Friday, August 31, 2018

A Youth Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 18 year old youth was killed due to a

Wild Elephant attack last night (31) at Malayarkattu area in Vellaveli, Batticaloa District.

The deceased who was a resident of Malayarkattu area was killed when he and few others attempting to chased away a group of Wild Elephants arrived at a Crop cultivation  last night .

Prices Of 25 Essential Drugs And Equipment Including 10 Highly Priced Cancer Drugs To Be Reduced From Midnight Tonight (01)

Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and
Indeginous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has today (01)announced the prIce reduction of 25 Essential Drugs and Equipment including that of 10 highly priced Cancer Drugs ,13 Essential Drugs and 02 equipment with effect from midnight tonight (01).

Drugs prescribed for Diabetes ,Asthma,Epilepsy ,Nervous disorders and Cholesterol are among the Drugs that are scheduled to be reduced from midnight tonight.Altogether prices of around 1000 drug varieties with trade names will be regulated through this price reduction according to Health Minister .

The price of the highly priced "Tabsumab"Cancer drug to be reduced to Rs.95,000 from its current price Rs.144,000 under the price reduction  it has been revealed.

The Gazette Notification regarding this price reduction of Essential Drugs and Equipment had been issued last night (31) by the National Drug Regulatory Authority  under the signature of Health Minister.

According to the Gazette Notification tender  prices of 10  highly priced Cancer Drugs and maximum retail price of 13 essential drugs and 02 equipment  ,The Blood Glucose Indicator and Blood Glucose Strips had been regulated.

Health Minister has announced the prIce reduction of the new set of drugs and equipment after opening the 39 th State Owned Osu sala pharmacy at Peradeniya University premises this morning (01).




Station Master At "Shravasthipura" Railway Station Avoided A Collision Of Two Trains Travelled On Same Rail Track

Station Master at "Shravasthipura"
Railway Station had avoided a possible head on Collision between an Express train and a Slow Train travelled on the same Rail track  this morning (31) at Shravasthipura Railway station,Anuradhapura  .

Accordingly the "Yaldevi" Express train travelling from Mount Lavinia to Kankasanthurai and a Slow Train travelling from Colombo to Madawachchiya were stopped by station Master  by changing the rail track of Yaldevi express train to avoid a possible Collision it has been revealed.

Last week also a similar possible Collision between two trains has been avoided by the Same station Master according to reports.

Bone Parts Of 114 Human Bodies Had Been Recovered From A Mass Grave In Mannar

Bone  parts of around 114 human
bodies including bodies of 12 children had been recovered from a Mass Grave at old CWE Building in Mannar so far it has been revealed.

The excavations of the Mass Grave had begun on 01st of July this year and excavation work continues although the heavy showers prevailing in the area had disrupted  the activities the Authorities have stated. 

An Indian National Was Arrested With 20 Kilo Grammes Of Gold

An Indian National arrived in from
ChennaI,  South India had been arrested with 20 Kilo Grammes of Gold in his possession at the Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport today (31) by the officers attached to Criminal Investigations Department  (CID) at Katunayake and Police Narcotic Bureau .

The suspected Indian National had hidden the stock of Gold in his cloths and brought to Sri Lanka illegally it has been revealed.

The estimated value of the stock of Gold taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.130 million.



Only Number One Zone Of Yala Park Will Be Closed Temporarily For Two Months -Rest Of The Zones Remains Open

Only number one Zone of Yala Wild Life Park will be closed temporarily for a two month period from tomorrow (01) until 01st of November according to the Wild Life Conservation Department. 

Accordingly number two ,Three and four  zones of the Wild Life Park will be opened for Tourists as usual and Tourists can access to these Zones through Galge-Kataragama entry Department has stated.

The Zone number one of the Yala Park will be closed temporarily for renovation work of road system and Tourist resorts ,Developing of infrastructure facilities and allow Wild animals to freely move in the Zone it has been revealed.

Court Has Ordered To Arrest Four Buddhist Monks Over Damaging State Property

Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne has today (31)ordered the Police to arrest four Buddhist Monks and produced before the court over damaging state properties during a protest campaign of disables soldiers held in Colombo in 2016.

