Monday, November 23, 2015



Due To The Lack Of Money Allocated For Health Sector Through The Budget Drugs And Surgical Item Shortage In Govt,Hospitals Will Continue-Nurses Union

Image result for drugsDue to the allocating less money for the Health Sector from  2016- Annual Budget Proposals the Drugs and Surgical Item shortage as well as the Health Staff shortage prevailing in Government Hospitals at present will continue during  next year as well according to All Ceylon Nurses Union.

Besides this innocent patients who are  bear   around 60% of the total expenditure of Government Hospitals at present due to drugs and surgical items shortage ,will have to increase the expenditure further due to the lack of money allocated for the Health Sector for next year  which is around 1.5 % from the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) the union has stressed.

The All Ceylon Nurses Union has named the 2016-Annual Budget Proposals presented to Parliament on last Friday(20) as a Budget without future vision and a National Plan for Health Sector.


Sri Lankan Coastal Line Trains From Colombo Fort Railway Station Have Been Terminated Due To A Derailment

Image result for sri lanka coastal line trainsSri Lankan Coastal Line Trains from Colombo Fort Railway Station have been terminated at the Kalutara (In Western Province) Railway Station since this evening due to a derailment occurred between Payagala and Beruwala Railway Stations according to Sri Lanka Railways.

Due to the situation all four night mail trains scheduled to commence from Fort Railway Station have been limited to Kalutara Railway Station and the authorities have reimbursed  the ticket money  of  passengers.

Heavy Traffic In Colombo Roads Due To A Protest March Conducted By Intellectuals And Artists

Image result for fort railway stationHeavy Traffic has been reported from Technical Collage Junction to Colombo Fort Railway Station this afternoon due to the protest march launched by a group of     Intellectuals and Artists by demanding the government to speed up investigations regarding the complaints received by Bribery Commission on fraud and corruption of previous regime.

Due to the Traffic Public have faced severe difficulties and the Police Officers have advised motorists to use alternative roots it has been reported.

The protesters have conducted a protest campaign in front of the  Fort Railway Station after reaching the Railway Station.


Increased Annual Vehicle Emission Charge Will Not Be Charged From Three Whe alers And Motor Bicycles-Minister Of Finance

Ihe increased Annual Vehicle Emission Charge of Rs.5000 will not be charged from Three Whealers and Motor Bicycles according to Minister Of Finance Ravi Karunanayake.Accordingly Three Whealers and Motor Bicycles will only need to pay the previous emission charge

However the increased Annual Vehicle Emission Charge will be charged from all other vehicles as predicted in 2016-Annual Budget Proposals presented to the Parliament on last Friday(20) the Minister has said.

The Ministry has taken this decision as the increased emission charge of Rs.5000 proved to be a  heavy burden to Three Whealer and Motor Bicycle users.

Government is expecting to earn around Rs.18 billion income annually through Annual Vehicle Emission charges,


Government Has Reduced Special Commodity Levy Imposed On Imported Potatoes And Big Anions

Image result for onions and potatoesThe Government has reduced the Special Commodity Levy imposed on Imported Potatoes and Big Anions by Rs.25 per Kilo Gramme according to the Ministry Of Finance.

This reduction has been done per the provision made in 2016 Budget Proposals the Ministry has said.

Accordingly the market prices of Imported Potatoes and Big Anions will be reduced Ministry has further added.

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