Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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Another Corona Virus Positive Has Been Identified

Another Corona Virus patient has been
  identified yesterday  (31) at 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona virus patients reported from the country to 143 according to the Epidemeology Unit .
Accordingly Yesterday alone 21 corona virus positives had been identified it has been revealed .

There are 124 corona virus positives still receiving treatment at Government Hospitals the Unit has stated.

Most of the 21 coroma virus positives who  were identified yesterday had visited Indonesia and related to another Corona positive identified in Puttalam according to reports .

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Ten More Corona Virus Positives Identified -A Total Number Of 20 Identifued Today (31)

Twenty Corona virus positives had
been identified within today  (31) until  7.30 p.m increasing the  total number of Corona virus positive cases in the country to 142 according to the Epidemeology Unit .

Out of the twenty corona virus positives identified today ten Were identified during this evening and other ten patients shortwhile ago .

This is the highest  number of Corona positives identified in Sri Lanka on a single day since the first Sri lankan corona virus positive has been reported on 10 th of March it has been revealed.

Meanwhile 123 corona virus positives are being received Hospital treatment at present under medical supervision according to Hospital sources.   

Poruthota Village Where The Second Corona Victim Resided Had Been Locked Down -No Family Members Of The Deceased Participated The Cremation

The poruthota village at Negambo
where the second Corona virus positive who died yesterday  (30)resided ,
has been locked down today  (31)by the Health Authorities according to the Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Union .

Around 16 family members of the  deceased are being quarantined in their home and a group of doctors and nurses who had treated the patient at Negambo District Base Hospital also currently being quarantined the union has stressed .

The Hospital ward  at the Negsmbo Hispital where the deceased had been reared had sealed by the authorities.

Meanwhile the funeral of the Second Corona virus victim was held last night at Mayyokkahena Cemetery in Negambo with the participation of Health workers and Police. Under the internarional quarantine rules two members  of the family of the Corona virus patient can participate the cremation ,But non of the relatives had participated it according to reports.  

Ten New Corona Virus Patients Have Been Identified Today -Another 03 Positives Discharged After ;Being Recovered

Ten New Corona Virus positives had
been reported from Sri Lanka today (31) increasing the total number of Corona virus positives  reported from Sri Lanka at 4.20 p.m today  to 132 according to the Epidemeology Unit  .

Also another 03 corona virus positives treated at Government Hospitals had been discharged today after being fully recovered. Up to now 17 corona virus positives had been discharged from Hospitals after fully recovered .

There were 02 Corona deaths reported from the country. 

There are 113 Corona virus positives being treated at two government Hospitals by noon today and 173 corona virus suspected cases are being currently treated at 25 government Hospitals including IDH Hospital Angoda. Most number of suspects which is 49 are being treated at Homagama BASE Hospital according to the EpidemeologIst.

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Government To Lift The Curfew Imposed In Island wide For Six Hours Tomorrow Except In Six Districts

Government has yesterday  (30)
decided to continue the island wide curfew imposed in six districts namely  Colombo ,Gampaha, Kalutara ,Jaffna, Puttalam and Kandy until further notice and to  lift the curfew imposed in other districts for eight hours tomorrow (01).

Accordingly except those siX districts curfew in other districts will be lifted at 6 a.m.tomorrow morning and re impose  at 2 p.m in the same evening .

People in curfew lifted areas are being advised to follow the  guidelines issued by the government to prevent the spreading of corona virus .Stern action will be taken against those who are violating these guidelines according to the President's Media Division. 

Five Members Of A Same Family Including An Infant Among Those Identified As Corona Virus Positives

Five members of a same family in
Chilaw including a 04 month old infant are among those infected with Coronavirus recently according to the Health Ministry.

All  family members got infected with the virus due to a corona virus positive identified from Chilaw area the Ministey has stated .Due to this person who had arrived from abroad his whole family got infected Ministry has further added .

Due to this Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi had appealed from those who had arrived from abroad after 10 th of March to undergo a self quarantine  process  to avoid spreading corona virus in the country. 

