Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cats May Prevent Children Getting Asthma, Scientists Say

Budget Proposals-2

*A common Salary  mechanism will be introduced for Government workers

*A 50 cent tax has been imposed with effect from midnight yesterday (09) per one gramme of Sugar contains in a Sugar Drink in view of reducing the Diabetes and Obesity among school children

Image result for government logo sri lanka*A Nation Building Tax will be imposed on Liquor with effect from next April

*Pensioners will receive "Agrahara" Insurance cover for lifetime

*Money will be allocated to purchase 50 electric buses

*All government vehicles will be converted to Hybrid or Electric Vehicles by 2025

*A Health Insurance scheme will be implemented for University Students

*A Post Graduate Institute of Indigenous Medicine due to be setup 

*Gene Technology,Robot Science and Nano Technology to be introduced to School Curriculum

*Rs.100 million will be allocated for early identification of non communicable diseases  including Thalasemia and HIV/AIDS

*A Kilo Gramme of Potatoes,Big Anions,Dhal ,Dried Fish should not be sold more than Rs.80.Rs.150,Rs.150,Rs.750 respectively and a Liter of oil should not be sold to more than Rs.350

*All used Three Wheeler's  will be sent Bangladesh.90% loan will be provided for Electric Buses and Three Wheeler's

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Budget Proposals-1

* A  Production Tax of Rs.10 has been introduced for
raw matarials used to manufacture Plastic and Polythene products to deter these productions.

*Rs.75 million has been allocated to encourage private sector companies producing Eco friendly Bags and Wrappers by using decayed matarials like Banana leaf,bamboo and coir.

*Tarrifs imposed on machines and raw matarials use to produce decayed bags and wrappers will be removed.

*A programme to be implemented to introduce Three wheelers to the areas popular among foreign tourists as "Tuk Tuk" concept through the Tourism Authority and Tourism Promotions Bureau.

*A programme to register and train Three Wheeler drivers as tourist guides free of charge .

* An Agricultural Insuarance scheme to be implemented based on weather.Accordingly a Rs.40,000 Insuarace cover per acre will be provided for farmers who are cultivating six crops namely paddy,maze,Big anions ,Chillies ,Potatoes and Soya.

*A programme to promote and develop entrepreneurs to make Sri Lanka an entrepreneurs paradise.

*Impory Tax imposed on Diesel Three Wheelers will be increased by Rs.50,000s

First Time In Sri Lanka A Carbon Tax Has Been Introduced Through The Budget

First time in Sri Lankan history a Carbon tax has been
introduced for the Passanger Buses,Cars and Motor Cycles which are less than five years old  through the Budget proposals-2018 presented to the Parliament by Finance Ministet Mangala Samaraweera yesterday (09) in view of protecting the enviornment from pollution.

Accordingly Rs.2.74 Carbon Tax will be imposed on a Passanger Bus  ,Rs.1.74 Tax on Motor Cars and 17 cents Tax on Motor Cycles daily and the funds received through this Tax will be utilized to protect enviornment according to the Minister Samaraweera.




A Tornado Like Situation Occurred In Unawatuna Sea Area

A Tornado like situation had occurred in mid sea area
of Unawatuna in Magalle,Galle last night (08)for few minutes it has been reported.

This Tornado had been visible to several places in Galle including Galle Fort area and due to this some fishermen in few areas had stopped their fisheries activities and returned to the ashore it has been revealed.

University And Medical Students Held A Protest March And A Rally To Mark The Ending Of The Anti SAITM Death Fast

University and Medical students had jointly conducted
a protest march and a rally this evening(09) in Colombo to mark the ending of the Death fast campaign launched by a group of Medical student's parents by demanding to abolish SAITM.

A protest march of University and Medical students representing Inter University Students Federation,Medical Faculty Students Action Committee ,Inter University Bhikku Students Federation was held from Technical Collage,Maradana to Colombo Fort Railway Station and a rally was held at the Fort Railway station in the end.

The continuous fast campaign held over 77 days in front of the Colombo Fort Railway station too called off this evening as a result of the promise made by Deputy Minister Dr.Harsha de Silva regarding abolishing SAITM By 31st of December.The hut built for the fast too was removed during the rally.

The medical students parents had called off their death fast campaign held in front of the University Grants Commission Building in Ward Place,Colombo 07 last evening after the promise made by the Deputy Minister.

Petroleum Corporation Had Commenced The Distribution Of Petrol Brought By An UAE Oil Carrier

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) had
commenced the distribution of the 40,000 metric tonnes of  Petrol brought by the United Arab Emirates (UAE)Oil carrier "Neverska Lady" to the Oil filling stations throughout the country through the Muthur ajawela buoy since this evening (09)it has been reported.

Meanwhile an Indian Oil Carrier carrying a stock of Petrol had left from India and scheduled to be arrived in Colombo soon as a result of a discussion held between Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi.

