Monday, July 17, 2017

Foreign-Drifting Antarctic Iceberg Opens Up Clear Water


Two Illicit Liquor Teaders Have Been Sentenced 17 Years Of Rigorous Imprisonment Each Over Raping A Female

North Central Provincial High Court has sentenced two
illicit liquor traders 17 year rigorous imprisonment each over abducting and raping of a female at Vilpattu forest on or near a date 28th of April 2004.

Accordingly the accused persons who are residents of Rajanganaya area were sentenced five year imprisonment each and imposed Rs.5000 fine over abducting the female and received 12 year  prison sentence each for raping her.

Sri Lanka Navy To Purchase The Largest Military Ship Built In India

Sri Lanka Navy is due to purchase the largest ever
military ship built in India at a function scheduled to be held in Goa ,India on 22nd of August this year according to the Navy.

The construction work of the ship has already completed Navy have stated.

The estimated value of the 150 meter long military ship is around Rs.10,000 million it has been reported.The ship  can carry more than 2400 tonnes of equipment.


Four Indian Fishermen Had Been Arrested While Illegally Fishing In Sri Lankan Seas

Sri Lanka Navy personal have arrested four Indian
fishermen while illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters in Northern Seas.

Along with the fishermen a boat and equipment used for fishing had been taken into custody by the Navy personal.

The arrested fishermen along with equipment and a boat had been handed over to the Assistant Director of fisheries in Jaffna by the Navy officers for future course of action .

Bribery Commission Officials Have Arrested A Grama Seva Officer Over Accepting A Bribe

Bribery Commission Officials have today (17)arrested
a Grama Seva Officer attached to Kaduwela Divisional Secreteriat  over accepting a Rs.3000 as a bribe to include the name of a person and his wife in Voter's Registry.

The suspect was arrested at the Divisional Secreteriat while accepting the bribe according to the Bribery Commission officials.

Prime Minister And President Informed Colombo High Court On The Reason For Their Absence In Tissa Attanayake's Court Case

Both the  president Maithripala Sirisena and prime
minister Ranil Wikramasinghe who are due to give evidence in Colombo High Court in a case filed against former General Secretary of the governing United National Party (UNP)Tissa Attanayake had informed the court through their lawyer that they will not able to present at court today (17)due to their official duties.

The case is filed against the former UNP Secretary over producing a fake docuement to the media during the previous presidential election campaign by stating there's an agreement between the current Prime Minister wikramasinghe and president Sirisena.

After the lawyer informed the court regarding prime minister and president's decision the Colombo High Court judge Vikum Kaluarachchi has urged the lawyer to inform both the Prime Minister and President to be present at court on 04th of December this year when the case taken up for hearing.

Seven Mosquito Repellent Plants


Foreign-The Icelandic Bread That’s Baked In The Ground


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Around 2000 Acre Foot Of Waterforce Released To Thuruwila Tank From Mahaweli River Due To The Drinking Water Shortage In Anuradhapura

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Around 2000 Acre foot  of water force had been released from Mahaweli River to the  Thuruwila Tank in Anuradhapura as a solution for the  severe drinking water shortage faced by the residents of Anuradhapura District due to  the dry weather conditions prevailing there.

The water level of the Thuruwila Tank which providing drinking water to around 150,000 residents of Anuradhapura City dropped due to the current drought in the District.Due to the drought caused by the long standing dry weather most of the reservoirs in Anuradhapura District  have dried up and created a drinking water shortage among residents it has been reported.

Two Persons Were Arrested With A T-56 Firearm And 25 Ammunitions

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Police Officers attached to the Law Enforcement Unit of  Gampaha Division have yesterday(16) arrested two persons with a T-56 firearm and 25 ammunition's in their possession at Kithalawalana in Meerigama area .

The two suspects have been identified as the residents of Meerigama area .Meerigama Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital Has Been Taken Over By The Government Today(17)

Image result for neville fernando teaching hospitalNeville Fernando Teaching Hospital of Malabe has been taken over by the Government this morning(17) after signing an agreement regarding the taking over with the management of the Hospital.

The agreement regarding of taking over the Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital has signed by the Secretary to the Ministry Of Health Janaka Sugathadasa and Chairman of the Hospital Dr.Neville Fernando at a function held at the Hospital premises under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.

As the Hospital was built through a loan taken from Bank Of Ceylon it will be functioned as a semi government hospital with providing treatment for patients free of charge it has been reported.Paying wards also there for those who need them according to the Hospital management.

The Hospital is due to be functioned as a Teaching Hospital with effect from 01st of August.

Addressing at the function Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated that the Hospital will provide a quality patient care for the patients and Government will help to improve the standard of the Private Medical Collage in Malabe as well.

Around 50 Acres Of Land Belonging To Bolgalla Reserve Destroyed Due To A Fire

Related imageAround 50 acres of land belonging to the Bolgalla reserve in Madagama,Monaragala had been destroyed due to a sudden fire occurred in the reserve last evening(16).

The fire was doused already according to the sources.It has been believed that the dry weather prevailing in the area has caused the fire according to the Monaragala Police.