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A Ward In Kalubowila Teaching Hospital Had Been Sealed

State Hospitals in Sri Lanka: Colombo South Teaching Hospital ...A Ward attached to the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital known as Colombo South General Hospital (Colombo District ) had bean sealed by the authorities this evening (30)  after a patient who was admitted to the ward as a normal patient had tested positive for  corona virus.

A tense situation has been occurred  among the staff of the ward after the patient had tested positive for the corona virus .The patient is a 60 year old resident of Moratuwa .

All doctors and nurses  in the sealed ward are to be undergone quarantine for 14 days at the Maharagama Teachers Training School according to reports .

Second Corona Death Reported From Sri Lanka

Failures of the Negombo Hospital Building | engineers.lk
A Sri Lankan Male In his 60's and infected with Corona Virus  has died this evening (30)whilst receiving Treatment at a separate ward in Negambo District National Hospital .

This is the second death occurred in Sri Lanka due to a  Corona virus and the deceased was the  fifth Sri Lankan to be died due to Corona virus .Two Sri Lankans lived in England and another in Switzerland have died after being infected with the virus during last few days .

The person who died today at Negambo Hospital had been earlier admitted to a Private hospital in Negambo complaining on a heart ailment and as he developed corona virus symptoms and tested positive for it   was  later transferred to the Negambo Hospital .The deceased was a resident of poruthota ,Negambo it has been revealed.   

Another 05 New Corona Virus Positives Had Been Reported Today (30)-Total Number Increased To 122

Another 05 new Corona virus positives
had been identified from Sri Lanka today  (30)increasing the total number of Corona virus positives reported from the country to 122 according to Epidemeology Unit.

Another 03 corona virus positives had been fully cured and discharged from Hospitals today bringing up the total number of patients got cured and  discharged to 14 .

Only one death has been reported from here up to now .

Meamwhile another 104 corona virus suspected cases are being treated at 23 Government Hospitals under special medical supervision  it has been reported .Majority of these patients (21)are being treared at Welikanda Base Hospital.

Only 04 suspected cases are being treated at Infectious Diseases Hospital at Angoda and 98 corona virus postives too are being treared at the hospital at present .

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sri Lanka Extends International Flight Ban Until 07 th Of April

Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka
has yesterday  (29)decided to extend the international Flight ban currently being  imposed until 07 th of April in view of preventing the Corona virus here .

The ban was earlier imposed until 31st of March .Under the Ban Katunayake International Airport and other Airports in the country have been closed for international flights arriving in .However departure flights Including    cargo transit Passangers and international outbound Passangers will continue as usual .

Meanwhile an Air hostess attached to  Sri Lankan Airlines  is among those who had tested positive for Corona virus in Sti lanka it has been revealed yesterday. She got  infected with the virus during a departure flight to London according to reports. 

Curfew Had Been Imposed In A Road At Rajagiriya Due To A Corona Virus Infected Pastor

Police have imposed the curfew at
Arunodaya Road ,Obeysekarapura  ,Rajagiriya (Colombo)yesterday (29)after 04 elders and 02 children who had accompanied with a corona virus infected pastor in the area had shown corona virus symptoms.

Due to this situation 04 families of the suspected cases are being under quarantine .However the corona virus infected pastor had closed down his church and dissapeared it has been revealed.

Even the phone number of pastor found as not in use ..

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Four Cities Of Badulla District To Close Down During Tomorrow's (30)Curfew Lifted Hours

Four cities belonging to Badulla District
namely Welimada, Bandarawela, Haputale and Diyathalawa will be closed during curfew lifted hours tomorrow  (30)according to the Police .

Police have decided to close down these cities during curfew lifted hours to minimise the risk of spreading corona virus due to social gatherings happened during curfew lifted hours the SSP Athula De Silva has stated.

Curfew in these cities along with several Districts in the island is scheduled to be lifted at 6 a.m.  tomorrow  (30)and will be re imposed at 2 p.m on same day .

