Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Government Hospital Nurses To Withdraw From Hospital Services

The Government Hospital Nurses are to be withdrawn from all hospital services with effect from this Thursday(01st of May) against the harassment faced by Nurses with the hands of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) officials and Midwives according to the Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU).

Under the said trade union action all Nurses attach to government hospitals island wide will withdraw from their Service PSNU has  stated.

Speaking to the media the president of Public Services Nurses Union Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has said that GMOA Officials and Midwives always trying to create issues with nurses over the midwifery training given to nurses.due to this situation it affect nurses badly and they have no other option than protesting against it he stressed.

The Public Services Nurses Union has informed Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena regarding their trade union action today(29) .

Monday, April 28, 2014

Public Services Nurses Union Urged Government To Conduct An Independant Inquiary On Indo Lanka Kidney Racket

The President Of the Public Services Nurses Union (PSNU) Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has urged the government to appoint a higher official of the government service who is not belongs to the Health Ministry and also not a government doctor to investigate the ongoing Kidney racket which involves both India and Sri Lanka.

The inquiry  launched by the Health Ministry Officials regarding the said kidney racket is like inquire something which themselves  involves in as there are reports that some higher officials of the ministry as well as two doctors attach to the country's  powerful Doctors Trade Union also responsible for the racket .under the kidney racket some indian nationals who are willing to sell their kidneys for money have brought to Sri Lanka and remove their kidneys to transplant to the patients who needs the organ.

The Sri Lankan  doctor who coordinates this racket has received Rs.500,000 per one kidney transplant surgery performs through the kidneys taken from those indian nationals it has been revealed.

Rain Threatens Land Slides In Three Districts

If the rain continues for  next 24 hours in Matale,Kegalle and Ratnapura Districts there will be possible landslides in those areas according to the Disaster Management Center.the center has advised the people in those areas to be vigilant on the situation.

Meanwhile the Meteorology Department has announced that thunder showers will prevails in most parts of the island during evenings and nights in coming days.there may be 100 mm rain fall in some parts of the island the department has said.

Special Police Unit Has Been Setup To Probe Religious Clashes

A Special Police Unit for handling complaints and matters related to religious activities has been setup today(28) in Colombo.the special police unit can be reached through the telephone numbers 0112307674,0112307694 else the fax number 0112307688.

Recently President Mahinda Rajapaksha too pledged to set up a special police investigations unit  to probe the incidents  related to religious clashes after few such incidents occurred during last few weeks.

Nine Gemsones Worth Millions Of Rupees Have Been Robbed During A Transaction

Around Nine Gemstones worth Millions Of Rupees have been robbed by a group of men during a transaction held at a hotel in Kadugannawa,Mawanella this evening.the steeling of gems has taken place when the broker and another individual arrived hotel for the transaction .

According to the Police Sources the persons who accompanied the broker snatched the gems from his hands and fleeing in the car they have arrived in .

Mawanella Police has  conducting further investigations in to the incident.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Two Gazette Notifications On Mega Projects Of Australian Tycoon Packer Has Approved By Parliament

The two gazette notifications on  mega projects that  building a new luxury hotel with a casino by Australian Business Tycoon James Packer have approved today(25) in Parliament with a majority of 65 and 68 votes respectively.

The gazette notifications of James Packer has passed with 109 voted in favor and 44 voted against it while gazette notifications of JKH Waterfronts has received 112 in favor and 44 against it.the main opposition party United National Party(UNP) has voted against the notifications  with government ally Jathika Hela Urumaya(JHU) while Government Minister of Jathika Nidahas Peramuna Wimal Weerawansha ,Sri Lanka Muslim Congress MP'S and the minister Rishad Badurdeen were absent at the time of voting.

Meanwhile president mahinda rajapaksha has assured Media Organization heads that the gazette notifications passed at the parliament are solely  regarding building of a new  luxury hotel
and there's no plan to build a casino with the hotel.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Paying Wards At Kandy General Hospital Turned To A Gymnasium And On Call Room

The two paying wards built for patients  at Kandy Teaching  Hospital have now turned to a gymnasium and an on call room for hospital doctors at a cost of millions of rupees with the help of health authorities and government medical officers Association( GMOA) the President of Government Nursing Officers Union, Saman Rathnapriya has said today(24).

