Saturday, May 26, 2018

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A Fire At A Private Bank In Kalubowila Damaged A Section Of The Bank Building

Due to a sudden fire occurred in a
Private Bank building in Kalubowila area in the wee hours of this morning(27) a front section of the Bank and the ATM Machine had been damaged according to the Police.

The fire which occurred around 4 a.m this morning was jointly doused by the Fire brigade officials of Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Municipal Council and the Police Officers attached to the Kohuwala Police before spreading it further.

The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.

Two Persons Had Been Drifted Away By The Strong Waves Caused By Heavy Showers

Two Persons had been drifted away
due to strong waves of water caused by heavy showers last friday(25) in Panduwasnuwara-Thorakotuwa-Mangulagama road and Attangalla-Shoe bridge area according reports.

Accordingly a 43 year old Motorcyclist had been drifted away by the strong waves of water overflown from.Kalubulu oya at Panduwasnuwara-Thorakotuwa road.The police and residents of the area  have launched a rescue mission to find out the missing person who is s resident of Mangulagama area

In another instance a 31 year old person had been drifted away by strong waves while bathing near a shoe bridge at Karasnagala in Attanagalla area last friday.Search operation has been launched by the residents and the Police to find the disappeared person.

Meanwhile twenty sluice gates of the Thabbowa Tank which were opened last friday(25) due to the rising water levels of the tank, had been closed yesterday (26) as the weather improves.

A Tipper And Express Train Were Damaged Due To A Collision At Omanthai

A Tipper vehicle and a Express train
were damaged due to a Tipper-Train collision at Omanthai,Vavuniya last evening(26).

No one was injured due to the incident taken place at an unprotected railway crossing at Arisamuruppu in Omanthai where a Tipper truck collided with the Express train travelling from.Colombo to Jaffna while attempting to cross the rail track.

At the time of the incident Tipper truck drived had fled away from the scene according to the police.

Due to this incident the Train Journey was delayed.Omanthai Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.

Body Of The Police Officer Who Disappeared While Engaging In Saving Three Family Members Recovered

The body of the 29 year old  brave

Police Constable who had drifted away by strong flood waters  and disappeared while swimming to save a three members of a same family drifted  away by flood waters ar Galvala road in Galmuruwa ,Madampe, had been recovered by the Navy personal this morning(27)ftom.200 meters away from the place of incident.

The Deceased Police Constable was attached to the Madampe Police and had faced this incident on last friday(25).

He was a resident of Giriulla area and arrived at the scene to save  three members of a family drifted away by the flood waters ,with a team of Police officers attached to Madampe Police.

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Minister Of Wild Life Field Marshal Fonseka Interdicted Four Officers Over A Killing Of A Bear In Girithale

Minister of Wild Life Conservation Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka had interdicted Four persons including a female Veterinary Surgeon and Three Wild life Officers over the killing of a Bear at Girithale area on last Thursday(24).

The three Wild Life Officers had shot and killed the Bear after he had escaped from their custody and attacking two fishermen it has been reported.

The four officers were interdicted for the killing of a Bear without attempting to save his life according to reports.

Meanwhile Deputy Minister of Wild Life conservation Palitha Thevarapperuma had visited the Polonnaruwa General Hospital to see the condition of the two persons who were injured due to the attacks of the Bear.

He than visited the Girithale Veterinary Office and blamed the officers there over not taking any step to protect the Bear.

Due to the interdiction of the female Veterinary surgeon who was there when the wild life officers shot and killed the Bear,Sri Lanka Veterinary Association has decided to refrain from attending risky missions in future it has been stated.

AL JAZEERA Reveales Two Match Fixing Incidents Occurred During Two Test Matches Played In Galle Cricket Stadium

  • The 'Al Jazeera" Television media crew had managed to collect first hand information on two match fixing incidents occurred during two test matches played at the Galle International Cricket Stadium in 2016 and 2017 according to reports.

Accordingly the Assistant Manager and the chief curator of the Galle Stadium Tharanga Indika and Indian Bookie Robin Moris had involved in these Match fixing incidents and they have planned a similar match fixing for the forthcoming Test match between Sri Lanka and England scheduled to play at Galle Cricket Stadium in November this year according to the AL jazeera.

The two previous match fixing incidents had  occurred during a Test match played between Sri Lanka and Australia in 2016  and a Match played between Sri Lanka  and India in 2017 .

The media crew had revealed that the Sri lankan curator had prepared the field of the stadium in favour of bowlers during the match played with Australia and in favour of batsman during the match against India.

The sri lankan curator and Indian  bookie  had met at a hotel in Galle and planned  match fixing according to reports.

The International Cricket Council (ICC)has already launched an investigation over these match fixing incidents and Sri Lankan Cricket pledged their support to the ICC to carry out the investigations.

A Youth Has Died After The Boat He Was Travelling Toppled Over

A 21 year old youth has died after the
Boat he was travelling had toppled over at bay of Aroo in Eravur while he was on the way for fisheries activities with another two persons last night(25) it has been reported.

The two others who were travelling in the Boat with the deceased had managed to swim to ashore  and saved their lives .

The body of the deceased who was a resident of Sandiveli area was recovered this morning(26).

Eravur police are conducting an investigations over the incident.



Due To Heavy Showres Ja-Ela Dam Is At Risk Of Breaking Down

If the heavy showers prevailing in Ja-
Ela area continues further there's a risk of breaking the Ja-Ela dam according to the authorities.

To prevent such situation sand bags are being used and necessary life saving boats are being stationed near the Dam they have stated.

In addition  Around 800 Army personal have been deployed to assist if an emergency situation occurs the Emergency Operations Director of the Disaster Management Center Brigadier Athula Ariyaratne has stated.

Meanwhile the authorities have planned to widen the Uswetakeyyawa Estuary(Moya) and allow the overflowing water to flow to the sea ,If the Ja-Ela dam beeaks it has been revealed.


Four Districts Are Being Issued Landslide Warnings

National Building Research Organization (NBRO)  had been issued landslide warnings to four districts namely Ratnapura,Kalutara,Galle and Kegalle for a 24 hour period with effect from 4 p.m this evening(26).

The people in these Districts should be vigilant over landslide signs and soil mound collapses due to the heavy showers NBRO has stated.

Adverse Weather Killed 20 And Affected Nearly 154,000 Persons In 20 Districts -Puttalam-Colombo Road Submerged

Due to the Adverse weather conditions
prevails in nearly 154,000 person are being affected and 20 persons have died and 2 persons have missing in 20 districts according to the Disaster Management Center.

Due to the continuous heavy showers experienced in Puttala district Puttalam-Colombo main road is currently submerged  with 3 feets of water and areas including Wennappuemwa ,Natthandia and Mahawewa are being submerged according to reports.

Puttalam -Anamaduwa-Pallama road too had been submerged due to flood waters and several.other roads ,Schools and Offices in Puttalam are being submerged it has been revealed.

Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...