Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ministry Of Wild Life Had Launched Two Seperate Inquiries On A Police Officer And Wild Life Officers Over Killing Of A Mother Elephant

Image result for habarana wild elephant was killedMinistry Of Wild Life had launched two seperate inquiries on a police officer who shot and killed a mother Elephant who was grieving due to her two month old baby Elephant calf was killed due to a road accident, and a group of willd life officeials who did not take any action to prevent the incident occured on last Monday(29) in Glawanguwa area near Habarana Junction on Habarana -Trincomalee main road.

The police officer attached to the Habarana Police had shot and killed the grieving mother Elephant who stayed near her young calf who was killed after colliding with a sppeding Bus .Due to the sudden death of her calf mother Elephant tried to attack vehicles passed on the road and the above mentioned police officer reported as shot and killed the Elephant at the presence of wildlife officials who arrived in the scene after the calf was killed.

The critically wounded Mother Elephant has died hours after being  in pain it has been reported.

Police have arrested the driver of the bus which collided with the baby Elephant calf.

Authorities have blamed the Wild Life officals for not tranquilzed the grieving mother Elephant after she tried to attack passing vehicles due to the death of her calf and removed her and claf from the road as well as the police officer for shot the grieving mother Elephant.

Southern Expressway Completely Opened For Transport Activities

Image result for southern expresswayThe authiorities have completely re opened the Southern Expresway last night(31)for transport activities as the flood waters of some submerged entry points to the Expressway receeded .

A section of the Southern Expressway had closed since last friday as few entry points to the expressway including the Godagma entry point submerged due to heavy showers.


Water Board To Supply 200 Workers For Cleaning Wells In Flooded Areas

The Water Supplies and drainage Board has decided to
provide 200 water board workers to clean wells in the areas that floods completely receded.

Government has yesterday (30) requested the public to assist providing water pumps to clean wells in flood receded areas.

To clean water in wells ,MOH Offices and public
Health Inspectors  will provide chlorine.

Another Mountain In Openayake Area Is In Threat Of Landsliding

A mountain in Akarella,Opanayake at Ratnapura
District is in threat of landsliding the Ratnapura District authorities have stated.

Due to this 180 familes have been evacuvated from the area.

Two Brothers Were Killed Due To A Three Wheeler-Lorry collision

Two brothers of a same family were killed after the
three wheeler they were travelling in colliding with a Lorry in Pahalawewa area on Dambulle-Galewela main road this morning (31) .

The deceased had been identified as 33 and 35 year old residents of Ranwadiyawa,Galewela area.

Met Department Has Predicted Heavy Showers During Next 36 Hours

The department of Meteorology has this evening (31)
announced that during next 36 hours  begining from tonigbt(31) heavy showers  will be occurred  assisted with strong winds time to time in Sabaragamuwa,  Southern and central provinces as well as in Western Province and Puttalam district .

Strong winds up to 50 kilo meters per hour may occur in polonnaruwa,Trincomalee,Matale districts and in southern province.

Adverse Weather-Death Toll Has Been Increased To 203- 44 school Children Among Them

The death toll occurred due to the Adverse weather
conditions affected  in 15 districts throughout the island had arisen to 203 this evening (31)  and there are 44 school children among them  according to the officials  .

Another 96 persons went missing due to landslides and floods including 08 school Children and 63 persons have been injured the Disaster Mangement Center has stated.

Up todate more than six hundrad  thousand persons have been displaced and affected due to adverse weather it has been revealed.

The highest number of deaths which is 84 had reported from Ratnapura District and 83 deaths reported from Kalutara district.

Most flooded areas and roads connected to the Southern Expressway still under water and the water overflowed from  Ging and Nilwala rivers receding slowly in Ratnapura,Galle and Matara districts it has been reported.

 The Godagama entry point of the Southern Expressway still submerged and closed for traffic.


79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...