Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Tense Situation Occurred In Yasodara Balika Girls School In Colombo After students Boys Schools Forcibly Entered The School

A tense situation has occurred in Yasodara Balika girls
school in Borella (Colombo) today (21)after a group of present and past students of  few boys schools in Colombo including Mahanama Collage forcibly entered the Yasodara Balika premises and damaged it's properties.

The group of students entered Yasodara Balika school during a vehicle parade organized to mark the inter School cricket big match scheduled to be played between Mahanama and D.S.Senanayake collages on 24th and 25 th of Match.

The teachers attached to Yasodara Balika school managed to detained one of the students attached to Mahanama school who entered the school and handed over him to the Police it has been reported .

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Two Persons Believed To Be Members Of Ava Group Arrested In Kotahena

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Two persons believed to be members of the sword criminal gang active in Jaffna "Ava Group" had been arrested yesterday(20)by the Police in Kotahena(Colombo)area  with several weapons in their possession .

Along with the two suspects Police have taken into custody several weapons including a hand grande and three swords .A special Police team from Jaffna made this arrest.


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"Oba obage demawpiyanta ha samepa ayata wanka ayekda awanka ayekda yanna obage kriyawen idiriyedi pennum karanu atha,-Sabawinma awanka kena mula amataka kara thama sambandathawaya pawa demata ho ema sambandathawan paludu wana ayurin thama wasiyata hara yama sidu nokaray,Ese kala hakke awastawadiwa sithana awastawadin asraya karana ayekuta pamani"

Bribery Commission Officials Had Arrested Two Police Officers While Accepting A Rs.100 As A Bribe

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The Officials of the Bribery Commission had arrested two police officers while accepting a Rs.bribe from a Lorry driver transporting roof tiles today(21) at  Singakkuliya Police barricade in the Dankotuwa-Pannala route .

The arrests were made after the Commission received an information that the two Police Officers are taking bribes from Lorries transporting sand,mud and soil .

The Lorry driver too was arrested for giving the bribe.


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Colombo High Court Rejected Revised Bail Application Filed By Imprisoned MP Wimal Weerawansha

The Colombo High Court has today(21) rejected the revised bail application filed by the  Joint Opposition Leader and the leader of National Freedom Front MP Wimal Weerawansha.Related image
MP Weerawansha who was arrested on 10th of January this year by the Police financial crimes investigations division (FCID) and later remanded over misusing of state owned vehicles during the previous regime ,had been further remanded until 03rd of April.

A 60 Year Old Person Had Gone Missing After A Crocodile Grabbed Him In Koggala Lagoon

Image result for koggala lagoonA 60 year old person had gone  missing after a crocodile grabbed him while on his way home in a canal area at Koggala Laggon(Southern Province) .

The victim faced this incident while on his way to Bogahagoda Weekly market it has been revealed.

The Navy and Police have launched a joint search operation  in search of the missing person.

Eight Hundred Thousand People Are Suffering From Depression In Sri Lanka

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World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are 800,000 people suffering from Depression in Sri Lanka according to WHO Sri Lanka office.

By increasing the understanding   of Depression among the general public in Sri Lanka through the media,can reduce stigma among those suffering Depression and lead more people to seek help and recover regarding  the disease.

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