Health Ministry has approved this illegal project and the two paying wards shut down patients since last July to accommodate  the gymnasium and on call room Ratnapriya has stressed.all the equipments fixed in those two paying wards have now removed and stored in a separate room he has revealed.

This is an one example for medical dictatorship spread by the GMOA in the health sector at present as a largest trade union of government doctors Ratnapriya has added.he urged the health authorities to remove the gymnasium and on call room from the mentioned paying wards of Kandy General Hospital and re established the paying wards for the benefit of

A Gazette Notification Which Legalize Casinos In Sri Lanka Has passed In Parliament?

One out of  three controversial gazette notifications tabled under the strategic development project act that opposition  parties claims as will legalize casinos here was passed this evening at parliament with a majority of 71 votes. the controversial gazette notification was passed amidst heavy protests of main opposition United National Party(UNP) as MP's of the party were protested against the notification in front of Parliament.

During the voting 113 MP's were voted in favor of the Act while 42 including Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thero who is in the government bench were voted against the act.68 MP's including MP's of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress have abstained from voting.UNP,JVP and TNA MP's were voted against the act.Ministers Champika Ranawaka,Wimal Weerawansha ,Rauff Hakeem and Rishard Badurdeen were the notable absentees when the vote has taken place.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Health Workers Belongs to 27 Grades Are To Be Report Sick On Friday

Around 27 Grades  of Health Workers attach to Government Hospitals including attendants,chefs,Telephone Operators and Lift Operators are due to launch an island wide sick note campaign on this Friday(25) by demanding solutions for five of their service demands according to the Joint Trade Union Council.

The secretary of the Council Dr.W Ranasinha has said that the health workers who are reporting sick leave on Friday will march towards the Treasury in the morning of that day from the Ministry Of Health  and hold a protest campaign  in front of the Treasury Building .

The five demands that the health workers are seeking fair solutions including the declaring five working day week for the health workers and paying arrears of their salaries Dr.Ranasinha has stressed.

Government Has Temporarily Suspended Sending Workers To Libya

The Government has temporarily  suspend sending of Sri Lankan employees to Libya with immediate effect due to the poor working conditions in that country according to the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau .Around 15-20 Sri Lankan employees are currently working in Libya and the bureau has already make arrangements to bring back those workers to the country.

The Foreign Employment Bureau has already requested Sri Lankan Embassy In Libyan Capital Tripoli to make arrangements to bring back these workers here as soon as possible a
spokesman of the bureau has said.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dengue Epidemic Is On The Way As Dengue Mosquito Density Increased In Most Parts Of The Country

The Density of Dengue  Mosquito Larvae in majority of Districts throughout the island has increased by more than four folds during this April according to the newest  study conducted by Entomology Assistant Officers. the secretary of Health Services Entomology Assistant Officers Union Mr.Najith   Sumanasena has said that most of the districts including Colombo,Gampaha,Batticloe,Trincomalee,Galle,Matara  and Kurunagala, have Dengue Mosquito Density of 20 in "Breteau Index" which measures the mosquito larvae density in a District which is very high more than the normal rate.the normal mosquito  density in a district should be less then 5 in Breteau Index.

Due to the Dengue Mosquito Density which  increased by more than four folds in most of the districts there's a greater threat of spreading Dengue epidemic throughout the island in coming days with the assistance of rainy weather that
prevails in the country at present Mr.Sumanasena has said.

As Dengue Mosquito Larvae are breeding rapidly at present ,programmes should be implemented continuously throughout the island to destroy dengue mosquito larvae and cleaning the environment the epidemiologists advised the authorities and public.

According to the Government Hospital Sources a large number of Dengue Patients have been admitted to the hospitals during last few weeks and it increases day by day.around 7025 dengue patients have been reported throughout the island from 01st January this year to 22 nd of April and 57.66% out of these patients were residents of Colombo District.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Colombo National Hospital Branch Of GMOA Criticized Parent Union's Failure To Launch Trade Union Actions

The Colombo National Hospital Branch of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has criticized it's parent union for not launching most of the island wide strike actions that have decided due to the bribery  charges leveled against   president of GMOA by the government."the GMOA now becomes a puppet union which not even able to launch an island wide strike to win demands of it's members mainly due to the president of the union" the Colombo National Branch Union of GMOA has stated.