The Magistrate has issued warrants to arrest Venerable Bengamuwe Nalaka, Madille Pangnaloka ,IhathaKande Saddathissa and Magadille Sudantha thero's and produced them before court over the charges against them.

The Magistrate has made this order when taken up the court case filed against the incident today.

However Magadille Sudantha Thero Has stated that they didn't receive any court order on the arrest and four Thero"s will be appeared before the court on Monday.

Court Of Appeal Had Rejected To Allow Lawyers Of Galagodaatte Thero To File An Appeal Against Prison Sentence

Two member Judge Panel of the Court
Of Appeal had today (31)rejected the request made by the Lawyers of Imprisoned General Secretary of Bodu Bala Sena Organization Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero to allow them to file an Appeal at Supreme Court against Galagodaatte Thero's Prison sentence .

The Judge Panel comprised of   President of Court Of Appeal Prethi Darman  Surasena and Shiran Gunaratna had decided not to allow Thero's lawyers to file an Appeal at Supreme Court .Galagodaatte Thero Has been  sentenced to 19 year rigorous Imprisonment to be served in 06 years on 08 th of August over contempt of Court charges .

However some members of Bodu Bala Sena Organization have stated that they will file an Appeal at Supreme Court against the prison sentence of Galagodaatte Thero.

A 60 Year Old Female Tea Plucker Has Died Due To A Wasp Attack

A 60 year old female Tea Plucker has
died and six other Tea Pluckers had been injured and hospitalized due to a Wasp attack at a Tea Estate in Urubokka area ,Matara today (31)

The injured Tea Pluckers were admitted to Urubokka Hospital for treatment .The deceased was identified as a resident of Urubokka area.


Thursday, August 30, 2018



Imprisoned Galagodaatte Thero Had Refused To Wear Prison Cloths?

The General Secretary of the Bodu Bala
Sena Organization Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara thero who was transferred to Prison Hospital at Welikada from Sri Jayawardanapura Hospital in Colombo yesterday  (30) to serve a prison sentence offered to him had refused to wear a prison jumper according to the sources.

Although the Prison Authorities had explained the Thero that every Prisoner at the Prison should wear a Jumper,The Thero had replied to them that he will only wearing a Jumper if being informed by Chief Sanga Nayaka's and otherwise he will not wearing  it.

Prison Authorities have already seeking advice from Prison headquarters over this situation and the Headquarters have informed on this to Ministry of Justice to provide a solution.

Galagodaatte Thero who was sentenced to six year rigorous Imprisonment over contempt of Court charges  is currently receiving treatment at ward-01 of the Welikada Prison Hospital.

Yala National Wild Life Park To Be Temporarily Closed From Tomorrow (01)

The Yala National Wild Life Park is scheduled to be temporarily closed for a period of two months  to be effective from tomorrow (01) due to the dry weather prevailing in the area 

The Wild Life Park will be re-opened for Tourists from  01st of November.

During the closure authorities are planning to develop infrastructure facilities  and Holiday Tourist resorts of the Wild Life Park it has been announced.


Galaha Hospital Had Been Temporarily Closed After A Tense Situation Occurred Due To The Infant's Death

Galaha Provincial Hospital which is severely damaged by the residents of Delthotawatte area as a result of the death of a one and half year old child admitted to the Hospital had temporarily closed since last Wednesday (29) according to authorities.

The two Doctors attached to the Hospital who were subjected to  public anger over the death of the child have been transferred to Central Provincial Health Services Directors office with immediate effect and the rest of the staff had been Transferred  to nearby Delthotawatte Hospital .

Residents of Delthotawatte area where the deceased infant lived had pelted stones at Hospital and severely damaged the Hospital building  and the two Motor Cars of the doctors.

Angry residents charged that the two doctors at the Hospital were  responsible for the death of the infant  as they didn't examine him  after admission for  treatment to a  phlegm problem. 

A Drinking Water Shortage In Anuradhapura District Due To Dry Weather

People in Anuradhapura District are being faced with Drinking water shortage as a result of the dry weather prevailing in several areas of the District at present.

