Monday, December 2, 2013

Farmers In Loin Cloths Have Protested In Colombo By Demanding Solutions For Their Demands

Hundreds Of Farmers representing All Ceylon Farmers Federation have gathered to Colombo this evening by clad in  their traditional loin cloths to protest over not giving fair solutions for their demands from the budget.the protesting farmers have said that 950,000 member farming community in the country has been cheated by this government as their pension arrears too not paid up to now.

The farmers have demanded solutions for six of their demands before the budget including paying farmers pension with arrears,issuing farmers a good quality seeds,giving Rs.40 per killo of paddybut the authorities have turned a blind eye towards these demands according to National Organizer of All Ceylon Farmers Federation Namal Karunaratne.

The farmers who clad in  loin cloth have seen distributing leaflets to the public on their demands.

Media Center For National Security Has Been Abolished With Immediatte Effect

The Media Center For National Security(MCNS) administered by it's Director Lakshman Hulugalle has been abolished by  Defense Ministry with effect from 01st of November  President's Office has announced today(02).the MCNS which is the brain child of President Mahinda Rajapaksha comes under purview of Defense Spokesman of the Government and Secretary Of The Ministry Of Defense.

The reason  behind the decision of abolishing  Media Center has  not yet revealed but it's director has come under criticism of  one of the leading local entrepreneurs recently for trying to destroy his business and family life.

Meanwhile the Director General Of Media Center For National Security Mr.Hulugalle has said that the Center has not been abolished but only defined and his post is still there.this decision has taken because there's no longer a war in the country  he has said.

The Media Center For National Security has been set up with the purpose of distributing all national security and defense related information and data to the media and the public through a one coordinating center.the media coordinators of all three armed forces namely the Army,Navy And Air Force attach to this center to ensure speedy collection and distributing of information.

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