The Government Medical Officers Association is the largest Trade Union in Sri Lanka  that representing majority of government doctors which has around 15,000 members.

The criticism over GMOA has come to limelight after the GMOA executive committee has announced today(21)  that the scheduled island wide continuous strike action of government doctors due to be launched tomorrow(22) to  demand the approval of public services commission(PSC) for their service minute  has postponed for 10 days without giving an exact  reason for that decision.

GMOA Parent Union not able to launch a single island wide strike action during last three years to win it's members demands although the executive committee has decided around 7-8 island wide strike actions in that period health sources said.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Two Indian Nationals Arrested While Trying To Smuggle 48 Killo Grammes Of Wallapatta Herb

Two Indian Nationals were arrested this morning at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port while trying to smuggle 48 Killo Grammes of Wallapatta herb which use for medicinal purposes and  to make perfumes out  of  the country.the two indian nationals were tried to smuggle the said stock wallapatta by hiding it inside three bags they carried with them the customs officials said.

The stock of wallapatta herb which suspects were tried to smuggle out of the country is worth over Rs.38 million customs officials have revealed.wallapaata herb is mainly using for medicinal purposes but western countries are using an expensive substance agarwood which fetches   from wallapatta herb to make perfumes  experts said.

The suspects were ready to board the Chennai bound flight UL-121 when they were apprehended it has been reported.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Three New Ambassadors For USA,Germany And India

The Ministry Of External Affairs has today(18)named three officials for the Ambassador Posts in United States,Germany and India .According to the ministry sources Present ambassador to India Prasad Kariyawasam   has been named for the ambassador post in United States ,the former secretary of External Affairs Ministry Karunathilake Amunugama as the ambassador to Germany and Professor Sudharshan Seneviratne for the ambassador post in India.

The high posts committee of the Parliament is due to meet next week to confirm these appointments the external affairs ministry sources said.

Fire Destroyed Six Stalls At Dambulla Economic Center

A sudden fire spread  few hours ago in Dambulla Economic Center  has destroyed around six market stalls in the center  it has been reported.the fire has been spread easily across the stalls as they were made out from wood and fire fighters who arrived the scene soon after the incident were  doused the fire before spreading it further .

The cause behind the fire has not been identified yet.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Midwives Have Suspended Their Island Wide Continuous Strike Action

 The Government Midwives have suspended their island wide continuous strike they launched on 02nd of April the government midwives union has announced.according to the president of the union Mrs.Devika Kodithuwakku ,the strike action has suspended following the promise made by Health Ministry Officials to suspend the midwifery training given to all newly recruited nurses in government hospitals.

Government Midwives last week vowed to launch death unto fast campaign in front of Health Ministry from next week if the authorities fails to meet their demand on suspending midwifery training given to newly recruited nurses.

The Health Ministry has promised the midwives union yesterday (16) that the written assurance regarding midwives demand will be issued shortly according to Mrs.Kodituwakku.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nurses To Strike If Authorities Released Government Midwives from Nurses Administration

The Government Nursing Officers Association has announced that the government hospital nurses will launch an island wide strike if the health authorities have released the government midwives from the administration of nurses .if there is  such a move nurses will definitely launch a strike the president of Nursing Officers Association Saman Ratnapriya has said,

Monday, April 14, 2014

Unemployment Rate In Sri Lanka Is On the Increase-Central Bank

The Unemployment Rate in Sri Lanka has sharply increased by 0.4 percent during last year (2013) when comparing to the Unemployment Rate of  previous year(2012) according to the Central Bank Reports.the 4% unemployment rate reported from  2012 has been increased to 4.4% last year the report has indicated.

According to the Central Bank the main cause behind the increasing of country's unemployment rate is due to the  large number of new employment seekers who are entering  the job market annually
.the total number of  unemployed persons  reported  in Sri Lanka at the end of the year 2013 is 0.384 million a 0.048 million increase than  the previous year(2012) which stands as 0.336 million.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Immunization And Other Maternity /Infant Vaccines Are Not Supplied To Government Clinics As Promised?

