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GMOA Has Urged Health Ministry To Withdraw Stocks Of Imported Milk Powders In Local Market Contaminated With DCD Chemical

Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has urged the Ministry of Health to withdraw the stocks of four varieties of imported Milk Powder in the local market that contaminated with agro chemical "Dycianadamite"(DCD) and other milk products of those companies with immediate effect as it will become a threat to public health.the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) attach to Ministry of Tecnology,Research has issued a report last week confirming the four varities of said Milk Powders contaminated with DCD Chemical the assistant secretary of GMOA Dr.Nalin Ariyaratne has said.

If those milk powders contaminated with dcd then the milk products such as yoghurt,ice creams and cheese produced by those companies too contaminated with it as they too produced from cows milk dr.ariyaratne has revealed.

Addressing a press briefing held in Colombo ,dr,ariyaratne has said that it is puzzling why the ministry of health and it's officials still not take an action against milk pow…