Friday, May 11, 2012

GMOA Suspended Their TU Action-An Enjoining Order Issued Against The Strike

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has announced this evening that the Island Wide Strike action launched by them this morning has been suspended with effect from around 3.30 p.m following the discussions held between GMOA Members and Health Ministry officials on DAT Allowance (Disturbance,Availability and Transport Allowance).However GMOA exco members have refused to comment on the said discussions and  results .

Meanwhile Colombo District Court has been issued an enjoining order this noon by preventing GMOA for resorting any trade union action till 25th of May.

Majority Of Government Doctors Said "No" To GMOA'S Strike Action

Although the  Government Medical Officers Union (GMOA) has announced an Island Wide Strike from this morning  the majority of Government Doctors were reported as staying away from the strike and continue their normal work as usual.According to break away faction of GMOA's General Committee around 80 percent of GMOA member Doctors didn't follow the strike action today whilst only 20 percent have joined the strike,

Doctors in most of the major government hospitals were refrain from strike action today and those hospitals where doctors have participated the strike have seen with an empty OPD's and Clinics  the hospital sources said.GMOA had yesterday announced that  the island wide strike to be launch from 8 a.m this morning to demand an increasing of Disturbance,Availability and Transport Allowance (DAT) of Government Hospital Doctors  to Rs.29,000 from Rs.15,000.

During the special meeting summoned by GMOA at Colombo National Hospital  this morning the top Exco Members have been informed the fellow  members to end the strike by 4 p.m in the evening whether the demand was met or unmet by the authorities.

It has been learnt  that the majority of doctors have refused to join today's  strike due to the inefficiency of  GMOA 's executive committee when handling  their matters.

Meanwhile GMOA executive Committee has said that today's strike was very successful  .

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