Although the Health Ministry has announced that the immunization and other vaccines prescribe for mothers and infants can be injected through the  all maternity and infant clinics run by  government hospitals  due to the ongoing strike of government midwives ,up to now no vaccine has been supplied to these clinics as promised according to the hospital sources.

Usually these vaccines are injecting  to mothers and infants through the MOH (Medical Officers Of Health)Offices throughout the island by midwives.due to the island wide continuous strike launched by the midwives from 02nd of April   injecting  of  these vaccines have been  suspended in these offices as the midwives have locked the MOH Office Clinics and taken the keys with them health source said

Southern Express Highway Has Generated A Record Income Of Rs.5.8 Million Withing A Day

The Ministry of Highways has today(13) announced that a record number of 24,000 vehicles have used the Southern Express Highway withing 24 hours from 6 a.m on Yesterday(12) to 6 a.m on Today (13) by generating an income of Rs.5.8 million.the number of vehicles reported as using the Southern Express Highway during last 24 hours were the highest number of vehicles that have been used the express highway in 24 hour period since it's inauguration .

 since  the fares  for using express highways have been reduced a large number of passengers are reported as  traveling through the Southern Express Highway and other highways on this festive season according to the ministry.

The reduced fares of  express highways will be effected until 25th of April.

In other days around 8700 Vehicles are traveling through the Southern Express Highway daily according to the ministry of highways.in last year (2013) alone an income around Rs.3.4 million has been generated  daily through the southern express highway  and withing  that year Rs.1200 million had earned by the government through this highway  the Central Bank reports have indicated.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sri Lankan Woman Has Arrested At Katunayake Air Port With Smuggled Gold

A Sri Lankan Woman has been arrested by the Customs Officials at Katunayake Bandaraniake International Air Port for attempting  to smuggle 6 pieces of gold buckles and one gold stick weighing 245 grammes  out of the country.the total value of this stock of gold is Rs.1,347,500.

The suspected woman is a resident of Kalmunei and was arrested while she tried to fly to Chennai in India through Air India Flight AI274 on friday evening it has been reported.the six piece gold buckles were fitted to suspect's hand bang and the gold stick was concealed in an injection tube customs sources said.

Following the inquiry on the incident conducted by Deputy Director Of Customs ,the arrested stock of gold  was forfeited and a penalty of Rs.75,000 was imposed on the suspect.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Charges Of Using Express Highways Are reduced From Midnight Tonight

The Charges of all categories of vehicles using express highway are due to be reduced from  midnight today(10) to 25th of April in view of Sinhala And Tamil New Year according to the  Road Development Authority.

According to the new revisions of express highway charges A reduced fee of Rs.200 will be charged from Colombo to Katunayake,Rs.400 from Matara To Kaduwela, Rs.350 from Kottawa To Matara and Rs.300 from Kottawa to Galle.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Three Hundrad PSM'S Staged A Satyagraha And A Protest Infront Of Health Ministry And UGC

Around 300 Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) have staged a one hour "Satyagraha" campaign in front of the Health Ministry this noon and then moved to the nearby University Grants Commission (UGC)building and staged a protest campaign there by demanding authorities  to stop influencing allied health science degree .

Due to this Satyagraha and Protest Campaign the roads in front of Health Ministry and University Grants Commission have been blocked for nearly two hours due to traffic it has been reported.

If the authorities fail to give a  solution for their demand by 20th of April the PSM'S will launch an island wide strike after that date the secretary of the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Mr.Saman Jayasekera has said.

Sri Lanka's National Parliament Has Felicitated T20 Champion Cricketers

Sri Lankan Parliament has today(09)  felicitated Sri Lankan National Cricketers who have won T20 World Cup 2014  on their visit to the house this morning  .The Cricketers lead by T20 Skipper Lasith Malinga have visited National Parliament at Battaramulla today and they were given the  red carpet welcome by  the Speaker Chamal Rajapaksha as well as both government and opposition members of  the Parliament .

