Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Court Ordered To Confiscated 17,150 Kilo Grammes Of Nadu Rice Hidden Without Selling To Consumers

The Maligakanda Additional Magistrate has yesterday
(05)  ordered the authorities to confiscated 17,150 kilo grammes of "Nadu "rice variety hidden by a bussiness establishment without selling them to the consumers.

The Additional Magistrate has also imposed a Rs.12,000 fine on the suspected establishment.

Consumer Affairs Authority had recently taken into custody the stock of Nadu rice during a raid carried out by the Authority.

Ten Persons Were Arrested Over Illegally Excavating A Forest Area In Search Of A Treassure

The officials attached to the security division of the
Archeology Department had arrested 10 persons who were illegally imvolved in excavation work in a forest area at Kosgolla,Batticaloa in search of a treassure.

Officials had been taken into custody the equipment and religious offerings used for the excavation work along with the suspects.

The suspects who were residents of venkaladi,kopaveli ,minipe and bandarawela areas were handed over to the Karadiyanaru police for future investigations.

Newly Refurbished Runway Of The Katunayake Airport To Be Innauguated Today (06)

The newly refurbished runway of the Katunayake
Bandaranaike International Airport due to be innaugurated today (06).

According to the Civil Aviation Authority under the renovation work which commenced on  06th of January this year the width of the runway has been increased from  45 to 60 meters.

All the flights in Katunayake Airport were limited since the commencement of  renovation work of the runway and flights were shifted to Mattala International Airport due to this.

All these   flights limited  since 06th of January in the  Katunayake Airport will be back to normal from midnight tonight (06)according to the Authority.

Government Hospital Nurses ,PSM's And Para Medics Suspended Their Scheduled Strike

The island wide one day token strike scheduled to be
Launched tomorrow(06) by the government hospital nurses,professions supplementary to medicine (PSM's)and para medical officers has been suspended after the authorities had promised to provide solutions for their service demands according to the Joint Confederation of Nurses,Professions Supplementary To Medicine and Para Medical officers .

The representatives of the Confederation held talks this evening with the officials of the government tressury regarding the demands of the Joint Confederation.

The Bone Parts Recovered From SAITM Not Belongs To The Assasinated Rugby Player Thajudeen-CID Informed The Court

Related imageThe Criminal Investigations Department(CID) officials have today(05) informed the Colombo Additional Magistrate Prasad  Silva that the Bone parts recovered from the Private Medical Collage in Malabe(SAITM) did not belong to the assassinated former Sri Lankan Rugby Player Wasim Thajudeen according to the DNA Test conducted by the Gene tech Institute In Colombo.

The CID Officials had informed the additional Magistrate that the senior scientist of the Gene Tech Institute who carried out the test Ruwan Ileperuma had informed this to the CID .

Meanwhile the former Senior Deputy Inspector General Of Police(DDG) Anura Senanayake who had been remanded over the former Rugby Player Thajudeen's Murder has been further remanded until 18th of April  today(05) after been produced before the court.


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A 65 Year Old Maths Teacher Recieved A 20 Year Rigorous Imprisonment Over Raping A School Girl

Image result for imprisonmentMatara Magistrate Court has yesterday (04) sentenced a 20 year rigorous imprisonment to a 65 year old Tuition Master who had sexually abused a 16year old girl in the class room on 18th of March 2008 in Ellewala,Akurassa.

The Court has also imposed a Rs.10,000 fine on the suspected Maths teacher who is a resident of Ellewala ,Akuressa area .

Around Ten Houses Partially Dsetroyed And Two Injured Due To The Strong Winds In Anuradhapura

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Around Ten houses were partially destroyed and two persons were received minor injuries and hospitalized due to the  strong winds experienced along with heavy showers in Weligollawa area in Kahatagasdigiliya , Anuradhapura yesterday(04) it has been reported.

The injured a 36 year old male and a 32 year old female who were received minor injuries after a roof of their  house damaged due to the winds had been admitted to the Kahatagasdigiliya Hospital.

More Than 50 Passangers Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Road Accident In Nawalapitiya

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More than 50 passengers including 13 children were injured and hospitalized due to a Ceylon Transport Board(CTB)Bus they were traveling in toppled over in Gampola(Central Province) today(05).

The injured were admitted to the Nawalapitiya Hospital for treatment.The accident occurred while the Bus was traveling from Gampola to Dolosbage area.


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61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...