Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cases Of Around 30 Sri Lankan Visa Violaters Are Reported From Malaysia Daily -Foreign Employment Bureau

The Foreign Employment Bureau has today(24) revealed  that cases of around  30 Sri Lankan visa violators who have entered Malaysia on Tourist Visa in  search of  employment there  are reported  to Sri Lankan Embassy in Malaysia daily basis .a large number of Sri Lankans who have flouted their visa conditions are now in Malaysian police custody bureau has said.

As those who are in custody do not name the foreign employment agency sent them to Malaysia the foreign employment bureau has not able to warn potential travelers there on the serious consequences facing if found violating visa conditions in that country the bureau has stressed.

According to Foreign Employment Bureau Chairman Managala Randeniya ,bureau has not responsible for the large number of Sri Lankan visa violators who are now in Malaysian Police Custody and they will not assist such people to secure their release because they have violated the country's  law.

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