Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ministry Of Health To Introduce Regulations On Indicating Fat And Sugar Levels In Food Items

The Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine is currently preparing the regulations for food companies on how to  indicate the fat and salt levels contain in their food items.

As the studies carried out had revealed that most of the processed food items in the market contains fat and salt more than the required level of a person per day Ministry is preparing these regulations for the benefit of consumers the ministry has stated,

Health Ministry has recently introduced a color code system for soft drink manufacturing companies to indicate sugar levels of their products.


Indian Coast Guard Ship "Samrath" Arrived In Colombo Harbor

The Indian coast guard ship"samrath" has arrived in Colombo Harbor yesterday (18)on  a goodwill visit .

The ship and it's crew had been ceremonially welcomed by the Sri Lsnka Navy as per the traditional naval customs.

The Ship "Samrath" is due to leave sri lanka on 20th of August.

UNESCO Director General Urged The Risk Faced By Cave Temple In Dambulla Of Being Struck Off From World Heritage Sites List

Image result for rangiri dambulla cave templeThe visiting UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova has urged  the local authorities yesterday (18) that the centuries old cave temple,Rangiri Dambulu Temple in Dambulla (Central Province)is at risk of being struck off from the list of world heritage sites due to it's poor maintenance.

The director general of UNESCO who ended up her four day visit to Sri Lanka has stated that Sri Lankan government is bound by an international treaty obligations to protect the caved temple which is known as Golden Temple in Dambulla and home to 2000 year old murals and 157 Buddhist statues.

The UNESCO director general has expressed fears that the cave temple could be s trucked off from the prestigious world heritage list unless immediate corrective action could be taken to preserve it's frescoes and remove the new construction added by the resident monks of the temple.


Village Street and Steps in Auvers with Two Figures 1890

Sri Lanka Transport Board To Repair And Utilize Around 1000 Unroad Worthy Buses

Image result for sltb buses sri lankaSri Lanka Transport Board has decided to repair and utilize around 1000 buses which had been considered as unroad worthy for more than 15 years.

The cost of repairing these buses is estimated as Rs,3000 million according to the Sri Lanka Transport Board.

The Transport Board has identified another 500 unroad worthy buses which could be repaired and utilized in future  it has been reported.

Wild Life Department To Recruit Their Officers For Northern Railway Line To Prevent Accidents Related To Elephants

Image result for elephants crossing railtrackThe wild life department officials are  considering  to recruit wild life officers for trains running in northern province to prevent elephants live in Jungles in the province face anymore tragic accidents like the one occurred early yesterday in Vavuniya District according to the reports.

At the moment wild life officers are not recruited for trains in the north to assist engine drivers to identify the elephants who are crossing rail tracks.In polonnaruwa area wild life officers have been recruited for trains to prevent such accidents.

Four elephants were killed early yesterday as they  collided with a train while crossing the rail track near Madu Area in Vavuniya.


Three Detained Teenagers Who Had Pelted Stones Were Remanded Until 26th Of August

Image result for STONINGThe three teenagers who were detained by the Narahenpita Police yesterday (17) for pelting stones at a train in Kelany Vally Route have been remanded until 26th of August by the Colombo Hulftsdorf Magistrate today (18).

The suspects were remanded after being produced before the Magistrate today.

The magistrate has ordered to send a 17 year old teenager who was among the remanded to the government approved school in Makola Area for rehabilitation.

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