Thursday, August 26, 2010

Health Ministry To Charge A Treatment Fee From Patients Who Got Sick Due To Alcohol

Health Ministry to charge Treatment fee next year from the Patients who are admitted to Government Hospitals due to the illnesses related to Drinking of Alcohol  Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena said today.Addressing a Function in Kandy the Minister said every year Health Ministry spend an expenditure around Rs.3.5 million for treating Non Communicable diseases which majority are realted to Alcohol.

Every day around 300-350 people dying due to Non Communicable diseases such as Heart Diseases,High Blood Preasure,Diabetese,Kidney diseases and around 2000 people died due to the injuries caused because of  Road Accidents which majority of them related to alcoholism the Minister stressed.Taking into consideration these things the Health Ministry has decided to charge a fee from the  Alcoholic addicts begining next year minister further added.

Foreign Employment Bureau To Bring Saudi Couple Who Harrased SrI Lankan Maid To Justice

Foreign Employment Bureau of Sri Lanka says they are working towards bringing the Saudi Couple who inserted 23 nails and steal sticks to a body of the Sri Lankan Housemaid worked for them to Justice.The Bureau already consulted the Sri Lankan High Commision in Saudi Arabia regarding this.

Colombo Health Officials Destroyed 300 Kilos Of Contaminated Food

The Health Officials in the Colombo Municipal Council Public Health Department yesterday night raided 97 eating houses situated in Colombo suburbs and destroyed around 300 kilos of contaminated Food selling inside of 39 eating houses the Colombo Chief MOH Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam said today.According to Dr.Kariyawasam the Colombo Public Health Deaprtment plans to filed cases aginst these eating houses by next weak.

The majority of the Destroyed Food items are Kottu Roti Dr.Kariyawasam stressed.These Eating Houses are situated in Fort,Bambalapitiya,Borella,Slave Island and Maradana he stressed.Another 56 samples of food items selling at 58 raided Eating Houses too taken for further tests.

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