Government and Opposition MP's have fully praised national cricket team  on  their great achievement by winning T20 World Cup last Sunday by beating Indians. also MP'S have  made special speeches on the victory during today's parliamentary sessions while cricketers were seated in the gallery .later the visited Cricketers  had lunch with the Parliamentarians.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two Hundrad Health Professionals To Stage A Three Hour Satyagraha Campaign In Front Of Health Ministry

Around 200 members belongs to  Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) are due to stage a three hour satyagraha in front of the Health Ministry tomorrow (09) morning by demanding to stop reducing the study years of allied health sciences degree conducting for PSM'S and nurses.health authorities have decided to restricted  the study years of the said degree to  three years from four years the secretary of Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To The Medicine(JCPSM) Saman Jayasekera has said.

The three hour satyagraha will be held from 11 a.m to 2 p.m tomorrow he has said.the future action regarding the allied health sciences degree will be decided after this satyagraha JCPSM Secretary
has further added.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Government Midwives To Launch A Death Unto Fast Campaign Withing Next Few Days

The Government Midwives Union has decided to extend their current trade union action launched against Midwifery Training of nurses  to a death unto fast campaign withing  next few days according to union sources.

Around 720 Midwives have been voluntarily to participate this death unto fast campaign due to be held in Colombo the president of Government Midwives Union Mrs.Devika Kodituwakku has said.

Around 12,000 government Midwives are in  a continuous island wide strike since last Wednesday (02) by demanding Health Ministry to abolish it's  decision to  allow all government nurses to get midwifery training .due to this strike the Maternity and infant clinics in MOH Offices and child delivery services in maternity hospitals have paralyzed according to health sources.

T20 World Champions Sri Lankan Cricket Team Due To Arrive Their Motherland Tomorrow(08)

The Sri Lankan National Cricketers who brought glory to their motherland by winning T20 World Cup 2014 yesterday are due to arrive Sri Lanka tomorrow(08) evening.the Cricketers are scheduled to be arrived Katunayake International Air Port at 4 p.m in the evening and after conducting a special media briefing for local and international Journalists they will be taken to Sri Lanka Cricket Board through a public parade cricket sources said.

The T20 Champion Cricket Team is due to travel in open vehicle according to sources.a series of receptions are due to be held on behalf of the cricket team.

Sri Lankan Cricketers beet Indian  Cricket Team by six wickets last Sunday at  the final  match of T20 World Cup played in Mirpur-Dhaka Bangaladesh.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sri Lanka Beat India By 6 Wickets To Win T20 World Cup

Sri Lanka beat India by Six Wickets to claimed T20 World Cup  2014 at  the final match played in Mirpur,Bangladesh this evening.this was the first time that the  sri lankan cricket team has won a world cup since winning 1996  50 overs match  world cup .

After winning the toss today the Sri Lanka captain Lasith Malinga has invited India to bat in Mirpur first  in Mirpur Stadium and after their 20 overs India only manged to score 130 runs for the loss of 4 wickets while majority of runs has been scored by Indian Deputy Skipper Virat Kohli who top scored with 77 runs.Sri Lankan bowlers able to decrease the run rate in the Indian innings during last four overs due to a well disciplined bowling and fielding performances.

In reply Sri Lankans have manged to reach  the target 131 with 13 balls to spare.Sri Lankans finished with 134 runs for the loss of 4 wickets while veteran Kumar Sangakkara has top scored with unbeaten 52 runs.Middle Order all rounder Tissara Perera has sealed the  the match for Sri Lanka  with a cracking boundary.

This T20 Final match also mark 
the ending T2O Careers of  two veterans Kumar Sangakkara and
Mahela Jayawardena.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

T20 World Cup Finals Between Sri Lanka And India To Be Played Today In Bangaladesh

The finals of the T20 Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be played at Mirpur,Bangladesh this evening between Sri Lanka and India.Sri Lankans who were the finalists in 2009,2011 and 2012 T20 and 50 over cricket world cup finals are  expect to win the trophy this time according to the critics.Sri Lankans won their last International Cricket Trophy in 1996 when Sri Lankan Cricket Team lead by Arjuna Ranathunge won the 50 over limited overs World Cup held that year by beating Australia in Pakistan.

