Sunday, April 5, 2020

A Hotline Number 1390 Had Been Introduced For Those Have Corona Virus Symptoms To Get Advise Before Admitting To A Hospital

Director General Of Health Services Dr.Anil Jasinghe has requested  the public yesterday  (05)to call 1390 hotline if someone has corona virus symptoms like cold ,cough and breathing difficulties to get advise from a doctor before going to a hospital in view of preventing the spreading of Corona virus in the country .

The hotline had been  established to provide advise for the persons with Corona Virus Symptoms 24 hours daily  in Sinhala ,Tamil and English languages and if the doctor feels the patient is a corona virus suspect according to the details provided by the caller they will arrange a 1990 "Suwa sariya "ambulance service to transport the patient to a hospital.

This hotline has been introduced as lots of Corona virus suspected patients acted irresponsibly when admitting to a hospital by exposing themselves to has been announced. 

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259 Corona Virus Suspected Cases are being Treated At 30 Government Hospitals

According to the latest Report  issued on spreading  of Corona virus in the country by the Epidemeology Unit 259 corona virus suspected cases  (257 locals ,02 Foreigners ) are being treated  at 30 Government Hospitals by last evening (05) .

Majority of these suspected cases which is 68 are being treated at Homagama Base Hospital. 

Tenth Corona Positive Case Reported Today (05)-Total Number Of Positives Increased To 176

The 10 th Corona Virus positive identified today  (05) had been reported short while ago increasing the total number of Corona virus positives identified from the country to 176 according to the Epidemeology Unit .

Now 138 Corona virus positives are being treated at 03 Government Hospitals  . 

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A Person Successfully Completed 14 Day Quarantine Process Tested Positive For Corona Virus Later

A Person undergone the 14 day quaranyinf period at a quarantine Center had tested positive for Corona virus 07 days after his release from the quarantine center according to Health circles.

The corona virus positive is a resident of Karapitiya area in Galle and had completed his quarantine at the center successfully without showing any corona virus symptom according to reports .

Due to this situation Army Commander General Shavendra De Silva has today  (05) requested all those leaving after quarantine period to self quarantine themselves at home for another 14 days to prevent such incidents. 

Nine New Corona Virus Infections Reported Today (05)-Total Number Of Patients Reported From Sri Lanka Increased To 176

Nine Corona virus positives had been reported from the island within today  (05) by 9 p.m increasing the total number of Corona virus positives detected in the country to 175 .

Also five  Corona virus postives had been discharged from the hospitals today  after full recovery and with these persons the total number of corona virus patients discharged from hospitals now stands at 33.

At the moment 137 Corona virus positives are being treated at 03 government Hospitals it has been revealed .There were five corona deaths reported from the country  .

Government Has Announced Another Week Of Work From Home This Week To Avoid Spreading Corona Virus

Government has announced this week from 06 th of April to 10th of April as a week of work from home for both government and Private sector Employees  .

However the given period cannot be   considered  as a Government holiday it has been announced  .Government had also  announced last two weeks as weeks of work from home for the state and private sectors . Although state and private sector employees were asked to work from home during last two weeks avoid gatherings, there are no reports of evaluating the work performed at home by the employees.

Meanwhile except Six Districts namely Colombo ,Gampaha, Kalutara ,Puttalam ,Kandy and Jaffna the islsnd wide curfew imposed in 20 other districts will be removed at 6 a.m tomorrow (06)and to be re imposed at 2 p.m in the evening Until further notice.

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Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...