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Ministry Of Wild Life Had Launched Two Seperate Inquiries On A Police Officer And Wild Life Officers Over Killing Of A Mother Elephant

Image result for habarana wild elephant was killedMinistry Of Wild Life had launched two seperate inquiries on a police officer who shot and killed a mother Elephant who was grieving due to her two month old baby Elephant calf was killed due to a road accident, and a group of willd life officeials who did not take any action to prevent the incident occured on last Monday(29) in Glawanguwa area near Habarana Junction on Habarana -Trincomalee main road.

The police officer attached to the Habarana Police had shot and killed the grieving mother Elephant who stayed near her young calf who was killed after colliding with a sppeding Bus .Due to the sudden death of her calf mother Elephant tried to attack vehicles passed on the road and the above mentioned police officer reported as shot and killed the Elephant at the presence of wildlife officials who arrived in the scene after the calf was killed.

The critically wounded Mother Elephant has died hours after being  in pain it has been reported.

Police have arrested the driver of the bus which collided with the baby Elephant calf.

Authorities have blamed the Wild Life officals for not tranquilzed the grieving mother Elephant after she tried to attack passing vehicles due to the death of her calf and removed her and claf from the road as well as the police officer for shot the grieving mother Elephant.

Southern Expressway Completely Opened For Transport Activities

Image result for southern expresswayThe authiorities have completely re opened the Southern Expresway last night(31)for transport activities as the flood waters of some submerged entry points to the Expressway receeded .

A section of the Southern Expressway had closed since last friday as few entry points to the expressway including the Godagma entry point submerged due to heavy showers.


Water Board To Supply 200 Workers For Cleaning Wells In Flooded Areas

The Water Supplies and drainage Board has decided to
provide 200 water board workers to clean wells in the areas that floods completely receded.

Government has yesterday (30) requested the public to assist providing water pumps to clean wells in flood receded areas.

To clean water in wells ,MOH Offices and public
Health Inspectors  will provide chlorine.

Another Mountain In Openayake Area Is In Threat Of Landsliding

A mountain in Akarella,Opanayake at Ratnapura
District is in threat of landsliding the Ratnapura District authorities have stated.

Due to this 180 familes have been evacuvated from the area.

Two Brothers Were Killed Due To A Three Wheeler-Lorry collision

Two brothers of a same family were killed after the
three wheeler they were travelling in colliding with a Lorry in Pahalawewa area on Dambulle-Galewela main road this morning (31) .

The deceased had been identified as 33 and 35 year old residents of Ranwadiyawa,Galewela area.

Met Department Has Predicted Heavy Showers During Next 36 Hours

The department of Meteorology has this evening (31)
announced that during next 36 hours  begining from tonigbt(31) heavy showers  will be occurred  assisted with strong winds time to time in Sabaragamuwa,  Southern and central provinces as well as in Western Province and Puttalam district .

Strong winds up to 50 kilo meters per hour may occur in polonnaruwa,Trincomalee,Matale districts and in southern province.

Adverse Weather-Death Toll Has Been Increased To 203- 44 school Children Among Them

The death toll occurred due to the Adverse weather
conditions affected  in 15 districts throughout the island had arisen to 203 this evening (31)  and there are 44 school children among them  according to the officials  .

Another 96 persons went missing due to landslides and floods including 08 school Children and 63 persons have been injured the Disaster Mangement Center has stated.

Up todate more than six hundrad  thousand persons have been displaced and affected due to adverse weather it has been revealed.

The highest number of deaths which is 84 had reported from Ratnapura District and 83 deaths reported from Kalutara district.

Most flooded areas and roads connected to the Southern Expressway still under water and the water overflowed from  Ging and Nilwala rivers receding slowly in Ratnapura,Galle and Matara districts it has been reported.

 The Godagama entry point of the Southern Expressway still submerged and closed for traffic.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sri Lankans helping and donating essential items to their people who have been  displaced and affected due to adverse weather.Everyone's duty is not trying to change this hour of grief to a situation of fun.

Because Sri Lankans always shown their humanity when there is need for help.

  • Always follow good things in good manner.


