Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Person Was Arrested Whilst Distributing Ballot Papers

Dummalasuriya Police have today
(14)arrested a 27 year old person whilst distributing  ballot papers from house to house at Weerakodiyana area in Dummasuriya with 155 ballot papers and 30 envelopes in his possession .

Police have also taken in to custody the Motorcycle the suspect was used to distribute ballot papers .

The suspect is a resident of Weeakodiana area and working as a security officer attached to a school in Hasalaka area .

200,000 Temporary Identity Cards For ID Applicants To Cast Their Vote

Department of Registration of Persons
had handed over around 200,000 temporary Identity Cards  for  voters who have applied National Identity cards ,to the National Election Commission to issue for the applicants  .
The Election Commission had handed over these temporary Identity Cards to the District Select officers to be issued to the applicants through the  Rural.Development Officers(Grama Sewa Niladharis) it has been revealed.

These temporary identity cards will be valid only for the Election day which falls on 16 th of November and they carried the color photographs of the applicants with the official signature of the Director General of Registration of persons Viana Gunathilaka.

Those who have received these Temporary Identity Cards can get an akternative letter signed by Rural.Development officer with their color photographs to cast vote in the election



A Special.Meeting Held Today Between Presidential Candidates And Election Commission Officials

A special meeting was held today (14)at
the National Elecction Commission office in Rajagiriya  between the Presidential candidates contesting for the Presidential Election and Commission members regarding the matters related to Presidential Election .

During the meeting things including   how to behave  during the silent period began today after concluding  the election rallies up to the Election day and using representatives of the candidates in polling stations had been discussed it has been revealed .

Four Indian Nationals Arrested With A Stock Of Beedi Leaves In North Western Seas

Navy personal along with the officers
attached to Coast Guard  department had jointly arrested 04 Indian Nationals whilst transporting nearly 1400 Kilo Grammes of Beedi Leaves wrapped in 46 parcels in a small fisheries  boat near the Kalpitiya -Kudiramale area in North western seas of Sri Lsnka today (14).

The four Indian suspects who are of the ages 26,34 and 44 years had attempted to transport the Stock of Beedi Leaves to Sri Lanka and sell it to local narcotic smugglers it has been revealed.

The suspects along with the stock of Beedi Leaves had been handed ovet to the Colombo Customs office and the small fisheries boat they have used to transport Beedi leaves had been handed over to the Vijaya Naval institute artached to Sri Lanka Navy for further investigations .

Transport Activities Of Hatton- Bagawanthalawa Road Blocked due To A Soil Mound Collapse

Transport activities of the Hatton -
Bagawanthalawa main road are being blocked due to a soil mound colllapsed in to the main road from Hatton-Dikoyawatte area this evening (14).

The soil mound had collapsed due to a leak of a water pump supplying water to Estate workers in upper area of the main road it has been revealed.

The Road Development Authority office in Norwood was informed to remove the collapsed soil mound from the road. 


Italian Boy Escapes Brown Bear