Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Health Ministry Has Ordered The Milk Powder Companies To Withdraw DCD Contaminated Milk Powder Products

The Ministry Of Health has today(07) ordered milk powder importers Fonterra,Maliban and Diamond to withdraw their milk powder stocks which found contaminated with agro chemical Dyciadanamite" (DCD) from the market with immediate effect.further ministry itself decided to send all samples of Milk Powder and other food items to local Industrial Technology Institute(ITI) instead of sending them to foreign labs.

According to the Ministry Sources the Food Advisory Committee which met yesterday evening has decided to restarted  the research on presence of DCD in all imported milk powders as well as on the presence of bacteria infected whey protein with immediate effect.if any of the imported milk powders found to be contaminated with DCD else bacteria infected whey protein the future action will be decided according to it ministry has stressed.

Meanwhile Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena has promised to the government medical officers association (GMOA) that all DCD Contaminated imported milk powders in the local market will be withdrawn and steps will be taken to promote liquid milk among public.

Director General Of Health Services Appealed All Media Institutions To Refrain Publishing/Broadcasting Milk Powder Ads

Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala has today(07) appealed from the local print and electronic media to refrain from publishing and broadcasting  milk powder advertisements until further notice due to the misleading advertisements published by some milk powder companies in present crisis situation.

Director General Of Health Services has said through a press release issued to the media this evening that in a situation that reported an agro chemical Dyciadanamite"(DCD) and bacteria infected whey protein contained in some imported milk products few milk powders advertised not only mislead public it also becomes a threat to food safety in the country .therefor he appealed all heads of the media institutions to cooperate by refrain from publishing and broadcasting milk powder advertisements until further notice.

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