Police Have Arrested 13 Persons In Connection With Assaulting Three Foreign Nationals In Haputhale

Related imagePolice have arrested 13 persons on Tuesday(30)in connection with the assaulting  of three foreigners while  participating  a pre training session of a cycling race held in Haputhale Area on Monday(29).

The suspects had assaulted two British Nationals  and a Nepali National while they were participating the training it has been reported.

The suspects have been remanded until this Thursday after being produced before the Bandarawela Magistrate Court.

Government To Pay A Maximum Compensation Of Rs.2.5 Million Per A House Destroyed Due To Adverse Weather

Image result for sri lanka cabinet decisionsGovernment has decided to pay  compensations  maximum Rs.2.5 million each  for those who lost their houses due to the adverse weather during last few days according to the Cabinet Spokesman ,Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed the officials to pay maximum Compensation for those who lost houses due to adverse weather during this week's Cabinet meeting  Dr.Senaratne has stressed.

Government has also decided to pay Rs.100,000 each for those who died due to the adverse weather .

During the Cabinet meeting the allowances pay for displaced had revised and accordingly the allowance allocated for a displaced persons behalf of  meals has been increased from Rs.225 to Rs.300 and the weekly allowance provided for a family with a single person to purchase dry rations has been increased to Rs.900 from Rs.700 and the allowance for a family of two persons has been increased from Rs.900 to Rs.1200.

Cabinet has also decided to remove all unauthorized constructions and  provide  the owners of those constructions an alternative places.

Water Levels Of Ging And Nilwala Rivers Arisen To Flood Levels In Lower Bank Areas

The water levels of Ging River in Baddegama area and Nilwala River in Lower bank areas of Matara are still remains in flood level according to the Department Of Irrigation.

However the water levels of Ging River in Thawalama area,Galle and Kelani River backs normal the Department has stated.

Meanwhile the section of the Southern Expressway between Dodangoda and Galanigama whcih was closed due to the floods on last Friday(25) had re opened today .Accordingly transport  between Kadawatha to Kokmaduwa functions normally at present ,however Godagama entry Point of the Expressway remain closed due to flood waters .


Waterl Level Of The Kalu River Increased

The water level of the Kalu River has  increased
according to the reports.

Due to the overflowing of Kalu River most parts of the Ratnapura District are still under water.

Few landslides have reported from Ayagama in Ratnapura District and another landslide  occurred in Kalutara District according to reports.

Meanwhile there is a landslide in mountain at  Rotumba,Matara at present it has been reported .

Water level in Ging river still remains unchanged. according to reports.

Rescue and relief efforts launched by the tri forces in adverse weather affected areas still continues.

Due To A Landslide Threat 37 Families Have Removed From Two Areas In Hambanthota

Due to a landslide threat ,37 families residing in
Pitakande reserve in Walasmulle and  Makadawala kanda areas in Hambanthota have been removed from there houses today (30)it has been reported.

Accordingly 30 familes in Pitakande reserve and 07 familes in Makadawala have been removed from their houses.

The removed families are currently located in Weerakanda Junior School and community center in Makadawala until the report of the National Building Research Organization received on the two areas .

A 36 Year Old Female Was Killed Due To A Knife Attack In Galle

A 36 year old female was killed due to a knife attack of
a male as a result of a brawl occurred between the two near Magalle bridge in Galle this evening (30).

The injured male had been admittee to the Intensive Care Unit of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital for treatment.

The deceased  female arrived in  a Motorcycle and the assailant Male arrived in  a Three Wheeler began to attack each other on Galle -Matara main road  it has been revealed.

The cause for the brawl not yet been revealed.

Due To The Adverse Weather 23 Fuel Filling Stations Have Become Inactive

Due to the  adverse weather conditions 23 fuel  filling
stations in Southern,Western and Sabaragamuwa provinces belonging to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation have become inactive it has been reported.

Accordungly 11 Fuel filling stations in Southern,07 filling stations in Western Provinceand 05 in Sabaragamuwa have become inactive.

