspect is due to be produced before the Warakapola Magistrate .

Many Chinese,Indian and Nigerian nationals were arrested recently by the Police Over Staying in Sri Lanka without valid visas and engaged in employment here llegally mainly from Construction sites.Most of these illegal Immigrants were later expelled to their native countries it has been revealed.  

Transport Ministry To Increase Train Fares By 15 Percent

The Ministry Of Transport is set to

increase the Train fares and Train Season Fare by 15 percent with effect from 01st of October this year according to the Ministry sources.

The Train fare and Train Season fare with be increased as per the recommendation of the five member committee appointed by the General Manager of Sri Lanka Railways Department to look in to revising of Train fares.

The Train fares had been last increased in 2008.

The proposal on increasing the Train Fare and Train Season fare by 15 percent has already been received by the Transport Ministry from Railways Department and the proposal is due to be submitted to the Transport Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva for approval it has been revealed.

Under the recommendations of the five member committee  the mimimum train fare of Rs.10  will not be increased. However the number of Kilo meters can travel from Rs.10 fare will be reduced to 07 Kilo Meters from 10 Kilo Meters.

Two Persons Were Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

Two persons have been arrested by the

Special Task Force Personal in Hambanthota with around 350 Mili Grammes of Heroin in possession at Ayurveda junction in Hambanthota today (18).

The two suspects who were arrested as per an information received by the Police had been handed over to the Hambanthota Police for further investigations.


61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...