Friday, September 7, 2018



Two Motorcyclists Have Critically Injured Due To Motorcycle -Train Collision

A Motorcyclist And a Pillion rider had
been critically injured and hospitalized After the Motorcycle ridden by them colliding with a Express Train travelling from Colombo to Batticaloa at an unprotected Railway crossing in Namal gama, Welikanda this morning (07).

The injured were admitted to Welikand a Hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred when the Motorcycle had  attempted to cross the Railway line  it has been revealed

Welikanda Police are conducting an investigations over the incident. 

Thirty Five Boats Used To Remove Sand Had Been Destroyed At Serunuwara

Thirty five Boats used to remove sand
from rivers had been destroyed by an unidentified group of persons by burning  them while tied at Thitta ThattI, Neela pola area  in Serunuwara -Trincomalee today (07).

The Boats owned by Twenty Six owners had been destroyed by using Petrol and tyres according to owners .When the Serunuwara Police have arrived at the scene Boats have   destroyed due to the fire it has been revealed.

Authorities believe a group of persons opposing removing Sand might have  behind this act.

Artificial Lakes At Wilpatttu Wild Life Park Are Being Filled With Bauser Water As Lakes In Park Are Drying Up

Due to the drying up of water in lakes attached to Wilpatttu National Wild Life Park as a result of the heavy drought situation in the area,Wild Life Park authorities had taken steps to fill artifical lakes at the Park with Bousar water.

This step has been taken
 in view of providing sufficient water to the Wild Animals in.the Park according to sources.

There are around 42 lakes at Wilpatttu National Wild Life Park and out of it  water of 20 lakes are already dried up ,Water of 16 lakes are drying up and water of  08 Lakes are not sufficient for Wild Animals at the Park it has been revealed.

As a result Authorities have decided to fill the  articial ponds of the Wild Life Pattk with Bauser water .

Three Persons Including An Advanced Level Student Had Been Arrested Over Raping A School Girl

Sevanagala Police have last Wednesday
(06)arrested three Persons over sexually molesting a Grade Ten female student attached to a school at Sevanagala on last Wednesday  (05).

The three suspects including the boy Friend of the victimised girl who is a Advanced Level Student of the same school and two of his friends had been produced before the Embilipitiya Magistrate Court yesterday (06) and Advanced level student has been remanded over the incident .Other two were released on bail according to reports.

The school girl was raped at a house on Wednesday by the three suspects and the Principal of her school had complaint on the incident to the Sevanagala Police after being informed.

Afterwards Police have arrested the three suspects .The victimised girl was admitted to the Embilipitiya Hospital for a medical examination. 



AlI Roshan And Two Others Arrested Over Elephant Racketeering Had Been Released On Bail

Kesbawa Magistrate Court has today (07)released the Niranjan Roshan allies "Ali Roshan"and two other suspects arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department  (CID) yesterday (06) over keeping a Baby Elephant with a Fraudulent licence ,on bail.

Accordingly the three suspects Ali Roshan ,Former Clark of the Wild Life Department Priyanka Sanjewani and Former officer Upali Pathmasiri were released on two surety Bails of Rs.1 million each and a cash bail of Rs.100,000 each after being produced before the court today .

However the second and third suspects have been remanded again as they were not able to full fill the Bail Conditions.

Attorney General Has Instructed The IGP To Take Legal Action Against MP. Vijayakala Maheswaran

Attorney General has instructed the

Inspector General Of Police (IGP)Pujitha  Jayasundara to take  legal action against the United National Party MP Vijayakala Maheswaran as she has violated the section 120 of the Penal Code and section 157 of the Government Constitution by making a LTTE favored speech.

Accordingly the Attorney General has instructed the IGP to file indictments at Court of Appeal against MP Maheswaran .

MP Vijayakala Maheswaran has violated the section 157 of the Government Constitution and made a serious offence under the section 120 of the penal code through the  statement she has made recently at Jaffna that the LTTE terrorist Organization in North and East should be strengthened .

As a result of growing Opposition against her statement MP Maheswaran has resigned from her state Minister Portfolio of Women and Child Affairs.

Joint Opposition MP Udaya Gammanpila Has Filed A Petition At Supreme Court Against 20th Amendment

Joint Opposition MP Udaya

Gammanpila has today (07)filed a petition at Supreme Court by seeking a verdict from the Court to declare the 20 th Amendment Resolution presented to the Parliament by the Leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna (JVP) as a resolution violating the Government Constitution.

The 20 th Amendment Draft Resolution which proposes to remove the executive powers of the President had been presented to the Parliament on 05 th of September as a personal proposal by the JVP MP Vijitha Herath.

The Petitioner MP Gamanpila has stated in his petition that the sections 01 to 38 of the Resolution have  directly violated the 03 Rd, 04 th and 30 (2) sections of the Government Constitution.

Therefore he has requested the Court to give a verdict by stating that the 20 th Amendment Draft Resolution should be passed in Parliament with a two third majority and through a Referendum. 

Petitioner has named Attorney General as the respondent of his case.

A Fire Had Erupted At A Building Under Construction

A person has received minor injuries
and admitted to Colombo National Hospital after a fire erupted at a  Building under construction  at Braybrooke Street ,Colombo - 02 this evening  (07).

The fire has spread to a nearby office Building as well and the fire services Department has used 09  fire trucks to douse the fire .

Fire fighters had broken the windows of the office building to pave the way to enter inside to douse the fire it had been revealed. People in nearby buildings have been evacuated as a safety measure.

 Huge flames had been seen rising up to the skies as a result of the fire.The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.



Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...