Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Foreign-A Strong Earthquake Killed More Than 100 Persons In Mexico


Ceylon Electricity Board Management Has Decided To Remove 3000 Striking Casual Workers From Their Posts

The management of the Ceylon Electricity Board has
decided to remove around 3000 casual workers attached to the Ceylon Electricity Board who are currently engaged in the continuous strike from their service.

Acoordingly around 3000 workers including peons,labourers and bill writers working on casual basis will be removed from their services and letters are being issued to them by informing that they have already vacated from their posts.

Electricity Board management has decided to recruit new workers for the vacated posts soon it has been announced.

Several trade unions attached to Ceylon Electricity Board have launched a continuous strike recently by demanding to solve salary anomalies and as a result several remote areas have experienced power failures.

A Female Was Killed After Colliding With A Train

A 40 year old female was killed after colliding with a
train travelling Matara to Vavuniya at Hikkaduwa area yesterday (19).

Hikkaduwa Police are investigating whether the incident was a suicide attempt or not.

Two Persons Were Killed And A Bus Driver Injured Due To A Road Accident

Two persons including a female were killed and a Bus
driver was injured and hospitalized after a Bus veering off the road and crashed into a series of trade stalls at orubandiwewa junction on Mahiyanganaya-Padiyathalawa road last noon (19).

Due to the accident an a lady owner of a trade stall and a customer were killed and the Bus driver got injured and admitted to the Mahiyanganaya Hospital.

Two trade stalls had been completely destroyed due to the sccident it has been reported.However passangers of the Bus have escaped unharm.

The accident occurred after the Bus driver suddenly falling sick and fainted it has been revealed.

Health-Kinder Treatments In Pipeline For Child Brain Cancer

Foreign-Hurricane Maria 'Devastates' Dominica: PM


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Former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran Began Giving Evidence Before Presidential Commission On Bond Scam

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The former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahedran who had been charged over his connection with the Central Bank Bond Scam had arrived in before Presidential Commission Of Inquiry inquiring in  the Bond Scam this morning(19) and began giving evidence regarding the scam it has been reported.

The former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran whose son the director of the Perpetual Treasuries Arjun Aloysius who has been  alleged as the main suspect of the Central Bank Bond Scam had arrived in the Presidential Commission as per the summons issued for him by the Commission to appear before it today.

Earlier it has been doubted that the former Central Bank Governor Mahendran might not give evidence regarding the Bond Scam before the Commission as his Son Aloysius refused to give evidence before the commission on Central Bank Bond Scam issue as per the advise of his lawyers.

Sacked Deputy Minister Arundika Fernando Crossed Over To The Opposition In The Parliament

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The former Deputy Minister of Tourism Development And Christian Affairs United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) MP Arundika Fernando who was sacked from his Deputy Ministerial Post by the President  ,has today(19) crossed over to the Opposition and sat with the Joint Opposition Group members of the Parliament.

MP Fernando has crossed over to the Opposition after making a special statement regarding his decision .

The rebel MP was sacked from his Deputy Ministerial Post  by the President Maithripala Sirisena on 12th of September over the allegations leveled against them on breaking Cabinet responsibilities .Soon after removed from the post MP Fernando had expressed his support to the Joint Opposition Group.

Four Catagories Of Railway Department Workers Including Train Drivers Are Due To Launch An Island Wide Strike Tomorrow

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Train Engine Drivers ,Railway Guards,Controllers and Station Masters have decided to launch an Island Wide Strike from midnight tomorrow(20) by demanding to remove their long standing salary anomalies according to the Railway Drivers Union.

The Railway workers have decided to launch the strike after the talks held today(19) with the president of National Salaries Commission regarding their demand has failed the Union has stated.

A Number Of Cancer Deaths And Expenditure Spent Per Cancer Patient In Sri Lanka Had Been Increased-Dr.Suraj Perera

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A number of Cancer deaths reported in Sri Lanka had been increased over the years and around 82.1 persons per 100.000 local population  are  suffering from some kind of Cancer  according to the Oncologist attached to the National Cancer Control Programme Dr.Suraj Perera.

The expenditure spent per a Cancer patient too had been increased he has stated.

Around 29,457 Cancer patients have been registered in Clinics belonging to the National Cancer Control Programme during 2016 and   number of Breast Cancer patients reported throughout the Island had been increased rapidly during last 25 years Dr.Perera has stated while addressing a press briefing held in National Dengue Control Programme Auditorium in Narahenpita this morning(19) organized by the National Cancer Control Programme.

Around 2500 female and 40 male Breast Cancer patients are being reported in the country annually he has stressed.

 Around 12,000 to 13,000 cancer deaths have been reported in the country annually he has further stated."Regarding Breast Cancer there's no age limit now.Even females in 20's have got the disease and due to this situation females beyond 20 years should be vigilant over the symptoms of Breast Cancer "Dr.Perera has said.

Around 1000 females with Breast Cancers are being died annually due to identifying the disease in late stages and around 10,000 females who have identified the disease in early stages got  cured and lead normal lives in the society he has further added.                            

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