If there is a fuel shortage in any part of the country as a result of the adverse weather it should be informed to the  Petroleum Corporation the Disaster Management Unit of the Corporation has stated

Department Of Wid Life Has Introduced Hot Lines To Inform On Crocodile Threats In Three Provinces And A District

Image result for crocodile threat clipartThe Department Of Wild Life has introduced special contact numbers for the public to inform on Crocodile threats occurred in Southern Province including Matara,Western Province ,Eastern Province and Puttalam District as a result of overflowing several main rivers. 

Accordingly people in Southern Province should inform on the Crocodile threats to the numbers 0716-917 556 and 0718-215581.

For Western Province the number provided to inform Crocodile threats is 0718-213611 and for Eastern Province should contact the number 0718-253268.For the Puttalam District the number provided is 0714-429618.

Adverse Weather-193 Have Died And 94 Missing Due To Landslides And Floods

Image result for floods in galleThe death toll in adverse weather hit Districts has now increased to 193 and another 94 still remains as missing according to the Disaster Management Center.

Around 112 persons have injured due to the landslides and floods the Center has stated.More than 545,000 persons have displaced and affected due to the weather it has been reported.

Around 645 houses have been completely destroyed due to the adverse weather in several districts .

Meanwhile several areas in southern province and Ratnapura District are still under water and water level recedes very slowly according to the reports.Heavy showers have been reported from these areas today (30) as well.

The National Building Research Organization  has stated that if   the heavy showers continues within next 24 hours in Ratnapura,Kegalle,Galle,Matara,Hambanthota and Nuwara Eliya Districts landslides and falling of sand mounts are possible in these Districts.

Meanwhile government has requested public to provide water pumps for the benefit of the people in flooded areas and if anyone like to donate should contact the number 0727625950

Doctor In The House: How To Manage Back Pain

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Threat Of Spreading Communicable Diseases In Flooded Areas

Related imageThere is a threat of spreading communicable diseases like Blood Dysentery,Diarrhea and Leptospirosis  in flooded areas at present according to the Epidemiologists.

People in the flooded areas should drink boiled water and avoid eating raw vegetables and green leaves and eating fruits and vegetables without washing them thoroughly they have stated.

People in flood affected areas should be informed on these communicable Disease sources have stated.

Twenty Families Removed From The Pothgul Mountain Due To A Landslide Signs

As the Pothgul  Kanda(Mountain) in Ratnapura District has shown signs of a Landslide around 20 families lives near the area have been removed from their houses today(29) according to the National Building Research Organization.
Image result for pothgul kanda ratnapura
A water leak is there on  the Pothgul Kanda according to the sources.


Government Should Cut An Unnecessary Expenditure To Help Flood And Landslide Victims -Saman Ratnapriya

Related imageTaking into consideration the present national disaster situation of the country  Government should cut their unnecessary expenditure and abolish the decision taken on allocating a huge sum of money to purchase luxurious vehicles for  Parliamentarians with immediate effect and utilize these money for the benefits of landslide and flood victims according to the President of Government Nursing Officers Association Saman Ratnapriya.

Addressing a Media Briefing held at the Government Nursing Officers Association at  Punchi Borella this evening(29) Saman Ratnapriya has stated that as there is no proper National Disaster Management Policy in the country at present to prevent floods  every year many districts and roads are  submerged as a result of heavy showers .

A National Disaster Management Policy should be implemented in the country as soon as possible to prevent  heavy floods and landslides in future and should remove all unauthorized constructions which build by blocking  natural waterways and canals he has stressed.

Officials of the Government Nursing Officers Association are due to leave for the centers where the  displaced persons are located to distribute the relief aid collected through  public.  

Around 17% Addicted To Cigarette Smoking In Sri Lanka-Smoking Among st Hospital Minor Staff Is On The Increase

Image result for no tobaccoAround 17% of the Sri Lankan Population  nearly 1.5 million are addicted to Cigarette Smoking at present according to the President Of the National Alcohol and Tobacco Authority Dr.Palitha Abeykoon..

Addressing a Media Seminar held today(29) at the  Health Education Bureau in Colombo regarding the "World No Tobacco Day" falls on 31st of May ,Dr.Abeykoon has stated that each local Cigarette Smoker smokes five Cigarettes per day according to the statistics.