As most of the areas in the District not receieved rain since months water levels in many reservoirs and tanks had dropped sharply causing a drinking water shortage it has been revealed.

Although the  Government has implemented a programme to distribute water among the people in the  District through bausers the water shortage remains unchanged according to sources.

In some areas farmers are not been able to continue cultivating crops as a result of the drought .

A Person Had Disappeared While Bathing In Kelani River

A 34 Year Old person had drowned and
disappeared while bathing in Kelani River at Hakbellawaka area, Yatiyanthota   on last Wednesday (29) evening.

Sri Lanka Navy along with the Police have launched a search operation  to find the disappeared who is a resident of Yatiyanthota area.

A Person Was Shot And Injured Due To A Gun Shooting

A 33 year old person was injured and
hospitalized due to a gun shooting incident at Jumma Junction in Maligawatte last morning (30).

The injured had been admitted to the Accident Service of the Colombo National Hospital for treatment.

The injured who is   a brother of an underworld gang member shot and killed by Special Police Task Force Personal in 2013 , had shot and injured by two unidentified persons arrived in from a Motorcycle.

He is popular in the area for requesting ransome it has been revealed.



A Male Wore A Female Burka Was Arrested

Welikada Police have arrested a person
wearing a  female Burka cloth covering his whole face at Public Market place in Welikada Plaza yesterday  (29)it has been revealed.

The suspect who had arrived in a Three Wheeler had been checked by the Police as per the information provided by Three Wheeler Driver on suspicion .However the cause behind his act has not yet been revealed .

Retirement Age Of Government Medical Specialists Has Been Extended

The Retirement age of  Government
Medical Specialists has been extended to 63 years from 60 years according to the Minister Of Public Administration, Management ,Law and order Ranjith Madduma Bandara.

The retirement age of Medical Specialists has been extended due to the Shortage of specialists in the country it has been revealed.

Minister has issued the Gazette Notification On this regard last Monday (27)to be  effective  from 06 th of June 2017.

A Motorcyclist Was Critically Injured Due To Motorcycle -Car Collision

A Motorcyclist was critically injured

and hospitalized after the High Speed Motorcycle he was riding in colliding with Two Motor Cars at Ginigathhena area on Hatton -Colombo main road this afternoon  (30).

The injured was admitted to Ginigathhena Hospital and later transferred to Nawalapitiya Base Hospital for further treatment.

The incident occurred when the Motorcyclist travelling from Hatton to Nawalapitiya carelessly attempted to over take a Motor car travelling to same direction. The Motorcycle had collided with the Motorcycle travelling the same direction as well as another Motor Car arrived in front.

A Person Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 47 year old person was killed due to a
Wild Elephant attack at Sinnawatte area in Wellaweli ,Battocaloa this morning  (30).

The deceased who was a resident of Sinnawatte area had faced this incident while on the way to his cattle farm it has been revealed.



Health Ministry Call Aplications Via Online When Recruiting Candidates For Several Health Categories

Ministry Of Health ,Nutrition and
Indeginous Medicine has decided to accept applications when recruiting new candidates for  Nurses ,Professions Supplementary To Medicine (PSM) and Around 13 categories of Para Medics training , through online

The Gazette Notification regarding this is due to be issued tomorrow  (31).

Accordingly applicants applying  for training in Nursing, PSM and Para Medical categories should access to the Health Ministry Website through lk and apply.

The details on applying online for the above categories will be available in the website from tomorrow it has been announced.

Two Suspects Of The Central Bank Bond Scam Issue Had Been Further Remanded

The owner of the Perpetual Treasuries
Limited Arjun Aloysius and the Chief Executive Officer of the Limited Kasun Palisena who are currently in remand over the Central Bank Bond Scam issue ,had been today (30)further remanded until 13 th of September by the Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne.

The two suspects were further remanded after producing them before the court today when the case filed against the Bond Scam taken up for hearing .

Criminal Invrstigations Department (CID)  had informed the court during the hearing of the case today  that there's no legal barrier on providing a copy of a Arrest warrant issued to main suspect of the Central Bank Bond Scam Arjun Mahendran and evidence against him as requested by him.

Attorney General's Office is currently taking steps to bring Arjun Mahendran who is currently located at Singapore to Sri Lanka under a special law the court has been informed. 

Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero Had Been Transferred To Prison Hospital

The General secretary of the Bodu Bala
Sena Organization  Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara thero who was sentenced to six year rigorous  Imprisonment over contempt of Court had been Transferred today (30)to the Prison Hospital at Welikada from Sri Jayawardanapura Hospital in Kotte after undergoing  a Kidney Stone Removal surgery according to the Hospital.

The Thero Who was at the Hospital when the court had sentenced him rigorous imprisonment had undergone a Surgery on 20 th of August and he was transfered to Prison Hospital as his condition has improved it has been revealed.

An Ambulance sent by Prisons Hospital to Jayawardanapura Hospital had taken the Galagodaatte Thero To the Prison Hospital amidst security.

However the Jayawardanapura Hospital.authorities had requested Prison Authorities to bring the Thero next week to check his situation .

Meanwhile the Court Of Appeal is due to decide whether to allow or not the  Lawyers of Galagodaatte Thero To file an Appeal at Supreme Court against the Imprisonment  tomorrow (31).



Wednesday, August 29, 2018



A Land In Muthurajawela To Be Used To Destroy Clinical Waste Of Government Hospitals At Western Province -Health Minister

A land at Muthurajawela area had 
taken  to destroy the Clinical waste removed from Government Hospitals in Western Province including Colombo National Hospital according to Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne .

Cabinet has approved the using of the Land in Muthurajawela to destroy clinical waste removed from Government Hospitals in Western Province Minister has stressed.

"The private company responsible for destroying the Clinical waste of Westetn Provincial Hospitals so far done it at a land in Mulleriyawa Base Hospital.However as the Court banned destroying Clinical waste at that land recently as a result of a petition filed by residents of the area in view of avoiding public health threat ,The company now removed the Clinical waste to a temporary land."Minister has stated.

As a temporary solution Health Ministry has decided to utilise the land use by Sri Jayawardanapura Hospital to destroy clinical waste to destroy clinical waste of Government Hospitals in Western Province as well he has stressed.

Lotus Roundabout Was Closed For Few Hours Due To A Protest March

Lotus Roundabout at Colombo Fort was

temporarily closed down from entry road to Galle Face for few hours this morning (29) due to a protest march of Retired Police Officers.

A group of Retired Police Officers had commenced a pretest match from Colombo Fort Railway Station this morning towards Presidential Secretariet over a pension problem.

The Closed road has been re- opened for traffic few hours later.

Thirty Army Brigadiers And Lieutenant Colonels Have Been Promoted To Higher Ranks

Five Brigadiers and Twenty Five Lieutenant Colonels attached to Sri Lanka Army  have been promoted to higher ranks as per the instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena.

Accordingly Five Army Brigadiers including four Brigadiers  became disabled during the war have been promoted as Major General's and Twenty Five Army Lieutenant Colonels have been promoted as Colonels. 



Ten Persons Were Remanded Over Assaulting Wild Life Officers

Ten persons including a Hingurakgoda
Pradeshiya Saba MP arrested by the Habarana Police Over Assaulting Wild Life officers attached to Minneriya Wild Life Park had been remanded until 11 th of September  by the Hingurakgoda Magistrate Court today (29).

The ten suspects were produced before the court today .

Minneriya Wild Life Park was closed due to the assaulting of Wild Life officers by a group of fishermen on last Sunday  (26) and later the Park has been re opened.

Wild Life officers were assaulted after the officers had arrested two fishermen illegally involved in fishing activities.

A Businessman Was Arrested Over Smuggling A Valuable Gold Necklace To Sri Lanka

Police Narcotic Bureau officials have arrested a 51 year old Sri Lankan Businessman who had smuggled a Gold
Necklace weighing around 400 Grammes to Sri Lanka illegally at the Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport early this morning (29).

The suspect who is a resident of AKara wita,Gampaha had arrived at Katunayake Airport From Singapore.Police Narcotic Bureau officials have arrested the suspect after recovering the Gold Necklace he has hidden worth around Rs.2.8 million .

Police Narcotic Bureau had handed over the suspect along with the Necklace to Airport Customs for further investigations. 