Police have announced the people in these cities not to gather in streets during curfew lifted hours tomorrow. All shop owners in these cities have agreed to close down their shops tomorrow it has been revealed.

However essential supplies  including food will be supplied to residents in these cities through mobile vehicles. 

Three Cities In Anuradhapura District To Shut Down All Shops During Curfew Lifted Hours Tomorrow (30)

Although curfew scheduled to be lifted
in most of the Districts throughout the island tomorrow  (30)for 08 hours all shops including Super Markets at three cities in Anuradhapura District have decided to close down during the curfew lifted hours it has been announced.

Accordingly All the shops in Galenbindunuwewa ,Kahatahasdigiliya and Horowpathana will remained close during curfew lifted hours as it has been revealed that corona virus positive identified yesterday  (28)at Akurana had visited these cities .

However state bank branches, Fuel stations and pharmacies in these cities will remain open as usual.   

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Island Wide Curfew To Be Lifted For Six Hours Tomorrow (30)In All Districts Other Than Six Districts

The island wide curfew imposed in
scheduled to be lifted for eight hours from 6 a.m to 2 p.m tomorrow  (30)in other districts except six Districts namely Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Puttalam, Kandy and Jaffna
 According to the President's Media Division.

The Island Wide curfew prevailing   in above six districts will continue until further notice it has been announced.

Government has advised the public in curfew lifted areas to follow the guidelines issued when purchasing goods from shops and those who are being violated these guidelines will be punished severely according to the authorities.

Public are being advised to wash their hands thoroughly and keep one meter distance between two persons when in a queue. 

Cremation Of The Person Died Due To Corona Virus Was Held Today (29)

The cremation of the first deceased
Corona virus patient in Sri Lanka was held at Kotikawatta Public Cemetery  (Western Province )this morning  (29)during the curfew .

The casket containing the dead body of the deceased who had expired last evening (28)at the IDH Hospital in Angoda whilst receiving Intensive care treatment, had been taken to the Cemetery by a vehicle accompanied by an ambulance.

The post mortem regarding  the body had been performed by Judicial Medical officer Dr .Channa Perera with the presence of Mulleriyawa Police officers .

Afterwards two relatives of the deceased had allowed to see the face of the deceased and then the body was cremated under international quarantine rules .

The Three Persons carried the body to the crematorium and put it inside had been seen removing  their special kits worn and kept then on the coffin before the cremation.

Only two  relatives of the deceased were allowed to participate. The wife and immediate family members of the deceased are currently under quarantine so non of them was able to participate the cremation .

The deceased who is the first Sri lankan corona virus patient  died  here was a 60 year old tourist guide resided in Marawila, Chilaw area .

He had suffered with diabetes, High blood preassure and renal failure and undergone a kidney Transplant surgery few years back it has been revealed.

He has been infected with the Corona virus after returning from overseas according to reports .

Two Villages And Few Lanes Had Been Locked Down and Quarantine Due To Corona Virus Positives Have Found There

Authorities had today (29)taken steps to
locked down two villages at Akurana in Kandy District and Kadayankulama in Puttalam District as two Corona virus patients reported from these villages.

Accordingly Police and Public Health Inspectors had locked down the Thelambugahawstte village at Alwathugoda in Akurana and put 347 families under 14 day quarantine process after a coroma virus positive in the area had visited many house in the area spreading the virus.

The corona virus patient found in Thelambugahawatte area had arrived from Chennai, India on 15 th of March and had visited many places in the area including a Mosque and shoe palace it has been revealed. A friend accompanied him on his arrival From chennai is being also under Quarantine.

The Corona virus positive patient's son , daughter and son in law  have been nice admitted to Kandy National Hospital with Corona Virus like symptoms it has been  reported. The postive patient is a businessman in the area and had arrived for treatment from his Motorcycle .

Kadayankulama  village in Puttalam had been also locked down today due to a corona virus patient found there visited many places in the village. Under the lockdown process people in these villages not been able to visit outside the village and outsiders will not allow to enter these villages.