Cigarette Smoking among Health workers especially among minor staff is on the increase  and Health authorities should take steps to prevent this trend he has stressed.

Present government has taken various steps to deter Cigarette Smoking including increasing of Tobacco Taxes,Introduced  Cigarette Packs which  80% covers with pictorial health warnings related to tobacco smoking ,declaring no Tobacco Zones and due to introduce new laws on banning selling Cigarette and tobacco related products within 500 yards of a School Dr.Abeykoon said.

Although the authorities focused only on Cigarette Smoking "Beedi "is more dangerous than Cigarettes as it contains higher amount of Nicotine he has further stated.

Meanwhile Experts who have expressed their views on Tobacco Advertising has stated that young people are getting more attracted to Cigarettes,Tobacco related products as well as Narcotics and Alcohol due to  advertising .People should avoid posing photographs with  persons who addicted to Tobacco related products Narcotics and Alcohol and publish them publicly as it has proved that someone will follow that  and gets addicted to them.

Every Parliamentarian Had Informed On Donating Their One Month Salary For The Benefit Of Displaced School Children

Related imageEvery Parliamentarian had informed on donating their one month Salary to purchase the school materials for those School Children  who displaced and affected due to adverse weather according to the Minister Of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam. 

Education Ministry has already decided to donate every student who displaced or affected due to adverse weather three school uniform kits,A pair of shoes ,Exercise Books and other reference books Minister has stated during a press briefing held at his Ministry today.


Image result for care and friendshipImage result for LOVE AN DHELP OTHERSImage result for sinhala life quotes

Ministry Of Education Has Decided To Close Down All Schools In Eight Adverse Weather Affected Districts

Related imageMinistry Of Education has decided to close down Schools in Eight Districts affected with adverse weather  until this Friday(02) due to the bad weather condition prevailing in those Districts .

Accordingly the Schools in Galle,Matara,Ratnpura,Hambanthota,Colombo,Gampaha and Kegalle Districts will be closed until Friday the Minister Of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has stated during a press briefing held in Ministry Of Education today(29).

Earlier the Education Ministry has given the powers to the Principles in all schools in the adverse weather affected Districts to decide the closure and opening of schools based on the weather condition. 

Welikada Prison Inmates To Donate Their Lunch Tomorrow(30)To The People Affected From Floods And Landslides

Related image
Around 3000 inmates in Welikada Prison have informed the Prison Authorities today(29) that they will skip their lunch tomorrow(30) to donate the meals to the people affected due to adverse weather.

In addition to the lunch plates of 3000 inmates in Welikada Prison the Minister of Prison Reforms and Resettlement D.M Swaminathan has decided to add another 3000 meals to it and send them to the affected people in flood an landslide hit areas tomorrow through Air Force Helicopters.

A Rescued Pregnant Female Has Delivered Her Baby While Airlifting To Ratnapura-Baby Later Died

Image result for sri lankan airforce helicopterA pregnant female who was rescued from  adverse weather hit Kalawana (Ratnapura District) area  had delivered her 26 week old baby inside the Air Force Helicopter while she was airlifting  to Ratnapura Hospital today(29).

The Mother and the Baby had been admitted to the Ratnapura Hospital and the Baby has died shortly after the admission it has been revealed.The Baby died due to the premature status it has been revealed.

Around 180 Persons Have Died ,109 Injured And Another 110 Missing Due To Adverse Weather

Around  180 persons have died 109 persons injured and another 110 persons went missing due to the adverse weather affected 15 districts according  to Disaster Management Center.

The highest number of deaths  have been reported from Ratanapura District and that number is 77 and 20 others went missing due to landslides and floods the Center has stated.From Kalutara District 54 deaths and  from Matara District 21  deaths have been reported up to now.

More than 588,000 persons have been affected and displaced due to the adverse weather it has been revealed.

Around 484 houses completely damaged due to the adverse weather.

According to the authorities floods in Kiriella,Elapatha and Dodamgoda in Ratnapura District,several areas in Matara District including Matara Town,Thihagoda and Malimbada areas,Baddegama,Niyagama,Velivitiya ,Divithura areas in Galle District several araes of Kalutara District including Madurawala,Millaniya and Dodamgoda still remain.

