Tuesday, March 5, 2019



Engine Drivers Called Off Their Proposed Continuous Strike

Engine drivers has decided to call off
their continuous islandwide strike scheduled to be launched from midnight tonight (05).

The Engine Drivers union has decided to launch the strike against recruiting 12 Railway workers as Engine driver by violating recruitment procedure .

However the reason behind the calling off the strike has not yet been announced.

A Person Has Died And 33 Persons Injured Due To A Bus Accident

A 32 year old Bus assistant has died and
33 passangers had been injured and hospitalized after the Bus they were travelling in toppled over the road due to high speed at Ambalama area in Pahala Kadugannawa ,Mawanella today (05).

The Injured had been admitted to Mawanella District Hospital for treatment .

The deceased was a resident of Kankasanthurai area according to sources.

The injured are srudents of the ages 22-23 years attached to a teachers training school in Attalawena ,Kankasanthurai area and they have faced this incident whilst on their way Kankasanthurai after visiting Aluthgama fir an educational trip it has been revealed .

The incident occurred due to the inability of driver to control the speed of the vehicle.Around 54 persons were  travelling in the Bus at the time of the incident.

Budget Proposals -2

*Production Tax on Hard liquor
increased by Rs.63 per 750 Mili Liters and Bear by Rs.9 per a 330 Mili liter can

*Rs.2500 Allowance to be paid for all government employees with effect from 01st of July this year .

*Rs.12 billion to be allocated as extra funds to rectify pension anomalies

*The allowance provided for persons with special needs to be increased from Rs.3000 to Rs.5000

*Expressway toll fee to be increased by Rs.100 during peek hours with effect from 01st of April.

*House loan scheme to be introduced for newly wedded couples with 6 percent annual.interest and 25 year repayment period


*Licence fee of Casinos has been
increased from Rs.200 million to Rs.400 Million .Entry fee will be US Dollars 50 per person.

*Import Tax for 70 KV Electric vehicles reduced by Rs.175,000.

*Charges for alteration of Passports imcreased from Rs.500 to Rs.1000.One day passport service to be increased From Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 and normal service increased from Rs.3000 to Rs.3500.

Finance Minister Presented The Annual Budget Proposals -2019 To The Parliament

Finance Minister Mangala
Samaraweera who had presented the Annual Budget proposals to Parliament this evening (05) had proposed a Glass of Milk to be provided daily for the rural school children ,To allocate Rs.400 million to develop toilet and sanitary ware islandwide and Not allowimg foreign imvestors to bid for government contracts without join venturing with a local company.

By presenting the proposal to allocate Rs.400 million to develop toilet and sanitary facilties ,Finance Minister Samaraweera has stressed although modern high Buildings had been built in Hambanthota like in Los Angalese ,USA around one million people are without proper toilet facilties .


A Van And A Three Wheeler Parked In Front Of Two Houses In Hingurakgoda Had Suddenly Caught Fire

Two vehicles ,A van and A  Three
Wheeler parked in front of two houses at Raja ela and second post areas  in Hingurakgoda had suddenly caught fire and  burnt and destroyed as a result last morning (04).

The cauae of the fire has not yet been revealed.

Residents were in the two houses at the time of the incident.

 Polonnaruwa Police are conducting an investigation over the imcident.

Price Of A Cigarette To Be Increased By Rs.5 With Effect From Midnight Tonight (05)

Price of a Cigarette is scheduled to be
increased by Rs.5 with effect from midnight tonight(05)as a result of the reforming Production tax imposed over cigarettes through the annual Budget proposals presented to Parliament by Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera today .

Accordingly Production Tax imposed on Cigarettes will be increased by Rs.5 from midnight tonight .The nation building tax will be imposed on cigarettes with effect from 01st of June this year Finance Minister has announced.

Autism Can Be Treated Successfully Through Music Therapy

Autism can be successfully controlled
A child  performed a dance 
through Music Therapy according to Visharada Thusitha Hettiarachchi who is a Musician and Teacher.

Children Suffering from Autism can be treated successfully through Music Therapy at the ages of  6 and 7 years Visharada Hettiarachchi who has done a reaearch  regarding the Music Therapy and it's effects to Autism  has stressed during a National Programme on Birth Defects held at Sri Lanka Medical Asdociation Auditorium in Colombo-07 this morning(05).

Around 5800 Children are born annually in Sri Lanka with birth defects and out of them 600 children died before completing their first birthday according to local doctors .

A Bolivian National Had Been Arrested With Five Kilo Grammes Of Cocaine At Katunayake Airport

Customs officers attached to Narcotic

control unit of the Airport customs have arrested a 60 year old Bolivian National who had attempted to smuggle 5 Kilo Grammes of Cocaine in to the country at Katunayaka International Airport today (05).

The suspect who had brought the haul of Cocaine worth around Rs.70.5 million from Brazil arrived in Sri Lanka via Ethiopia and India it has been revealed.

The haul of Cocaine has hidden inside fake bottoms of the two luggage belonging to the suspect according to Airport Customs.

Airport Customs Officers are conducting an investigations over the incudent under the instructions of Customs Director General .


Another 254 Sri Lankans Stranded In England Had Been Brought Back To Sri Lanka Today ?10)

A special Sri Lankan Airlines flight carrying 254 Sri Lankans stranded at England due to the Corona pandemic had touched down Katunayake...