Meanwhile a house at Yahampath Road in Maharagama is under quarantine after the house owner found as tested positive for Corona virus. Also  14 houses in  Second Lane of the Kaldemulla area in Moratuwa are placed under quarantine today after 82 year old female had tested positive for the Corona virus .She had received treatment for cough and fever at Jayawardanapura Hospital in Kotte and later transferred to IDH Hospital in Angoda for further treatment. At IDH Hospital she has tested positive for the virus. Authorities have suspected that she got infected the virus through his son working at Sri Lankan Airlines.

Two New Corona Positives Reported Today (29)-Now The Total Number Of Positives In Sri Lanka Risen To 117

Two admitted to IDH on suspicion of being infected with ...Another 02 corona virus positives had been reported today (29) increasing the total number of  patients to 117 according to the Epidemiology unit .

Yesterday (28) 09 corona virus positives had been reported from the island all of them are either return from other countries or those who have contacted them here according to reports .

Another 117 Corona Virus suspected cases are being treated at government hospitals at present .Today 02 corona virus patients who had been admitted to Infectious Diseases Hospital iu  Angoda had been discharged from the hospital today after fully recovered .At the moment 11 patients  had been discharged from hospitals after fully recovered it has been revealed .

Majority of Corona Virus positives are residents of Colombo,Kaluthra,Puttalam and Gampaha Districts as well as from quarantine centers .

Saturday, March 28, 2020

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Atalugama Village In Bandaragama -Kalutara Had Locked Down Due To A Corona Virus Positive Who Had Visited Many Houses In.The Village -His Sister And Father Too Tested Positive For Virus

Security forces had locked down
"Atalugama " village in Bandaragama ,Kalutara yesterday (27)as a villager who had arrived from middle east recently had tested positive for Corona virus .

The villager had visited several houses in the village during last few days and met people and closely contacted 26 persons in.the village without knowing he had infected with the virus  according to authorities.

As a result health authorities had ordered the families of 26 persons whom had close contacts with the Infected person  to be quarantined at their houses for 14 days .

The village too has locked down and no one in the village can go out and outsiders cannot enter the village under the lockdown .

Meamwhile the sister and father of the Corona virus infected person in Atalugama had tested positive today  (2 for corona virus it has been revealed. They were today admitted to the Hospital with Corona Virus Symptoms. 

Meanwhile another person who had tested positive for Corona virus after arriving from India had visited several places in Colombo and met several. People as well as attended many meetings it had been revealed. 

Due to this situation Director General Of Health Services has today requested the persons arrived from.chennai ,India after 14 th of March to undergo self quarantine in their homes. 

A Sri Lankan Male In England Has Died Due To Corona Virus Infection

A 55 year old Sri Lankan has died in

London ,England due to Corona virus infection this evening (28) according to Ministry Of Foreign Relations .

Accordingly the deceased Sri Lankan who is a resident of Feltham area in London and from Maharagama, Sri Lanka has died this evening whilst receiling Treatment at a Hospital in London it has been revealed.

He is the second Sri Lankan to be died in abroad due to Corona Virus infection .The first Sri Lankan died in abroad due to corona infection was the one who died in Switzerland last Wednesday (25).

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The First Corona Virus Death In Sri Lsnka Has Been Reported This Evening (28) At IDH Hospital

The first Corona Virus Death had been
reported from Sri Lanka this evening  (28) as a 60 year old person who had arrived from overseas has died whilst receiving treatment at  the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Infactious Diseases Hospital (IDH),Angoda .

The deceased who was a resident of Marawila in Chilaw had suffered from Diabetes ,High blood preassure and kidney failure  and died due to the complications of the diseases  according to the Health circles .

This death had been reported  18 days after the first Sri lankan Corona virus infected person has Been reported from Sri Lanka on 10th of March.

The deceased has  undergone a kidney Transplant surgery few years back it has been revealed. 

