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A 50 Percent Increase Of The Malaria Patients Arriving Sri Lanka From India And Africa

There is a 50 percent increase of the Malaria Patients arriving  Sri Lanka  from the Malaria hit India and African Countries according to the Sri Lanka Anti Malaria Campaign.Compared to the number of Malaria patients arrived in the year 2009 there is a 50 percent increase in 2010 the Malaria Campaign said.
Addressing a Media Seminar held in Colombo today regarding the World Malaria Day falls on 25th of April the Malarialogist attached to the Malaria Campaign Dr.G.N.L Galappatti has said that around 52 Malaria Patients arrived Sri Lanka last year(2010) alone.More then 15 percent of the Malaria Patients reported from Sri Lanka are got the disease while in a foreign country she stressed.
To prevent the spreading of Malaria through those who arrived from India and African Countries Sri Lankans and other foreign nationals who are visiting these countries should take malaria treetment as well as when they have returned to the country Dr.Galappatti said.According to her Since the year 2006 l…