Saturday, September 14, 2013

Director General Of Health Servives Has Withdrawn His Own Circular Issued On Imported Milk Powder Products

The circular issued by the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala ordering  to remove the name of Health Ministry and State Logo from the special Label  pasted on Imported Milk Powder Packets stating the products are free from DCD Chemical,has been withdrawn by Director General Of Health him self last week according to Health Ministry sources.

Due to the withdrawal of the  said circular, Milk Powder Companies importing Milk Powder Products now can paste the special label in their Milk Powder Packets stating that they are free from DCD Chemical by using State Logo and name of Health Ministry the  sources said.

Meanwhile Health Trade Unions are in the view that Director General Of Health Services should act in a responsible way in this issue as the food authority of  the country when giving permission to print state logo and name of Health Ministry in Imported mil powder packets .as there is a confusion on the quality of milk powder imported to the country at present, without having an official confirmation of Health Ministry Milk Powder Companies Cannot print state logo and health ministry's name in their milk powder packets unions have said.

As Health Ministry relaxing their restrictions on Imported milk powder products some brands of imported milk powder which are center of the DCD issue  have been seen in the market shelves carrying the special label with state logo  by stating Health Ministry has confirmed that they are free from DCD Chemical.

"Yal Devi" Express Train Has Resumes Operations For Omanthei To Kilinochchi In Northern Province After 20 Years

The "Yal Devi"express train has resumed operations after 23 years from Omanthei in Northern Province to Kilinochchi this morning with President Mahinda Rajapaksha as it's first passenger.the tarin which has run only upto Madawachchiya in Anuradapura District after 1990 was restricted to Vavuniya during the final stages of War against LTTE.

After the rail line was destroyed by LTTE the service of Yal devi Train was ceased it's operation completely after 23rd of June 1990.

However after the completion of war Sri Lankan Government has reconstructed northern rail line and as a result Yal Devi Express Train has begun their train service to Omanthei after 20 years.the express train could run up to 120 kilo meters per hour after it has been constructed by an indian company "IRCON".a new signalling and telecommunication system was installed for the northern railway line to ensure safety according to the authorities.

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