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Foreign-Europe's Most Endangered Language

Saba senehasa,adaraya,mitratwaya thula sitina aya antharjalaye web adawiwala ema sambandatha pawatwiya yutuyay niyamayak nomathi wuwada ekinekata an ayata wada lengathu weema ha bandee siteema awasi we.Eya hudek pradarshanayak wiya yutu nowana bawa saba mitratwaya hondin handunana  aya danna bawata sakayak nomatha.


Minimum Standard Of Medical Education To Be Gazatted Within Two Weeks

The minimum standard of Medical Education in Sri
Lanka will be Gazetted within next two weeks according to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Although Private Medical Collages are in operation at many countries some Doctors trade unions are still opposing Private Medical collages Minister has stressed .

Government has decided to establish medical faculties in Sabaragamuwa,North Western and Moratuwa Universities as well and Ratnapura General Hospital due to be developed and Kuliyapitiya Base Hospital due to be turn in to a teaching hospital in this view soon he has further said.

A Three Day Island Wide Dengue Control Programme To Be Implemented During This Week

A three day Island wide Dengue Control programme is
scheduled  to be implemented on 03rd, 04th and 05th of August due to the rain prevailing in most parts of the country at present according to the Ministry Of Health.

This programme will be implemented as per recommended by World Health Organization 's Dengue Action plan on reducing the number of Dengue patients by 50% within 04 weeks ,presented to the Health Minister Rajitha senaratne recently.

The three day programme will be implemented in construction sites,schools ,Institutes and Houses especially in Dengue high risk zones including Co

A similar programme had been carried out for three days Island wide during last week also.

According to the Epidemeology Unit 115,605 Dengue Patients have been reported during this year up to now with 327 Dengue Deaths.The highest number of Dengue patients in this year had been reported in the month of July.

Airport Customs Have Arrested An Indian National With Foreign Currency Notes

Airport Customs oficers have arrested an Indian
National while attempting to smuggle Rs.3.5 million worth foreign currency notes to Jakartha,Indonesia  at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport.

US Dollars,Euros and Hong Kong Dollars are among the foreign currency notes taken into custody in possession of the suspect Customs Officers have stated.

The foreign currency notes have been confiscated .

A Balanced Diet For Vegans


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Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital To Be Developed As Eastern Colombo Teaching Hospital

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The Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital in Malabe(SAITM) taken over by the Government recently is due to be developed as Eastern Colombo Teaching Hospital in future according to the Ministry Of Health.

The Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital has begun providing treatment facilities free of charge to the patients through  OPD Clinics in the Hospital  with effect from today(01) and by 12 noon today around 100 patients have received the treatment from Clinics according to the Ministry.The medicine for Clinic patients too provided free of charge it has been reported.

The 600 bed Hospital is running through a Board chaired by former Director General of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis .

Five Day Anti SAITM Protest March Reached Nelumdeniya

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The Five Day protest march organized by the Anti SAITM Public Wall along With Inter University Students Federation demanding to abolish SAITM private medical collage in Malabe and several other demands  has been  reached Nelumdeniya area this evening(01) as it's second destination it has been reported.The Protest March which begun yesterday(31) morning from University Of Peradeniya premises had reached Mawanalle yesterday evening .

The Protest March had begun it's second day this morning from Mawanella town .The Protest march is due to be reached Colombo on this Friday(04).

Meanwhile Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has decided to hold Anti SAITM protest campaigns in front of every Government Hospital in the country it has been announced.

Anti SAITM Trade Unions  have declared tomorrow(02) as Anti SAITM National Protest Day .

Petroleum Workers And Engine Drivers Have Suspended Their Strike Actions

Image result for suspendedThe Petroleum Workers and Railway Locomotive Engine Drivers  have decided to suspend their Island Wide Strike actions scheduled to be launched midnight tonight(01).

Accordingly the scheduled Petroleum Workers strike  has been called off following the discussion held between President Maithripala Sirsena and the representatives of Petroleum Trade Unions Collective at the Presidential Secretariat today.During the Discussion President has informed the Trade Union Collective representatives that the agreement signed between Sri Lankan Government and China Merchant Company of China regarding handing over of Hambanthota ,Magampura Port submitted to the Cabinet today.

Meanwhile Railway Locomotive Engine Drivers  due to strike from midnight tonight suspended their strike after the discussions held with Additional Secretary to the Transport Ministry regarding an issue arisen on recruiting of new Assistant Locomotive Engine Drivers .

Government Has Reduced Tax Imposed On Imported Rice

Image result for imported riceGovernment has decided to reduce the prices of imported Rice by reducing the tax imposed on the Imported Rice from Rs.5 per Kilo to 25 Cents per Kilo.

Accordingly a Kilo Gramme of White Rice will be reduced to Rs.60,A kilo of Nadu Rice reduced to Rs.75 per kilo and a Kilo of Ponni Samba reduced to Rs.76 per Kilo.

Meanwhile Government has also reduced the special trade tax imposed  on Imported Fish to Rs.25 from Rs.75 and removed the Rs.70 per Kilo tax Imposed on Corn products for Animals and Imposed a Rs.10 per Kilo special trade tax on it.

The Rs.25 per Kilo Ses tax imposed on Imported Wheat Flour reduced to Rs.15 from Rs.25 per Kilo and the tax Imposed on per a Kilo Gramme of Wheat Beans has been reduced to Rs.6 from Rs.9.

These new tax reductions will be effected until 31st of December this year.

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