Monday, February 14, 2011

A False Alarm Of A British Passenger On A Bomb Threat In Sri Lankan Air Line Flight To London Proved As Hoax

A Bomb threat received by the Sri Lankan Air Lines Air Bus 340 which bounded to London U.K found as a  Hoax after checked the Air Bus  which got landed to Male International Air Port this evening,Soon after the Air Bus got landed to Male International Air Port in Maldives  a British Passenger name Clement Paul  who boarded the Plane started alarming fellow passengers that a bomb was on board the Flight.

After searching the flight it proved that the Bomb Threat was a hoax and afterward the Air Bus left to London, Sri Lankan Air Lines Has announced.The Maldives National Defense Force was evacuated the Passengers boarded in Sri Lankan Flight for a search in Male and when it proved the alarm is hoax the British Passenger who was responsible for the act  was apprehended by the Authorities in Male.

After the search the 199 Passenger Air Bus which is flying Colombo to London via Male left for London.

400,000 Plastic Containers To Minimize The Wastage Of Fruits And Vegetables During Transportation

To minimize the wastage of fruits and vegetables during their transportation  the Internal Trade Ministry has  today began distributing of 400,000 Plastic Containers for traders to Pack Fruits and Vegetables when transporting.

According to the Ministry Of Cooperatives and Internal Trade Johnston Fernando using of Plastic Containers to transport Fruits and Vegetables is made a  compulsory with effect from 01st of March this year.These Plastic Containers are bought from the Government and will distribute for the relevant groups through the economic centers Minister further said.

Cabinet Has Decided To vest Powers Of Appointing All.Foreign Mission Members To President

Cabinet has today (24)approved a Cabinet paper submitted by President Gotabaya Rajapakshe to  vest the powers of appointing  all  the Fo...