Thursday, October 18, 2018




A Stock Of Explosives Had Been Recovered In Mannar

Mannar Police have recovered a stock
of explosives believes to be made by LTTE including A Hand Grenade ,A Motor Bullet  and  four cannon gun Bullets  near the runway in Thalladi,Mannar yesterday (18).

The stock of Explosives had been recovered during a search mission carried out under a court order obtained from Mannar Magistrate Court .

The Bomb Disposal Squad of the Special  Police Task Force Personal is due to defuse the stock of Explosives recovered .

Soft Drink Companies Have Requested Concessions -But Government Is Giving Priority To Protect People From Diseases -Health Minister

Soft Drink Companies have requested concessions from the Government  for their products during the National Economic Council meeting held recently according to Minister Of Health ,Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne .

Addressing a function held at Meerigama, Health Mimister has said that Government has given priority to protect people from non communicable diseases caused due to things like  Soft Drinks marketed by these companies not to provide concessions to the companies .

These Soft Drink Companies are spreading non communicable diseases among consumers by selling Soft Drinks with higher sugar content  and due to this Government need to spend a large  amount of money to treat persons with non communicable diseases he has said.

These Companies should act fairly in their businesses  and their  purpose should be to serve the people Minister has stressed.

Ministry of Health has recently introduced traffic light system for soft drinks and under this system  the labels of Soft Drinks should display the sugar content of the Soft Drinks .

Government has also introduced a tax system to be imposed on Soft Drinks through the Annual Budget. 

Boards Of Directors And Heads Of Three Financial Institutes Are Still Functioning Even After Presidents Announcement On Dissolving Boards Of Directors Of The Institutions

Although President Maithripala
Sirisena has announced the dissolvement of Boards Of Directors of Board Of Investment  (BOI) ,People's Bank and Bank Of Ceylon with effect from midnight on last Thursday,(17) Boards Of Directors and heads of these institutions not have resigned or removed from their posts up to now it has been reported.

The Board Of Investment is belongs to the Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade and People's Bank and Bank Of Ceylon belongs to Ministry of Public Enterprises and Kandy City Development and the respective Ministers of these Ministries ,Malik Samarawikrama and Lakshman Kiriella have not even requested the Board of Directors and heads of these Institutions to resign from their posts according to reports.

The Respective Mimisters have appointed the Boards of Directors and Heads of these Three financial Institutions.On the other hand  President has no power to dissolve Boards Of Directors of these Institutions as stated sources have said.

Also as President has stated no complaints have been received by the higher authorities on misuse of State Funds in these institutions.

Meanwhile governing United National Party is due to discuss on the sudden announcement made by President Sirisena over the dissolvement of Boards Of Directors of three financial institutions. 




Attorney General To File A Revised Petition At Court Of Appeal Against The Court Verdict Given To MP Johnston Fernando And Two Others

Attorney General is due to file  a

revised petition at Court of Appeal challenging the verdict given by Kurunagala  High Court (17)by acquitting the former Trade Minister MP Johnston Fernando and three others from all charges against them according to Attorney General's Department .

Kurunagala High Court has yesterday acquitted of  all charges levelled against former Trade Mimister Johnston Fernando  ,His private Secretary Mohommad Zakir and former Laksathosa Chairman Nalin Fernando over purchasing more than Rs.3.8 million worth goods from Sathosa Kurunagala Branch without paying money to distribute among supporteRs of MP Fernando  during North Western Provincial Council Election held under previous regime .

Former DIG Nalaka De Silva Had Been Questioned Around Eight And Half Hours By The CID

The former Deputy Inspector General
Of Police (DIG) attached to the Terrorism Investigations Division, Nalaka De Silva had been questioned around eight and half hours by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID)officials today (18) over the charges levelled against him on conspiring to assasinate President Maithripala Sirisena and former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe.

The former DIG Nalaka De Silva had appeared before the CID Headquarters  this morning as per the request made by CID.He is due to reappear before the CID Tomorrow  (19)morning .

The working Director of Anti Corruption Force Namal Kumara has complainEd on the Assassination Plot by producing an audio tape of a  conversation held  between him and former DIG Silva on the plot. 

A Person Was Killed And Five Others Injured Due To Lorry- Tractor Collision

A Person Was Killed and five others
have been injured and hospitalized after the Tractor and a Lorry they were travelling in colliding with each other at Puliyankulam, in Vavuniya this morning(18).

The six injured persons one critically have been admitted to Vavuniya Hospital for treatment where the critically injured person had succumbed to his injuries .

The Tractor contains paddy cutting  machine was parked at the road when a Lorry arrived in rare side of the Tractor and colliding with it, it has been reported.

Police are investigating on the incident .





Prime Minister To Leave India On A Two Day Official Tour

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil
Wikramasinghe is due to leave for India this evening (18)on a two day official visit .

During his visit Prime Minister Wikramasinghe is due to hold talks with his counterpart Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi on this Saturday (20) .Prime Minister is also due to meet  several higher Indian officials including  Minister Of External Affairs Shushma Swaraj .

During the talks with Indian heads Prime Minister Wikramasinghe is due to discuss on several matters interested to both countries including India aided projects in Sri Lanka and Chinese influence in the region.

SLFP Organizer In Kegalle Arrested With Three Illegal Firearms In Possession

Police Special Task Force Personal have
arrested the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP ) organizer in Kegalle District Imithiaz Cader with three illegal firearms in his possession at his house in Bolahalla ,Kegalle this morning (18).

Accordingly Police have taken in to custody a T-56 firearm,Repeater Firearm and MP-5 firearm with bullets in the possession of the suspect during a raid carried out in his house.

The suspect along with the firearms taken in to cudtody ate due to be handed over to the Organized Crimes Prevention Unit for further investigations.

A 37 Year Old Drug Smuggler Was Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin In Possession

Police officers attached to Colombo
Crimes Division have arrested a 37 year old Drug Smuggler Sameera Rasanga Gunasekare allias "Hybrid Sudda" with 1.100 Kilo Grammes of Heroin in his possession at Padukka area this morning  (18).

Police Officers have also taken in to custody Rs.750,000  in cash and two Motor Cars in possession of the suspect who has been identified as an assistant of Imprisoned Dematagoda Chaminda who is currently serving a death row with three others over the killing of former MP Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra.

The suspect is a resident of Angoda,Himbutana area .The estimated value of the haul of Heroin taken in to custody in his possession is around Rs.13 million.

Colombo Crimes Division is due to produce the suspect before the court to obtain detention order to question him further .

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