Sunday, October 29, 2017

Eating A Snack On The Go Does Not Fill You Up As Much As A Sit-Down Meal - A Study Says

Experts at the University of Surrey told the Daily Mail their new research sheds light on the mental impact on hungerEating a snack on the go does not fill you up as much as sitting down to a meal at a table, researchers have found.

Even when the calories are exactly the same, if people think of their food as a ‘snack’ they will eat 50 per cent more later on than if they think of it as a ‘meal’experts at the University of Surrey believe people mentally ‘tick off’ their three meals a day.
So when they sit down to eat one of those meals they do not need to eat again for a few hours.

But if they grab a snack and eat it standing up, they do not tick it off, and feel as though they still need to eat again.Study leader Professor Jane Ogden, a health psychologist at Surrey, believes the food industry is fueling the obesity crisis by marketing food as ‘snacks’ to take advantage of Britain’s on-the-go culture.Her research team, whose work is published in the Appetite medical journal, tested their theory on 80 women.The participants were each given a pot of Tesco pasta to eat - they could choose either cheese and tomato or tuna and sweetcorn.They were then either told it was a ‘snack’ or a ‘meal’ - and were either given the food in a plastic pot and told to eat it standing up with a plastic spoon, or were served it on a ceramic plate at a table with metal cutlery.

When they had finished the food, each participant was led into a second room to take part in a ‘taste test’ of various unhealthy foods - chocolate biscuits, hula hoops, M&Ms and mini cheddar's.
The scientists found those who had eaten a ‘snack’ standing up went on to eat far more in the subsequent ‘taste test’ than those who had had a ‘meal’ sat at a table - even though they had initially consumed the same calories.

The ‘snackers’ later ate 50 per cent more total calories - and 100 per cent more chocolate M&Ms - than those who had eaten the pasta sitting down at a table.
Professor Ogden said: ‘It is to do with registering that you have eating. Knowing that you have eaten is a psychological process - you tick off the fact you have had a meal.

‘If you just have a snack you do not register it in the same way.’She added: ‘With our lives getting busier increasing numbers of people are eating on the go and consuming foods that are labelled as “snacks” to sustain them.

‘The food industry is aware we are eating more on the go and they are labeling food as sacks - it is exacerbating the problem of weight gain.’She added: ‘We should call our food a meal and eat it as meal, helping make us more aware of what we are eating so that we don’t overeat later on.’Experts are increasingly worried about Britain’s obesity crisis.Some 67 per cent of adult men and 57 per cent of adult women in Britain are overweight - well above the global average.

Of these, 24 per cent of British adults - 12 million people – are considered obese, a vast increase since 1980, when only 16 per cent were in this category.Growing evidence suggests the demise of the family meal eaten at a dinner table, and the boom in sandwich chains and fast food restaurants, means we are increasingly snacking on the go.A report by the Royal Society of Public Health published last year found British adults add an average 767 calories to their diet every week simply by snacking on the journey to and from work.Much of this intake was due to people grabbing croissants and other snacks on their commute because they had missed breakfast, the report said.

Another report by the Government’s Behavioral Insights Team, also published last year, came to similar conclusions.It said: ‘We are now more obese and more likely to say that we are trying to lose weight, both of which drive misreporting. We snack and eat outside the home more, making consumption harder to track.’(Daily Mail)

Anti SAITM Trade Unions/Civil Organizations Opposed The Government Solutions On SAITM

Anti SAITM trade unions including Government
Medical Officers Association ,Medical Faculty Students Action Committee and Government Medical Students Parents Forum and other Anti SAITM civil organizations had opposed the government's proposal on abolishing the SAITM medical collage and creating a non profitable institute.

If the government fails to provide a reasonable solution for SAITM crisis within this week The Government Medical Students Parents Forum members are due to launch a death fast campaign from 06th of November ,the forum has announced.


Around 15 State Institutions To Be Removed From Galle Fort Before End Of December

Around 15 state institutions including a school located
in historical Galle Fort are due to be removed from the place before end of December this year according to authorities.

The Gazette Notification regarding the removal of 15 state institutions from Galle Fort has been issued and this decision was taken in view of convert the Galle Fort in to a economic property while securing  it's ancient cultural heritage it has been revealed.

