Wednesday, October 24, 2018



Navy Lieutinent Comeander Had Been Arrested And Remanded

Lieutinant Commander K.A Dayananda
Of Sri Lanka Navy had been arrested today (24)by the Criminal Investigations Department(CID ) over abduction and dissapearence  of two businessmen at Dematagoda in 2009.

The Lieutinent Commander Dayananda had been remanded until tomorrow (25)  after being produced  before the Colombo Additional Magistrate .

Riot Police Fired Water Cannons And Launched A Batton Attack To Prevent Estate Workers From Marching Towards Presidential Secretariet

Riot Police have fired water cannons
and put a Batton assault to prevent the Protesting Estate Workers in Galle Face Grounds by marching towards Presidential Secretariet this evening  (24).

The Protesting Estate Workers who are Protesting in the grounds since this morning by demanding to increase their daily wages to Rs.1000 ,are still Protesting Infront of Presidential Secretariet in Colombo Fort amidst rain  it has been reported.

Due to the Protest the entry road to Galle Face Road is being completely blocked according to reports. The Entry Road to Galle Face Road had been closed down from Lotus Road this morning as a result of the Protest.

Around 1000 Estate workers mainly youth had begun the protest march from Colombo Fort Railway station this morning and reached the Galle Face grounds .

Police have blocked the entry to Presidential Secretariet by using road barricades.

Meanwhile shops in Sea Street and Pettah have supported the protest of Estate Workers by hoisting black flags in their shops.

A protest by demanding to increase daily wages of Estate Workers to Rs.1000 held at Hatton today and all the shops in the city had been closed whilest hoisting black flags to support estate workers demand .

Five Female Estate Workers Had Been Hospitalized Due To A Schock Caused By Lightning

Five female Estate workers attached to
"Mora" Tea Estate in Bagawanthalawa area had been hospitalized due to a schock caused as a result of lightning this evening (24).

The schoked female Estate Workers had been admitted to Bagawanthalawa Provincial Hospital and their condition is not serious .

The five female workers had faced the incident after a lightning struck  in a power line near by whilest they had been plucking tea leaves it has been revealed.




Prices Of "Nadu "And "Samba" Rice Reduced By Rs.10

The prices of "Nadu"  and "Samba" varieties of Rice had been reduced by Rs.10 as per an agreement reached between the government and large scale Rice Mill owners according to Hector Kobbakaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Instititute in Colombo.

Accordingly the maximum Price of a Kilo Gramme of " Nadu "Rice will be fixed as Rs.88 and a maximum price of a Kilo Gramme of "Samba"  to be fixed as Rs.108 .

As a result of the reducing prices of "Nadu" and "Samba"rice varieties, the prices of other Rice varieties including white and Red Raw and Keeri Samba will be reduced as well the Institutes has said.

Two Persons Had Been Killed Due To Van-Lorry Collision

Two persons had been killed and
around Twelve persons had been injured and hospitalized due to a Van -Lorry collision at Madatugama on Dambulla -Kakirawa main road last night (23).

The injured including two small children had been admitted to Dambulla Base Hospital for treatment .

The deceased were a 46 year old female and 58 year old male  from  Galkiriyagama area .

A Chemical Container At Colombo Harbour Had Exploded

A Container contained a chemical
arrived at 3rd and 4th terminals of JAYA Container Terminal in Colombo Harbour from Imdia had exploded last evening  (23)when  it was being transported it according to reports .

As a result of the explosion the driver who transported the container had been Shoked and hospitalized.

The exploded contrainer scheduled to be transhipped to Bangladesh it has been revealed. 

Minister Of Water Supply Rauf Hakeem Submitted A Cabinet Paper Seeking An Approval To Increase The Water Bill By 65 Percent

Minister of Water Supplies and Urban
Design Rauf Hakeem had submitted a Cabinet Paper to the Cabinet Yesterday (23) by seeking an approval to increase the water bill by 65 percent amidst the protests of two Ministers. 

Accordingly Minister's Dr.Sarath Amunugama and Rishard Baduideen had strongly opposed the Cabinet Paper it has been revealed.

Minister Hakeem however pointed out that as a result of not increasing the Water bill since 2010, Water Board is functioning with losses and therefore the Water bill should be increased.

The Cabinet had handed over the matter to Cost of Living Committee to decide on whether the Water Bill should be increased or not .



Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...