Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nine Indian Air Ports Have Begun Issuing On Arrival Visas For Sri Lankans Since Yesterday(14)

Sri Lankans who are arriving  nine International Air Ports across India will  receive on arrival visas  with effect from yesterday(14).Through this programme Sri Lanka becomes the 44th country in the world that receiving on arrival visas to India.

Under this Air Ports in Mumabi,Delhi,Chennai,Goa,Kolkata,Hyderabad,Bangalore,Thiruvananthapuram and Cochin will issue Sri Lankan Nationals on arrival visas for 30 days according to government sources.

Indian Prime Minister Narendre Modi has announced during his visit to Sri Lanka last March that Sri Lanka will be added to the list of countries that receive on arrival visas at the Indian Air Ports with effect from 14th of April. 


Vegetables In Economic Centers And Outstation Stalls Have Thrown Out To The Jungles Due To Selling Problems

Due to the prices of Vegetables have come down significantly  during this festive season Vegetable Vendors at  Economic Centers and stalls in outstation areas  of the country have thrown out  their vegetables to jungles during last few days as they were not able to sell them it has been revealed.The  vegetables which the vendors are thrown out to the jungles became the meal of wild elephants it has been reported.

During this festive season farmers have supplied excessive  amount of vegetables to the market and as a result the prices of these vegetables come down significantly it has been reported.During last four days a lone Vendors at Dambulle Economic Center have thrown out around 100,000 Kilos of vegetables to the jungle sources said.

Around 500 Facebook Related Complaints During January To March this year-Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Forum

During January To March this year around 500 Facebook related complaints  have been received by the Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Forum it has been reported.Out of these complaints around 200 have been received during March alone  according to the Forum.

The majority of these complaints are on fake Facebook Accounts the media spokesman of the forum Roshan Chandragupthe has said.Other complaints are mainly on charges of  some people using others profile pictures Illegally  for their accounts and accessing  to other's Facebook Accounts and trying to change data he has stressed.

Regarding the  complaints on fake Facebook Accounts, Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Forum had taken steps to complain on those accounts to the  Facebook Company and suspend them Chandragupthe has further said.

French Bus Driver Dies Over Face Mask Attack

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