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Twelve Thousand Dying From Cancers Annually In Sri Lanka

According to the latest statistics  available in
 82.1 per 100,000 population in Sri Lanka suffering from cancers the National Cancer Control Programme has stated.

Around 12,000 persons suffering from cancers are dying in Sri Lanka annually according to the programme.

Oral cancer is the number one cancer spreading among Sri Lankan males and Breast Cancer is number one among females Dr.Suraj Perera attached to the Cancer Control Programme has stated during a media briefing held in Health Education Bureau in Colombo yesterday (01).

Free screening tests for cancers are available in National Cancer Control Programme in Colombo and could obtain further details on this through

Health Ministry Has Ordered To Import Around 100,000 Cataract Lenses This Year For Cataract Surgeries In Government Hospitals

Ministry Of Health,Nutrition And Indigenous Medicine
has ordered to import around 100,000 cataract lenses required for Government Hospitals including Eye Hospital In Colombo this year  in view of preventing government hospital cataract patients purchasing lenses from private sector according to the Director General  Of Health Services Dr.Jayasundara Bandara.

The imported stock of cataract lenses due to arrive in Sri Lanka within next  three month Dr.Bandara has stated.."Till then Health Ministry has advised the Government Hospital authorities to purchase cataract lenses needs for cataract surgeries from outside and supply to the patients " he has stressed during a media briefing held in Health Education Bureau in Colombo yesterday (01).

However it has been reported that some eye surgeons in Eye Hospital,Colombo have  suspended cataract surgeries after the Health Ministry has ordered not to recommend patients to purchase cataract lenses from their own expenses .

Central Committee Of GMOA To Decide Whether To Go For A Strike Or Not Against Court's Verdict On SAITM

The central committee of the Government Medical
Officers Association (GMOA)will  decide today (02)whether to go for an island wide strike action or not and other possible alternative actions should be tsken against the  Appeals Court's decision in granting permission to Medical Graduates of Malabe Private Medical Collage(SAITM) to register with Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC)according to the spokesman of GMOA Dr.Samantha Ananda.

The Central Committee of the GMOA is due to meet this morning to decide future course of actions that ould  be taken against the  court's decision.

GMOA alleges that the  Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne is responsible for the court's verdict on Private Medical Collage in Malabe as he didnt't provide proper  evidence to the Appeals Court as a respondent of a case filed by Private Medical Collage student requesting SLMC Registration for them.

Sri Lanka Medical Council has submitted a full report on lapses and shortcomings of SAITM to the …



Astrologer Who Made False Prediction On President Released on bail

Colombo Chief Magistrate has today
(01)granted bail for the Astrologer Vijitha Rohana Wijemuni who was arrested due to made a wrong Astrological prediction  that the president's life is in danger before 26th of January .

However later he has been taken back to prison as he fails to fulfil bail requirements .

The suspect has been released on a cash bail of RS.10,000 and two personal bails  of one million rupees each.

He has been also  banned from leaving the country.

Police Have Recovered Two Narcotic Packs In A Jail Cell Of Panadura Court

Police have recovered two small packets
containing  Illegal narcotics wrapped in bubble gum wrappers at a jail cell in Panadura (Colombo)Magistrate Court today (01).

Police believed that these narcotic packs prepared to distribute among suspects bringing to courts.

Police Have Arrested Five Persons Over Damaging A Shop In Jaffna

Police have arrested five persons believed to be members
Of the sword armed gang in Jaffna(Northern Province)"Ava"group today(01) in Jaffna.

These suspects had been arrested over assaulting two persons and damaging a shop in Nallur,Jaffna yesterday (31).

Along with the suspects police have taken into custody  sharp objects including swords and motor cycles in possession of the suspects.



Ten Females Had Been Arrested During A Raid In A Brothel House In Colombo


Police Fired Tear Gas And Water Cannons To Disperse A Harbor Workers Protest In Colombo



KALU HEENATI Traditional Sri Lankan Rice literally means dark, fine grain, it is a highly nutritious red rice that is considered to have medicinal properties, perfect for daily consumption and is particularly recommended for lactating mothers…It is said to enhance physical strength, Its high fibre content helps regulate bowel movement. It is effective in keeping diabetes under control as well as controlling the toxic effects of snake bites. Porridge made from kalu heenati rice is was recommended for hepatitis patients. Helps Reduce/prevention of Diabetic Conditions  Reduces Cardio-vascular diseases  Antioxidant properties Lower Cholesterol levelsMicronutrient deficiencies/iron deficiency anemia Helps Reduce/Prevent Fatty Liver Best Source for Vitamin B  Its Gluten-FreeRich in Fiber and SeleniumReduces/controls Weight Protective against Breast CancerHelps Prevent Gallstones