Sunday, July 29, 2012

National Cancer Control Programme To Oppose First Ever Are ca nut Factory In The Country

The national cancer control programme  has decided to oppose the  inaugurating  of first ever areca nut factory in Sri Lanka due to cancerous substance found in areca nuts, community physician attach to cancer control programme  Dr.Hemantha Amarasinha  has said.A proposal regarding inaugurating  of the said factory has been submitted to cabinet some time back dr.amarasinha added.

As areca nuts have proven as including substance caused oral cancer national cancer control programme had appealed to ministry of health to intervene in to this matter and pressurizing government to remove this proposal with immediate effect he stressed. Chewing of areca nuts is known as  one of the main causes for oral cancer.

According to cancer control programme India has now facing  oral cancer threat due to opening of 1000 areca nut factories throughout the country.Areca nuts are used when chewing betel leaves.


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