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During Last Six Months 20,045 Dengue Patients Have Been Reported From The Island-Epidemeology Unit

During last six months around 20,045 Dengue Patients have been reported from the island and majority of them have reported from Western Province according to the latest statistics available in Epidemiology Unit .

A large number of Dengue Patients are currently receiving treatment in government hospitals and in Kurunagala Teaching Hospital around 200 Dengue Patients are receiving treatment in five wards the hospital sources have stated.

Doctors are advised people to destroy dengue mosquito breeding places in their houses and gardens and keep environment free from mosquitoes  in view of avoid spreading Dengue.

Government To Impose Capital Gains Tax On Profits From Equities -Minister Champika Ranawake

Sri Lanka's government is planning to impose a capital gains tax on profits from equities in view of attempting to shore up its Finances to qualify an International Monetary Fund's loan according to Minister Of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawake.

The Minister has further stated that government will definitely impose a capital gains tax on stock exchange to land transactions .

The Government is currently drafting a new legislation  for capital gains tax with technical inputs from the  IMF he has further added.


HIV/AIDS Among Males Who Have Sexual Relationship With Transgender Persons Is In The Increase

Image result for hiv aidsHIV/AIDS among st Males in Sri Lanka from School Boys to Adults is on the increase due to their sexual contacts with Transgender Persons(Males converted to Females-Trans Woman)  who are involved in prostitution according to Medical Experts.

As male to female converted Transgender Persons who are involved in prostitution are more popular among males more than female prostitutes at present theirs a high risk of males who have sexual contacts with transgender persons of getting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases it has been revealed.

"Transgender Persons are not prefer to use condoms while involved in prostitution like female prostitutes and that caused a huge problem as male to male sex activities identified as the major factor which  caused the  spreading of HIV/AIDS in Sri Lanka "the director of National Sexually Transmitted Diseases/AIDS Campaign Dr.Sisira Liyanage has stated."We are planning to implement more awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS among Transgender Persons in future" he has further added.

Sri Lanka Must Probe On War Crimes Committed During Its Civil War Against Tamil Rebels And Win The Confidence Of Tamil Minority -UN

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Sri Lanka must prosecuted the war crimes committed during the decades old  civil war with Tamil rebels LTTE and win the confidence of Tamil Minority the United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights Prince Zeid  Raad Al Hussain has stated in an annual report issued by United Nations.

The Commissioner has further stated that the witnesses of war crimes  should be protected under an effective transitional judicial mechanism including an international judges.

Present government has consolidated it's position by creating a political environment with reforms but transitional justice and governance reforms had lagged the UN High Commissioner has further stated in the report.




Three Hundrad Thirty One Students Attached To Oluvil University Have Been Removed From University Premises For Not Stopping Ragging Activities

The authorities of the Management Faculty attached to South Eastern  University in Oluvil,Ampara(Eastern Province) had removed 331 second year students who refused to stop ragging of first year students   from the University Premises until further notice.

These students were removed from the university premises  as they have  refused to stop ragging first year students although students of other faculties agreed to do so the authorities have stated.

Accordingly  241 Sinhala medium students, 97 Tamil medium and 20 Muslim Students were removed from university premises in this regard it has been reported.

UPFA MP Aluthgamage Has Given A Statement To Presidential Commission Of Inquiry Regarding An Alegation

Image result for presidential commission of inquiryThe United Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA) Parliamentarian Mahindananda Aluthgamage has arrived at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry this morning and given a statement regarding investigation on a building erected at a property belonging to the Railways Department in Nawalapitiya.

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