Tuesday, July 2, 2019


"ආත්මාර්ථකාමීත්වය ඇති තැන ,සිත් රිදවමින් සැඟවෙන තැන අවංක මිත්‍රත්වය/ආදරය කිසිසේත් නොපවතී- සිත් සනසන තැන ,අනෙකාගේ ජීවිතය තමන්ගේද ජීවිතය කරගන්නා තැන ආදරය,මිත්‍රත්වය උතුරා යන තරමට පවතී "

අදාළ රූපය

A Person Arrested With 29.8 KG Of Kerala Cannabis

Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials
along with Navy Personal have today (03)arrested a 40 year old Person with 29.8 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis in his possession during a raid carried out in pesalai ,Mannar area .

The stock of Kerala Cannabis wrapped in 08 parcels and prepared to be sold at the time of the raid it has been revealed.

The suspect who is a resident of pesalai area along with the stock of Kerala Cannabis had been handed over to pesalai polce for further investigations. 


අදාළ රූපය

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A Person Was Arrested With "Ice"Narcotic

Sri Lanka Navy Personal had arrested a
40 year old person with 690 Mili Grammes of "Ice" Narcotic in his possession at Koyyawadi ,Norochchalai area this morning (02).

The suspect who is a resident of Norochchalai area had been arrested with 10 packets containing "Ice" Narcotics

Navy had handed over the suspect  along with the stock of narcotics to the Norochchalai Police for further investigations 

A Dutch Female Was Injured And Hospitalized After Colliding With A Foot Of An Elephant

A 25 year old Dutch female had been injured and Hospitalized after colliding with a foot of a
Wild Elephant at Wilpattu area whilst attempting to take photographs of the Elephant this morning (02).

The injured female had been admitted to the Nochchiyagama District Hospital and later transferred to Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital for further treatment .Her condition is not critical it has been revealed.

The incident occurred when the Dutch female luviya marita along with her husband who had been  stayed at a Holiday Resort in Glakadawela area since yesterday (01) spotted the Wild Elephant this morning and attempting to take a photograph  of him .When the foreign female had attempted to take a  photograph of the elephant from near distance the Elephant got disturbed and as a result both the female and Elephant had attempted to runaway from the area it has been reported .

Then the  female had  fallen to the ground and one of her foot collided with the Elephants foot which caused an injury .

The husband of the injured female escaped  unhurt.

A Person Was Sentenced A Rigorous Life Imprisonment Over Keeping 27 Grammes Of Heroin In Possession

A person was sentenced to a rigorous life imprisonment by the Colombo High Court Judge
Manjula  Thilakaratne today (02) over keeping 27 grammes of Heroin in his possession .

the accused who had been found guilty over the charges had been sentenced to life imprisonment after being produced before the Colombo High Court today .

The accused Selvadorai Ranjith Kumar a resident of Maligawatte,Colombo had been arrested by the police in or near 13th of September 2012 at Maligawatte area over keeping Heroin in is possession and smuggling and the Attorney General had later  filed indictments against the accused at COURTS over these charges it has been revealed.

Former Defense Secretary Hemasiri Fernando And IGP Pujith Jaysundara Getting Admitted To Hospital Without Appearing Before CID-Both Of Them Were Arrested And Remanded Until Tomorrow(03)

අදාළ රූපයFormer Defense Secretary Hemasiri Fernando and Inspector General Of Police(IGP) Pujith  who had been asked to appear before Criminal Investigations Department (CID) this morning (02) to give evidence over Easter Sunday Attacks ,Have avoided  appearing before CID and getting admitted to Cardiology Unit of Colombo National Hospital and Police Hospital In Narahenpita respectively this morning it has been reported.

However as both Officials avoided  appearing before CID ,CID officers had arrested Both former Defense Secretary and IGP from hospitals and produced them before Colombo Chief Magistrate this evening where both of them were remanded until tomorrow(03).

Although remanded both former officers are being serving the remand order at Colombo National Hospital and Police Hospital under the detention of CID officers it has been revealed.

Former Defense Secretary Heamsiri Fernando is at the Cardiology ICU receiving treatment for a Heart pain and IGP Pujith Jayasundara had been admitted to Police hospital this morning for an illness according to them.Both of them informed the CID that they were not appearing  before it as requested .

Earlier Attorney General Daapula De Livera had  instructed the Acting Inspector General Of Police (IGP) Chandana Wikramaratne to arrest the Former Defense Secretary Heamsiri Fernando and IGP Pujith Jaysundara over neglecting duties by not preventing Easter Sunday attacks or minimize the damage caused due to the attacks.However acting IGP had not responded to the requests made by Attorney General according to reports.

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