Sri Lankans became runners up twice in T20 World Cups and never win the trophy although they hold number one ranking in T20 games since few years .the tournament inaugurated in 2007 and  16   associate and non associate countries belongs to the  International Cricket Council(ICC) were participated in this years tournament host by Bangladesh.

In today's game the Sri Lankan Cricket Team will be captained by their ace fast bowler Lasith Malinga while the Indian Team is lead by their Wicket Keeper Batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni,few changes are expected to be made in  Sri Lanka's spinning department for today's match according to the foreign media sources.the match begins at 6.30 P.M sri lankan time.

Sri Lanka Cricket has arranged a special flight for Sri Lankan Cricket Fans who are keen to watch the T20 finals between Sri Lanka And India live and the flight left this Morning to Dhaka ,Bangladesh from Katunayake International Air Port in Colombo .the flight  is due to bring back the fans to Sri Lanka tonight.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ceylon Transport Board Has Reduced Bus Fares Of Katunayake Express Highway

The Ceylon Transport Board has decided to reduced the bus fares of  Colombo-Katunayake Express highway with effect from today(04)according to  the revised price the bus fare from Colombo to Negambo has reduced to Rs.120 from Rs.150 and bus fare of Colombo to Katunayke has reduced to Rs.120 from Rs.130.

Sri Lanka Cricket To Reward Cricket Players If They Win T20 World Cup

The executive committee of the Sri Lankan Cricket has today(04) decided to offer US Dollers 1.5 ,Million to players of the National Cricket Team if they are able to win the T20 World Cup Final scheduled to be played on this Sunday in Dhaka,Bangladesh.

The money that Sri Lankan Cricket is going to offer players includes the US Dollars 500,000 participation allowance  and US Dollars 1 million Win Bonus ,

Public Services Nurses Union To Bring Indian Gynecologists If Need Arise

The Public Service Nurses Union(PSNU) has urged that if the Sri Lankan Gynecologists  have refrained from giving midwifery training to Hospital Nurses the union will be bring Indian Gynecologists for the job.

Speaking to the media the president of PSNU Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has said that his union is having economic strength to bring Indian Gynecologists to give midwifery training to nurses if a need arise. he has also accused the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) for undermine the qualities of nurses and urged GMOA to keep the support and solidarity between Government Hospital nurses and doctors which are there since decades.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Customs Officials Have Seized Smuggled Stock Of Expensive Rosewood

The Sri Lankan Customs Officials have today(02) seized 28 containers contained Rs.1 billion worth stock of Rosewood believes to be illegally  smuggled from Madagascar .the seized stock of rosewood has been stored in containers  located at orugodawatta container depot customs sources said.

The shipment of the said stock of rosewood believes to be to a middle eastern country.the customs has investigating the incident further.

15th Of April Declared As A Special Holiday

The Ministry Of Public Administrations has today(02) announced that the 15th of April the day after Sinhalese  and Tamil new year has been declared as a public and bank holiday in view of the new year.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

National Mosquito Control Week Has Been Declared

A National Mosquito Control Week has been declared from tomorrow(02) to next Tuesday(08) in view of inspecting  and destroying the  dengue mosquito breeding places throughout the island  Health Ministry has announced today(01).

During this national mosquito control week dengue control programmes will be implemented in government/
private institutions,Schools,Hospitals and other institutions the ministry has revealed.

Government Midwives To Launch An Island Wide Strike From Tomorrow

The Government Midwives have decided to launch an island wide continuous strike from tomorrow(02) by requesting to abolish the health ministry's decision on  allowing  midwifery training to all government hospital nurses.

According to Government Midwives Union around 12,000 midwives working throughout the island will taking part in this continuous strike and they will not participate any child delivery happens in labor rooms in government hospitals, house to house inspections  on maternal and child health and sending health status of mothers and children to health ministry.

During the strike midwives will not attend even an emergency child delivery in maternal hospitals the 
union president Mrs.Devika Kodiruwakku has stressed.

Another 254 Sri Lankans Stranded In England Had Been Brought Back To Sri Lanka Today ?10)

A special Sri Lankan Airlines flight carrying 254 Sri Lankans stranded at England due to the Corona pandemic had touched down Katunayake...