The flood waters affected in some areas of Hambanthota have now receded and transport activities returned to normal it has been reported.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A MI-17 Helicopter Crashed In Baddegama

A MI-17  Helicopter belongs to Sri Lanka Air Force engaged in relief work in flooded areas in Galle,had  crashed in Baddegama area this morning (29).

However as the pilot of the Helicopter managed to landed the Helicopter into a deserted area no casualties have been reported .All crew members in the Helicopter escaped unharm Air Force has stated.

President Maithripsla Sirisena had contacted the pilot of the Helicopter and appreciated them for distributing goods among flood victims in affected areas.

Five Flood Affected Districts. Do Not Have Electricity And Water -In Matara A Fuel Shortage There

Due to the adverse weather power supply to more  than 300,000 residents in the districts of Galle, Matara, Ratnapura,Kegalle and Kalutara had been cut off it has been revealed.

Authorities have taken steps to provide electricity to 6000 to 7000 residents in Matara through Madu River it had been reported.

In Matara District one of the worst flood affected  District 60,000 residents out of 70,000 residents there do not have water and there is a severe  fuel shortage also Authorities have stated .

Even those who are  not affected due to floods have no food to eat as all the shops and trade stalls are currently closed  as a result of the floods

Around 155 Houses Of Nurses Have Been Submerged Due To Floods

Houses of 155 nurses have been submerged due to
thefloods prevailing in most parts of the country according to the president of Government Nursing Officers Association Saman Ratnapriya.

Most of these houses located in Ratnapura district he has stated.

Although facing difficulties due to the current adverse weather ,around 300 nurses are willing to visit centers where the  displaced persons are ,in affected areas to provide their services he has further stated.

Meanwhile Ayagama Hospital in Ratnapura District had closed due to the floods it has been reported.

Sri Lankans Rushed To Help The Victims Of Floods/Landslides


Water Level In Baddegama Is Increasing -Kalu River To Overflow Through A Bund In Panapitiya

Image result for ging river
As Baddegama in Galle District is in threat of heavy floods the water level in Baddegama has been reported as increasing at present.

This situation has occurred due to the receding of flood waters in upper parts of the Ging River ,Neluva,Thavalama and Hiniduma areas according to the authorities.

Due to this situation authorities have decided to break and remove the old bridge in Baddegama area.To prevent the breaking of a bund in Ging River from Baddegama area , tri forces and irrigation department officials has begun depositing sand bags in the places where water is leaking it has been revealed. 

Naval officers are reported as removing the waste collected at the Baddegama-Wakwella Bridge at present.

In addition  ,Kalu River  too begun to overflow through a bund in Panapitiya ,Kalutara District it has been reported.

Due to this the residents of Panadura Town and residents lives in Wadduwa,Moranthuduwa and around Bolgoda lake are being advised to be in vigilant on the situation and the residents in risk areas are  advised to vacate their premises by the authorities.

A Fire Is Raging In Rock Hill Reserve In Badulle

Image result for fireA sudden fire has  occurred in "Rock Hill" reserve in Badulle this evening(28) due to the dry weather prevails there it has been reported.

The fire is still raging and several acres of land belongs to the reserve had been already destroyed due to it according to the reports.

A Threat Of Crocodile Attacks Arisen In Matara Due To The Overflowing Of Nilwala River

Image result for crocodile clip artAs the Nilwlala River is continuously overflowing a threat has arisen of dangerous crocodiles invading the land areas according to the Government sources. 

Government Information Department has announced today that people lives near Nilwala River should be vigilant on crocodile attacks .

People lives near the river banks of Nilwala have   yesterday(27) advised to vacate their homes and move to safety places as a threat arisen of breaking the bund build to prevent flooding.

Death Toll Due To The Adverse Weather Arisen To 151-111 Still Missing

The death toll due to the adverse weather condition in 15 Districts of the country  had arisen to 151 by this evening(28) while 111 remained missing according to the Disaster Management Center(DMC).

More than 442,000 persons have been displaced and affected due to landslides and floods the Center has stated.

