Sunday, May 3, 2020

Air Passangers Told To Wear Face Masks

A Special Sri Lankan Airlines Flight Brought Back 207 Sri Lankan Students To Sri Lanka -Sent Them For Quarantine After Their Arrival

A group of 207 Sri Lankan students who
were stranded in London ,England due to the corona crisis had been brought back to Sri lanka this morning (04)through a special Sri lankan Airlines flight it has been reported .

The Flight which left for london yesterday (03)had brought back the student group around 3.30 a.m this morning accirding to reports.The students and their luggage had been disinfected  at the Katunayake International Airport and then sent the group to quarantine centers for quarantine .

Another Special Sri Lankan Aurlines flight had feft for Heathrow International Airport in London this morning (04)to bring back another group of Sri lankan students who are stranded in London .

Another few special flights are scheduled to be operated within next few days to England and Austtalia to bring back stranded Sri lankans in those countries Sri lankan Airlines has announced .


Authorities Had Lifted The Lockdown Restrictions Imposed On Akurana ,Pannila ,Cheena Koratuwa And A Road In Colombo

Authorities have today (03) taken steps
to lift the lockdown restrictions imposed on  Akurana town in Kandy District and pannila and Cheena koratuwa towns  in Beruwala as no new Corona virus positives had been reported from there recently .

After few Corona Virus positives had been reported from these areas authorities have lockdown them by restricting anyone in these towns from leaving outside and oursiders from enterimg there .Lockdown restrictions in Akurana had been imposed since 29rh of March and in Pannila and Chenakotuwa areS  since early last April

From Today ownwards these travel restrictions had been eemoved according to Army Commander Lieutinent General Shavendra De Silva .

Meanwhile authorities have to day  lifted the lockdown restrictions imposed at Imamul Arooz  Road In Maradana from 14 th of April after a Corona positive reported from a flat there has died following the  admission  to a hospital ..

UNP.And Samagi Jsnabalawegaya MP's To Boycot Tomorrow's Meeting To Be Held In Temple Trees On.Corona Spread

United National Party (UNP) parliamentarians  and Parliamentarians representing Samagi Jana Balawegaya lead by Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa had  decided to boycot the  Meeting called by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakshe to discuss on corona virus spread in Sri lanka ,which is scheduled to be held at Temple Trees in Colombo tomorrow (04) morning .

Prime Minister Rajapakshe had requested all the 225 MP's in the dissolved parliament to participate the meeting .MP's of leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna (JVP) had already informed that they will not participate at the meeting .

Thirteen Corona Virus Positives Had Been Reported Durimg Today (03)-Ten Other Positives Had Been Discharged

Thirteen  Corona Virus positives had
been reported today (03) in the Island  until 11.15 p.m and Ten other hospitalized Corona virus positives had been fully recovered and discharged from hospitals according to Epidemeology Unit .

Accordingly  The total number of Corona Virus positives reported in the Country had  risen to 718 and the Number of Corona positives Fully recovered and discharged from hospitals had  risen to 182 .

At rhe moment 527 Corona virus positives are being treated at Government Hospitals according to Epidemiology Unit .

Meanwhile late last night (02)another Three Corona Virus Positives had been reported increasing the total number of Corona positives in the country to 15 it has been announced .Out of these 15 Corona positives 12 Were Members of the Sri Lanka Navy and 03 were reported from Quarantine Centers .

Tannzanian President Promises To Import Herbal Tonic From Madagascar For Corona Virus Treatment

Government To Allow Residents Of Four Districts Under Curfew To Go Out Based On The Last Digit Of Their National ID Card From Tomorrow (04)

Government had now decided to allow
the residents of four Curfew imposed Districts namely Colombo ,Gampaha ,Kalutara and Puttalam to go out during curfew hours from tomorrow (04)based on the last digit of their national Identity Card number the President's Media unit has announced today (03).

The curfew imposed in 22 districts at present is scheduled to be lifted at 5 a.m tomorrow (04)for a 10  hour period .
Curfew enforced in the four Districts mentioned  above will remain until further notice the Presidents Media Unit has announced .

From tomorrow residents of 22 districts no longer need to going out based on the last digit of their natuonal identity card as announced earlier and they can go out during curfew lift hours but should have avoid gathetings and maintain social distancing methods .

However those lives in.curfew imposed areas only able to going out from tomorrow based on the last digit of their national identity  card number it has been announced .Accordingly tomorrow (04) those who have 1-2 as the last digit of national ID Number wil able to going out ,those who have 3-4 as last digit can go out on Tuesday,  5-6    on Wednesday ,7-8   on Thursday and 9- 0 on friday csn go out for essential work only.

Meanwhile The Curfew lifted in 22 Districts from 5 a.m tomorrow will be re imposed at 8 p.m on same day until this Wednesday (06) and from.Wednesday night the curfew will be imposed in.these districts until next momday(11)morning.

Russia"s Corona Virus Cases Jumped From 10,,633 On A Single Day

Italy Reports 474 New Deaths As Nears Phase Two Lockdown lift Tomorrow(04)


Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...