Another seven persons are currently receiving treatment at Intensive Care Unit of the Infectious Diseases Hospital according to the Epidemeology Unit. 

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Four New Corona Virus Positives Had Been Reported From Sri Lanka Today -The Total Number Of Positives Had Been Increased To 110

Coronavirus kerala News: 5 new positive coronavirus cases reported ...
Four  new Corona Virus positives had been reported today (28)  by 4.45  p.m increasing the total number of Corona virus positives reported from Sri Lanka to 110 according to the Epidemiology Unit .

No  new corona virus positives had reported from Sri Lanka during yesterday (27) up to 2 p.m this evening .

Meanwhile 08 corona virus positives are being treated at present in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the National Infectious Diseases Hospital at Angoda  in critical condition Hospital sources have revealed .The condition of all  these patients is not severe it has been reported .

Another 02 Corona Virus positives had been discharged from Infectious Diseases Hospital ,Angoda this morning (28) after being fully recovered it has been reported .With these 02 the total number of Corona patients who got fully cured and discharged from the Hospital has been increased to 09 .

Meanwhile 199 corona virus suspected cases are being treated at 21 government hospitals at present the Epidemiology Unit has stated .

Friday, March 27, 2020

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A Home Delivery System Of Drugs Has Been Introduced

Ministry of Health has introduced an
Island wide  Home delivery system of Medicinal Drugs for Government and Private Hospitals patients in view of preventing patients from gathering around pharmacies amidst corona virus threat. 

Accordingly Government Hospital patients will be received their Monthly drugs to home directly through post free of charge and private hospital patients will receive their drug list to home through a lIst of pharmacies named by Health Ministry .

Private patients need to identify the pharmacy located near to their residance  through the pharmacy list published in  the Health Ministry website.  .Patients should take  a photograph of their drug prescription and send it  to vibar /WhatsApp /Imo numbers of the selected pharmacy  .

Then the required drugs will be delivered  to their doorstep within a 24 hour period. If the Drug is an urgent one it will be delivered as soon as possible the Ministry has stated .Payment for delivered drugs will be charged in addition to transport charges.Payments can be made from either cash or online. 

To find out the nearest pharmacy to order drugs to be delivered to house visit Health Ministry website www.health.gov.lk .

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No New Corona Virus Positives Had Been Reported Today (27) From Sri Lanka -The Total Number Of Positives Remains As 106

Coronavirus kerala News: 5 new positive coronavirus cases reported ...No new Corona Virus Positives had been reported  up to 10.p.m  today (27)  according to the Epidemiology Unit .The total number of Corona virus positives reported from Sri Lanka   remained as 106 and around 238 corona virus suspected cases are being treated at 22 government hospitals by this noon the Unit has announced .

Out of these suspected cases 231 are Sri Lankans and 07 are foreign nationals .Highest number of these suspected cases which is 99 are being treated at Infectious Diseases Hospital,Angoda  and 97 of them are Sri Lankans and there are 02 Foreign nationals .

Meanwhile 04 corona virus positives are being treated at Intensive care unit of the National  Infectious Diseases Hospital (Fever Hospital ) Angoda and 06 patients including 05 Sri Lankans and 01 Chinese National had been fully recovered and discharged from the Hospital up to now .

On district basis highest number of Corona Virus positives had been reported in Colombo District which is 25 patients and Kalutara ,Gampaha and Puttalam Districts had other highest numbers .

Police To Take Legal Action Against Three Cotona Virus Positives Over Hiding Their Status

Director of the Police Legal Division
Ajith Rohana has today (27)stated that Police will take a legal  action  against three corona virus postives identified yesterday  (26)over admitting to Government  and private hospitals providing false information regarding Corona virus status.

One patient identified yesterday had been admitted to a Private hospital by hiding hia corona virus status it had been revealed.

Other two persons had been charged over the same offence it had been revealed  .

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A special Sri Lankan Airlines flight carrying 278 Sri lankans stranded in England due to Corona  pandamic had touched down the Katunayak...