After two days of heavy showers followed by landslides and floods in 15 districts relief and rescue teams had today managed to reach thousands of stranded people in the areas where electricity and telecommunication lines are cut and water supply cutoff .

Many Places in 15 districts throughout the country affected due to floods and landslides  including Galle,Ratnapura and Matara towns  are still under water and in some places water recedes with the improved weather condition  it has been reported.

While the whole society is mourning over what has happened to our people due to adverse weather ,how can few selfish people telecasting movies and Entertaining  programmes under these circumstances- It's another tragady "

Even a  famous local sportsman who had criticized the  terrorist attack occurred in the west last week as soon as it happened kept silence over what has happened here. That attack was also a tragady and the situation here also.


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United Nations ,Unites States And Pakistan To Provide Relief Aid To Adverse Weather Affected Families In Sri Lanka

Image result for relief aid clip art
The United Nations, United States and Pakistan have decided to provide financial and food aid to Sri Lanka to help families who have been  displaced and affected due to floods and landslides at present.

Accordingly United Nations will provide aid through their affiliated organizations in Sri Lanka and United States is due to provide Rs.15 million worth financial aid and to send relief teams to Sri Lanka . 

Pakistan Embassy in Sri Lanka too stated that the Pakistani Government will provide aid for Sri Lankan families displaced and affected due to the floods and landslides.


Image result

Tri Forces And Irrigation Department Officials In Attempt To Prevent Breaking Bund Of Ging River From Baddegama

Image result for baddegama townAccording to the latest reports  Tri forces personal and Irrigation Department officials are currently being engaged in blocking the water leak of the river bund in Ging River by using sand bags   in order to save Baddegama City from possible floods.

If heavy showers  do not occur within today (28)it is possible to prevent the breaking of the Bund in Ging River from Baddegama Area Irrigation Department has stated.

A Section Of The Southern Expressway Closed Due To Heavy Showers And Floods

Related image
Two entry points of the Southern Expressway have closed  due to the heavy showers and floods.

Accordingly the two lanes of the Southern Expressway between Dodangoda and Galanigama and the section between Pinnaduwa to Matara have been closed due to the situation.

At present roads attached to the Kokmaduwa,Imaduwa and Godagama entry points of the Southern Expressway submerged due to heavy showers.

All the vehicles arrived Colombo should exit from Welipanna according to the authorities.

Baddegama Residents Are Advised To Vacate Their Premises Due To Flood Threat

Image result for ging riverGalle District secretary has requested from the residents of Baddaegama city in Galle District to vacate their premises and move to safe places  due to the flood threat in the city.

The bund of Ging river is going to break from Baddegama area as the water  in Ging river is currently overflowing   according to the authorities.

Around 146 Persons Have Died And Over 400,000 Displaced And Affected Due To The Adverse Weather-Updated

Around 146 persons have died and more than 400,000 persons have been displaced and affected due to the adverse weather affected 14 districts of the country up to now according to the Disaster Management Center.

Image result for floods in neluwaAlthough the Center has stated that around 112 went missing  due to the situation according to the reports received from provinces the number may have be higher than this .

Army,Navy and Air force teams are continuing their rescue missions to save those who are stranded in many flood and landslide affected areas.

Meanwhile floods in most of the cities in Southern Province reported as still remains and the city Of Neluwa and surrounding villages are still submerged with  several feats of water it has been reported.

Ratnapura City including Kiriella and paddy fields and several houses near Sinharaja Forest and many areas in Hambanthota including Kapuhenwala in Tangalle are still under water.Several areas in Galle including Udugama and Millaniya  are being submerged and transport activities have been disrupted due to this ,Boats are being used to transport people in these areas at present.

The water levels in Nilwala ,Kalu and Ging are increasing rapidly and the water level of Kukule ganga also increased.Due to the overflowing of Nilwala river several areas in Matara district have submerged and several areas in the District currently under threat of floods according to the authorities.

In western province several areas in Kalutara District including Bulathsinghale ,Naragala,Thebuwana and Nagoda  still under water it has been reported .Due to the  overflowing of Kelani river Kaelanimulla , Kaduwela areas and some roads in Kolonnawa have been submerged.