Also another Oil carrier carrying 15,000 metric tonnes of Petrol due to arrive in Colombo  on 11th of November it has been reported.

Twenty Four Female Garment Workers Have Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Road Accident

Twenty four female garment workers have been
injured and hospitalized after the Bus they were travelling in colliding with a tree in Wattapalai, ,Mulathivu area early hours of this morning (09).

The injured garment workers have been admitted to the Wattapalai Hospital for treatment.

The accident was occurred due to a Bus driver's inability to control the speed of the high speed bus according to the Police.


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A Group Of Joint Opposition MP's Including Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe Had Arrived In Parliament By Bicycles

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Around 20 Joint Opposition MP's including former President and Kurunagala District MP Mahinda Rajapakshe and his eldest son MP Namal Rajapakshe had arrived in Parliament this evening(09) by Bicycles to witness the Annual Budget Speech of Government.

The reading of the Annual Budget Proposals 2018 has been commenced by the Finance Minister Mangala Smaraweera two hours ago.

Five Persons Were Sentenced Life Imprisonment Over Keeping 6.5 Gramms Of Heroin In Their Possession

Image result for colombo high courtColombo High Court has today(09) sentenced five persons who had found guilty over keeping 6.5 Grammes of Heroin in possession ,a life imprisonment .
The accused were arrested by the Police on 11th of August 1996 with the haul of Heroin in  their possession during a raid carried out in Maligawatte area.
The Attorney General has filed an indictments against the accused in Colombo High Court.

Tests Confirmed The 40,000 Metric Tonnes Of Petrol Brought By UAE Oil Carrier Is In Good Quality-Pumping Of Petrol In The Carrier Has Been Commenced

Image result for nevaska lady oil ship
Tests had confirmed that the 40,000 metric tonnes of Petrol  brought to the country by United Arab Emirates  Oil carrier "Neverska Lady" which arrived in last night(08) is in good condition according to the Petroleum Corporation sources.

 Soon after the Oil carrier has  arrived in Muthurajawala Buoy ,Petroleum Corporation has sent a team   to test the quality of the Oil brought by the carrier.As the lab tests confirmed that  the Petrol samples taken from the carrier are in good  quality The  authorities have given approval to the pumping of the Stock of Petrol.

The pumping of the Petrol in the carrier to the Fuel storage facility in Muthurajawela has already commenced and it will be distributed to Oil filling stations from tonight  the Petroleum Corporation officials have said.

Exercise DOES Lower Alzheimer's Risk:

A new study by Vanderbilt University Medical Center found older people whose hearts pump less blood have restricted blood flow in the temporal lobe, the region where dementia pathology first begins (file image)Exercise does lower your risk of Alzheimer's, scientists claim after finding a link between poor heart health and memory issues. 

A new study by Vanderbilt University Medical Center found older people whose hearts pump less blood have restricted blood flow in the temporal lobe, the region where dementia pathology first begins.

Those with the worst fitness and heart health had brains that appeared 20 years older than they should be. Experts warn the findings should be a red flag to everybody to exercise at least 30 minutes five times a week to improve their chances of avoiding the crippling neuro degenerative disease.  

We currently know a lot about how to prevent and medically manage many forms of heart disease, but we do not yet know how to prevent or treat Alzheimer's disease,' said lead author Dr Angela Jefferson, director of the Vanderbilt Memory & Alzheimer's Center. 
'This research is especially important because it may help us leverage our knowledge about managing heart health to address and treat risk factors for memory loss in older adults before cognitive symptoms develop.'

The study, published online today in Neurology, involved 314 people with an average age of 73 who were all part of the Vanderbilt Memory & Aging Project, a longitudinal study that will continue to track their health and cognitive abilities.Around a third (39 percent) had mild cognitive impairment, which increases the risk of Alzheimer's.The rest had normal cognitive function.
The researchers used echocardiography to measure their heart blood flow, and MRI scanning to see how much and how freely blood was flowing to the brain.  They found poor heart health could age the brain by up to 20 years

One way to put these results into a meaningful context is to define how one year of aging relates to blood flow in the brain,' Dr Jefferson said.
'Then, we compare the effect of one year of aging to the effect of lower cardiac index. When we do that, we find that the effect of cardiac index on blood flow in the temporal lobes corresponds to 15 to 20 years of age.' Dr Jefferson said the study suggests that as we age we need to do more to aid blood flow in the brain, and the more exercise we do the lower our dementia risk appears to be.

'It is now clear from a growing body of research evidence that there is a strong connection between heart health and brain health,' said Dr Maria Carrillo, Alzheimer's Association Chief Science Officer.
'We are pleased to have provided the initial seed funding for this intriguing science that is beginning to identify and investigate the mechanisms behind that connection. 'Those mechanisms, once confirmed, may hold the key to effective treatments and prevention strategies for Alzheimer's disease and other dementia's.'(Daily Mail Health)

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