Friday, March 22, 2019

A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

A Motorcyclist had been killed on the
spot after the Motorcycle he was riding in colliding with a Negambo-Meerigama  Private Bus yesterday (22)at katana area.

The Motorcyclist who was a hired laborer in the area had faced this incident when the bus arrived at behind the Motorcycle  colliding with the rod use to pluck coconuts which  he carried  and as a result motorcyclist  had fallen to the ground . Afterwards the Bus run over by him it has been revealed .

Katana police are conducting an investigation over the incident.



A Iraqi National Had Been Arrested Whilst Attempting To Fly Britain

Immigration and Emigration officials
have today (22)arrested a 32 year old Iraqi National who had attempted to fly to Britain by using a fraudulant Passport at Katunayaka,Bandaranaike International Airport .

The suspect had been later deported back to Dubai by the officials .

Suspected Iraqi National had arrived in Katunayake Airport from Dubai this morning through a Fly Dubai flight .He was arrested whilst attempting to fly to Britain through Dubai.

15 Persons Had Been Injured Due To A Police Batton Charge Against Proresters In Puttalam

Around 15 persons have been injured 
after the riot police batton charged  a group of villagers who had protested against transporting Colombo garbage to the garbage dump in Aruwakkalu ,Puttalam today (22).

03 persons out of the 15 persons who had been injured due to the  batton charge including two women and a male had been afmitted to Puttalam Hospital for treatment .However they were later discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment.

Heavy traffic had been prevailed in Puttalam-Anuradhapura road after the protesters have blocked the road during the protest.

Protesters opposed the ttansporting of Colombo garbage to Puttalam and dumping them to the Garbage dump in Aruwakkalu ,puttalam.

Artificial Rain Fall In To Maussakale Catchment Area

Dry weather hit Maussakale Water catchment area has experienced a 45 minute long rain from 1 to 1.45 p.m this noon(22)after the y-12 Helicopter belonging to Sri Lanka Air force had sprayed a chemical to the clouds(Cloud seeding) in the area in view of making artificial rain in the country for the first time  .

The Air Force helicopter had sprayed the chemical to the clouds for 45 mimutes from 11 a.m to 11,45 a.m this morning it has been revealed.

Under the Artificial Rain making pilot project  implemented by Ceylon Electricity Board in dry weather hit areas,Air Force helicopter is due to spray chemical to the clouds in Maussakale And Castlereigh Catchment areas during next few days as well.

This pilot project has designed by a group of Thai Engineers accordance to a request made by  Electricity Board 

Importation Of Western Drugs To Sri Lanka To Be Stopped Within Next Two Years -Health Minister

As producing Western medicines required by Government Hospitals in local Drug 
Manufacturing Plants is in progress  it is possible to stop importation of Western medicines to Sri Lanka within next two years according to Health Minister Dr.Rajitah Senaratne.

Now already 04 Local Drug Manufacturing Plants built have already commenced producing Western medicines and ointments and another 34 Drug Manufacturing Plants are scheduled to be opened soon throughout the island  Minister has stressed .

An expensive Cancer Drugs too will be produced here soon in one of these Drug Manufacturing Plants he has stressed during a ceremony held to laying of foundation stone to build Rs.1.4 billion worth Drug Manufacturing Plant of "Melva Pharama" Limited at Ekala-Ja Ela yesterday (21).

The Plant will provide employment opportunities for 300 youth it has been revealed.

Around Rs.80 billion has been spent by Government and Local sectors to import Western Medicines to Sri Lanka annually .

Brexit's fate 'is in British hands', says Donald Tusk


Justin Trudeau apologises for eating chocolate during vote

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