Friday, October 28, 2011

10.9 Per 1000 Married Women In Reproductive Age Undergo Abortions In Sri Lanka?

It has been revealed that 10.9 per 1000 Married Women in Sri Lanka who are in reproductive age are under going  abortions due to various reasons Dr.Deepthi Perera the Director of Family Health Bureau has said yesterday(27). Alll these abortions are illegal ones as the Abortions are not legalized in the counrtry according to Dr.Perera.

As a result of these illeagal abortions so may complications have occurred in these women and some of those underwent abortions are ended up with Hospitalization.Also according to the Family Health Bureau survey around 7 % of the teanagers in the country are getting pregnant and this also leeds to the increasing number of illeagal abortions performed in Sri Lanka.

These facts have been revealed during a Population Symposium held yesterday at Galle Face Hotel In Colombo coincides with the launching of the State Population Report of 2011 by the United Nations Population Fund(UNFA).

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