Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Somalian Pirates Hijacked A Ship Carrying 23 Sri Lankan Crew Members

Somalian Pirates Hijacked a Cargo Ship yesterday in the Coast of Oman carrying 25 Crew Members which 23 are Sri Lankans Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry has been announced.
According to the Foreign Ministry Sources the Health Condition of The Sri Lankan Crew who are in Custody is Very Good and efforts are underway to secure their release.

The Foreign Ministry has been instructed the Sri Lankan Missions in Oman and Kenya to look in to this matter.The 11,000 tonne Ship Hijacked by the Pirates is headed to Egypt from Iran with Bermudan Flag also have Two Crew Members from Syria and Philliphenes.

Over Ten Thousand Dengue Patients Reported Within Three Months

The total number of Dengue Patients reported throughout the Island from first three Months of this year now stands as 10,781 and 63 Deaths were reported so far according to the Sri Lankan Epidemiology Unit.

Most number of Patients were reported from the Colombo District.Last year(2009)alone 35,010 Dengue Patients were reported throughout the Island.Epidemiologists appealed the people to clean their household and surrounding these days as the prevailing rainy weather Conditions will cause the increase of Spreading Dengue.

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