A Truck Selling Noodles Was Destroyed Due To A Fire

A Truck selling prepared Noodles

which belongs to a Private Company and parked in front of Galle Face park had suddenly caught fire and destroyed this morning  (29).

When the Colombo Fire Brigade arrived at the scene to douse the fire the whole Lorry had burnt  with Noodles it had been revealed.

No casualties had been reported due to the incident and the cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.

Colombo Fort Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.


Three Former Government Officials Including Former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe Had Given Statements Before A Presidential Commission

The Special Presidential Investigations

Commission investigating on Fraud and Irregularities of Sri Lankan and MIhin Lanka Airlines had today (29) recorded statements from former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe,Former President's Secretary Lalith Weerathunge and Former Finance Secretary Dr.P.B Jayasundara over the fraud and Irregularities occurred at the two Airlines .

The three former officers had appeared before the Commission to give statements regarding the findings based on the investigations concluded regarding the fraud and Irregularities of two Airlines.

Commission had issued notices for them to appear before the Commission today and Former Defense Secretary had given a statement to the Commission for nearly two hours it has been revealed.

Earlier former Sri Lankan Airlines Chairman Nishantha Wikramasinghe and Chief Executive Officer Kapila  Chandrasena had given  statements before the Commission.

Health Minister Has Instructed Director General Of Health Services To Conduct An Inquiry On Galaha Hospital Incident

Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne
has instructed the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Anil Jasinghe to conduct a formal inquiry over the death of one and half year old infant  Sanker Sajevaren who had died after admission to Galaha Provincial Hospital yesterday (28) and the incidents occurred at the Hospital premises afterwards.

Health Minister has also Instructed Dr.Jasinghe to transfer the two doctors attached to Galaha Hospital to another Hospital and recruit another two Doctors to the Hospital with immediate effect.The two doctors of the Galaha Hospital will be transferred for their own safety the Minister has stressed.

Due to the violent protests occurred outside the Galaha Hospital both Police and Special Police Task Force Personal have been deployed out side the Hospital and road to provide security. 

Police Officers Had Removed The Galaha Hospital MOIC With The Help Of A Police Uniform Due To Tense Situation

Police officers attached to Galaha Police
had this morning (29 ) removed the Medical Officer In Charge of the Galaha Hospital who was confined  inside the hospital due to the protests staged by residents of the area out side the Hospital against the death of a one and half year old infant at the Hospital.

The Medical Officer In Charge was removed from the Hospital building after dressing him a Police Uniform it has been revealed.

The protesters had protested outside the Hospital building throughout  last night despite the Police had fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters last evening.

Meanwhile due to the tense situation occurred Doctors and Nurses attached to the Galaha Hospital have  not reported to work to day. The Government Medical Officers Association  (GMOA ) has today stated that no doctor will be recruited to Galaha Hospital until the security of the Hospital is confirmed .

The Provincial Director Of Health Services Dr. Shanthi Samarasinghe has begun an investigation over the death of a Infant who had died after admission to the Galaha Hospital yesterday. The death of the infant caused unrest among the residents of the area who had pelted stones at the hospital and protested against Doctors of the Hospital.

Galaha Police meanwhile are due to investigate on the damage done    to the Hospital during the Public protest.

A 60 Year Old Person Was Killed And 12 Others Injured Due To Bus- Three Wheeler Collision

A 60 year old person was killed and 12
others were injured and hospitalized after the Bus they were travelling in colliding with a Motorcycle and a wall near by at Kumbukkanda area on Kekirawa-Eppawala main road this morning  (29).

The 13 of the injured 10 of them critically had been injured and admitted to Eppawela Provincial Hospital where one of the critically injured had succumbed to his injuries before  admission.

Nine of the injured had been later transferred to Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital for further treatment .The deceased was a resident of Eppawela area.

The incident occurred when the Bus overloaded with Passangers collided with a Three Wheeler arrived in front of the road when the Three wheelee had turned to right side and later collided with a wall nearby.

Few Passangers were thrown out ftom the Bus to the  road as a result of the incident it has been revealed.Bus and the Wall had heavily damaged due to the incident.