Thursday, June 30, 2011

75 Percent Of The Annual Hospital Deaths Are Due To Non Communicable Diseases

Around 75 percent of the Total number of Hospital Deaths reported annually from Sri Lanka  occured due to Non Communicable Diseases(NCD) the Director of Non Communicable Diseases Unit of the  MinistryOf Health Dr.Thalatha Liyanage has said today.

Addressing a Workshop on "Prevention and Control NCD's in Sri Lanka -The Role and Responsibilities of key Stake Holders" Dr.Liyanage has stressed that out of the total number  died due to NCD's 38% percent are died due to Injuries and 35 percent are due to Cardiovascular Diseases.Cancer 12%,Diabetese 6% ,Mental Disorders 1% ,Asthma and other Respiratory Diseases 8% are other NCD's that contributing to the annual Hospital Deaths in the Country.

Unhealthy Diet,Smoking,Alcohol,Lack Of Excercise are the main reasons  that caused  NCD's in Sri Lanka according to Dr.Liyanage.

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