Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All Schools In Island Except In Two Districts To Be Closed During Local Government Polls

All Schools in the Island except those in Jaffna and Kilinochchi Districts will be closed three days from 16th to 18th of March due to the Local Government Elections scheduled to be held in 17th of March(Thursday) the Education Ministry has announced.

Three Private Schools in Colombo District namely Saint Bridget Convent in Colombo-07,Saint Peters College in Bambalapitiya and Saint Josephs College in Colombo-10 will also closed during these three days according to the Ministry.However other Private Schools is likely to be remain open as the authorities  did not announced they are going to closed them during the Local Government Polls.

100 Varieties Of Drugs And Injections Are Out Of Stock At Govt.Hospitals

 Around 100 varieties of essential Drugs,Injections and Surgical items are out of stock these days in Government  Hospitals as well as in the Medical Supplies Division(MSD) according to the Hospital Sources.

According to the sources "Paracetamol",Gentomycine Injections,Thiopenton Sodium Injections,Piriton and around 25 Cancer Injections are among the Drugs and Injections out of stock at the Hospitals and MSD.

Due to this Drug Shortage doctors prescribing patients to buy these Drugs from the Private Sector according to the sources.

The delaying of Drug Supplies to the Hospitals by the Drug Suppliers and supplying of low quality drugs have been identified as the main reasons behind this Drug Shortage.

Sri Lanka Postal Dept.Suspended Mail Deliveries To Tsunami Hit Japanese Areas

The Sri Lankan Postal Department had suspended all mail deliveries to the Tsunami hit Japanese Postal Code Areas of 00 to 09, 30 31 96 98 99 with immediate effect.This decision has taken after the Japanese Postal Department informed the Sri Lankan Posts that Mail Deliveries to the above Postal Code Areas have been suspended following the damage done by  Tsunami .

The Post Master General MKB Dissanayake has appealed the public to avoid of sending Posts or packages to above Postal Code Number areas until further notice is given.

Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Authority To Monitor The Local Skies From Tomorrow To Check Radiation Threat

The Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Authority (SAEA) today has said that although there is no threat to Sri Lanka following the Radiation Leakage occured in the Japanese Nuclear Plant in Fukushima Prefacture after two of the plant's reactors were exploded,  they will monitoring sri alnkan skies from tomorrow to ascertain whether there is any radioactive metarial above our sky.

However the Atomic Energy Authority  appealed the people not to be panic over the Radiation Leak in Fukushima Nuclear Plant as it is not a threat to Sri Lanka.The skies will be monitoring as a precautionary meassure the Agency further added.

Meanwhile The Foreign Nuclear Experts issued a warning that   the Fukushima Radiation Leakage might affect some countries in the Asian Region like Philiphines and Singapore as well and it may have affecting Thyroid gland .

French Bus Driver Dies Over Face Mask Attack

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