Saturday, January 20, 2018


Two Iranian Nationals Were Arrested Over Steeling Money From A Petrol Shed

Marawila Police have arrested two Iranian nationals
who had fled away after steeling Rs.28,000 from a Petrol Shed in Katuneriya,Marawila recently while staying in a tourist hotel at Negambo last friday  night (19).

The way the accused had stolen the money was indicated in the CCTV Camera at the Petrol Shed.They had also stolen money from a trade stall in Wennappuwa according to the Police.

A Buddhist Monk Was Injured Due To A Fire Erupted In A Temple

A buddhist monk was admitted to Kalutara,Nagoda
Hospital with burn injuries due to a sudden fire erupted in Aluthgamgoda Temple in Mathugama early this morning (20).

The Monk was received burn injuries while attempting to douse the fire.

Due to the fire several places of the Temple had severely damaged according to the police.The fire had doused later and the cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.


Sama witama prashna wisandagata yutteda,jewithaye wedagath stanayak diya yutteda saba mithu damata misaka kisidu adarshayak nodena ehet prasiddiye asadaranayata wirudda bawata rangapam karana saba diviye
 eyata hathpasin wenas ayurin kriya karana sorun,sallalayin ha dushithayinta nove.Apa wekiyak kiyawanawa menma ehi athi de saba jewithyatada adala karaganema wedagagh wanne me nisaya.

A Hand Grenade Was Recovered From A Forest Area

A live hand grenade had been recovered from a forest
area of Mahavwali village Welithota in Girandurukotte today (20)according to the Police Media Spokesman's office.

The grenade was later defused by the Bomb Disposal Unit.

Government Will Conduct An Inquiry Against Uva Provincial Chief Minister-Minister Susil Premjayantha

Government will conduct an inquiry against the Uva
Provincial Chief Minister Chamara Sampath Dassanayake who was charged over harrasing and insulting the Principal of Badulle,Tamil Girls School ,the National Organizer of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party one of the key parties of the Government and Minister Susil Premjayantha has stated today (20).

Sri Lanka Freedom Party strongly condemned the Chief Minister's act Minister Premjayantha has stressed during a press briefing held at the Sri Lanka Freedom Party headquarters today.

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Teachers And Principals Will Resort A Trade Union Action If The Authorities Not Arrested The Uva Chief Minister Over Harrasing A Female Principal-Lanka Teachers Union

The president of the Ceylon Teachers Union Joseph
Stalin had today (20)stated that the teachers and Principals  of government Schools will resort an island wide trade union action if the  Police are not arrested the Chief Minister of Uva Province Chamara Sampath over the charges of harrasing a female by threatening and harrassing the Principal of the Badulle Tamil Girl's collage (Tamil Balika Vidyalaya).

Addressing a press briefing in Colombo today,The president of the Teachers Union Joseph Stalin has said that the Uva Provincial Education Secretary should also reprimanded for allow such a harrasment to take place undermining the Principal who had stated yesterday (19)that she was kneeled down before the Chief Minister on 02nd of January and beg for forgiveness due to the threats and insults levelled against her by   the Chief Minister over not honouring a letter of recommendation sent by him to admit a child to the school.

Earlier after revealing the incident the lady principal has denied the reports on she has been threatened by the Chief Minister due to the threats.

The Teachers Union had also requested the President and the Presidential secretary to immedietly  intervene the matter and take action against it

Meanwhile the Human Rights Council of Sri Lanka had commenced an investigation over the incident and recorded a statement from the Principal who was  subjected to the incident.

A Person Was Arrested Over Killing And Burning Of A Wild Elephant Brutally In Moragoda

Moragolla Police have today (20)arrested a Inhuman
who had brutally killed a Wild Elephant who entered his Corn cultivation and ate Corn by either shot the Elephant or by Electrocution and burnt  the body at Unagollawa village in Moragoda .

The suspect Kottawa Gamage Nuwan Kumara who is the owner of the land where the  Corn Cultivation is ,burnt the body of the Wild Elephant by using tyres after killing him few days ago  to hide the murder it has been revealed.

The suspect is due to be produced before the Anuradhapura Magistrate Court according to Police.

Killing of an Elephant considered as a crime in Sri Lanka and laws have been introduced recently to impose strict punishments over  the Elephant killers.

A Person Was Killed And Two Others Got Injured After A Sand Mount Collapsed Over Them At A Construction Site

A person was killed and two others were critically
injured and hospitalized after a sand mount of a newly contructed bund had collapsed  over them at Asgiriya in Kandy around 10.30 a.m today (20).

The sand mount collapsed over the three persons who were involved in construction work of the bund and they were rescued by the residents of the area and The police officers along with the Kandy Fire brigade officials it has been revealed.

The three critically injured were rushed to the Kandy Teaching Hospital where one had succumbed to his injuries before admission.The other two persons who got injured due to the incident are currently receiving treatment in Kandy Teaching Hospital.

The deceased had been identified as a 44 year old resident of Harispattuwa area and the two injured persons too are residents of same area it has been reported.

No permission had been taken from the Kandy Urban Council for the construction work of the bund at Asgiriya where the incident had occurred according to reports.

A Large Size Right Foot Print On A Rock Had Been Recovered At A Reserve Near "Sripada"

A large size right foot print on a large rock at a forest 
reserve in Gardimore area near the historic  'Sripada" at Maskeliya had been recovered by a group of Estate workers today (20)it has been reported.The large size foot print of a left foot is also there on the same rock but it was deleted the reports said.

The group of Estate workers who have recovered the large size foot print had bathed in with saffron water and worshipped it according to the Maskeliya Police.

The rock with the large size foot print is situated in Gardimore reserve of the upper part of Maussakale Reservoir.

Maskeliya Police are investigating on the foot print and informed on the incident to the Department Of Archeology  it has been revealed.


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