Accordingly 15 state institutions including All Saints school situated in around 60 perch land in Galle fort,Old Postal Office,Magistrate court,Police official quarters,Tourist Banglow of Sri Lanka ports authority,Bank of Ceylon office in Royal street,Harbor Masters office,Road Development Authority office and Magistrate Banglow will be removed from the Galle Fort.

President Removed Duleep Wijesekare From His Deputy Ministerial Post

President Maithripala Sirisena has removed Duleep
Wijesekare from the Deputy Ministeral Post of Postal and Muslim Affairs with immediatte effect over his severe criticisms made against the government while supporting the Joint opposition it has been announced

The sacked Former Deputy Minister Wijesekare is due to cross over to the Joint Opposition after making a special statement in Parliament on Monday (30) according to sources.

Four Persons Were Killed And One Was Injured Due To Gun Shooting Incidents In Kosgoda

Four persons including a 13 year old school boy were
killed and one school boy was injured and hospitalized due to a three gun shooting incidents done by four persons arrived in two Motorcycles in three villages attached to the Kosgoda Police Division today (29).

The gun shooting incidents had occurred in Kurundugampiyasa,Manik and yudapitiya villages in Kosgoda according to the police.

The deceased were 38,21,50 and 13 years old Police have stated.

An injured school boy was admitted to the Balapitiya Hospital .

A conflict occurred among underworld groups caused the gun shootings it has been revealed.Police have appointed five police teams to investigate on the incident.




Foreign-Millions Face Starvation Without Aid In Congo Province


Government Has Decided To Abolish SAITM Medical Collage And To Create A New Non Profitable Institute For The Students

Government has decided to abolish the Malabe Private
Medical Collage currently managed by South Asian Institute Of Technology And Medicine (SAITM) under the leadership of Dr.Neville Fernando and to  create a non profitable Institute and recruite the students attached to the Medical Collage according to the Government Information Department.

The new non profitable Institute due to create instead of the SAITM  will run under the supervision of University Grants Commission and Ministry Of Higher Education Information Department has stated.

This decision has been taken as per the recommend ations made by a Presidential committee appointed by the President Maithripala Sirisena to find solutions for the SAITM Crisis.

As per the recommendations of the Committee the governing activities of  the SAITM will be removed from it's current chairman Dr.Neville Fernando and his family .

The new non profitable institute due to create instead of SAITM should accept the current students attached to SAITM medical collage and those who have completed the medical degree should be given the clinical training in Government Hospitals under the advise of Sri Lanka Medical Council it has been announced.

Ministry of Health should taken steps to gazette the minimum requirements of Medical Education and Training within a one month period from today (29).

Three persons In Madamulana Area Were Killed Due To Lightning

Three persons in madamulana,Weeraketiya area were
killed due to struck by lightning  while drying paddy according to the Police.

The deceased were residents of Galpoththayaya ,Wee raketiya area it has been revealed.

Around 17 Families Have Been Evacuated In Mawanella Due To A Landslide Threat

Around 17 families residing in Vaganthale area in
Mawanalle have been evacuated from their houses due to a Landslide threat occurred as a result of heavy showers prevailing in the area according to the Disaster Management Center.

The evacuated families have been provided accomodation in a Temple of the area.

The National Building Research Organization (NBRO) has issued landslide warnings to five districts including Kandy and Kegalle due to the heavy showers prevailing in.

A Team Of Australian Medical Consultants Due To Arrive Sri Lanka To Investigate On Unknown Kidney Disease

A team of Australian Medical Consultants is due to
arrive in  Sri Lanka to investigate on the unknown Chronic Kidney Disease spreads in most parts of the country at present according to the project director of Presidential Task Force on Kidney Disease Prevention Asela Iddawela.

The Australian will be arrived in the country as per an invitation made by President Maithripala Sirisena he has stressed.

The Team of Consultants is due to begin investigations on spreading of Kidney Disease and prevention of it it has been reported.

The medical teams led by World Health Organization had launched several investigations recent times on the unknown Kidney Disease ,but still not able to reveal an exact cause of the disease.


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